Male Hairline Types & How to Treat It

Male Hairline Types & How to Treat It
Male Hairline Types

A hairline is the tiniest stroke of hair found in a particular typeface, which comprises of strokes with varying widths. Every male individual has a different kind of hairline. At times, these hairlines are hereditary and many feel there is nothing they can do about it.

Well, if you are part of that group, it may amaze you to know that, there is actually a solution. Male hairline has its own unique solution and varies from each type. Some people’s hairline comes naturally high whereas others are low.

Nevertheless, those with high hairlines have large forehead because space, where the hairline begins, is bare. However, those with low hairline have smaller foreheads.

Those who have widow’s peak hair may desire to fill the spots that are bald to have a complementary shape. The following is an insight into the various male hairline types and ways of modifying it as you desire. Additionally, you will know how to deal with a receding hairline and the primary causes.

Male Hairline Types

male hairline types

Below are the different types of male hairline, this will enable you to know which of them you’re suffering from and also how to treat it.

Low Hairline

low hairline

People who have low hairline often have a small space between their hairline and eyebrows. This makes them have a small forehead, and look flattering for certain people.

For others, it takes attention from the feature of their faces. Not everyone likes low hairline and that is understandable.

Among the three male hairline types, the low hairline is the easiest to fix without spending much. Your hairdresser can do this by using edgers to trim the hairline higher. Alternatively, you can trim it to the position that best fits you.

Widow’s peak

Widow’s peak

The second type of male hairline that is not common is the window peak, which is not normally straight. Certainly, hairlines come in various types with their own flaws like small bald spots or other inadequacies.

A better example of a widow’s peak hairline is a situation where the hairline goes back towards the side of the head but comes naturally forward in the center.

Similar to the receding hairline, the best natural solution is to perform a hair transplant. This will enable you to achieve a better natural look with a complimentary hairline.



There is also the infamous type of male hairline – cowlicks. This is formed because your hair direction is in a spiral shape. The best way to deal with cowlicks for guys is to cut the cowlick short.

Receding High Hairline

Receding High Hairline

Initially, most people think that low hairline and receding high hairline are the same. However, they do have a little difference. People with high hairlines may have been born with it, thereby giving yield to a larger forehead.

However, a receding hairline is developed over time because of eating habits, age, and stress. At times, hormones, genetic predisposition, insufficient nutrition, and medication are primary causes of a receding high hairline. Evidently, it is more complicated to fill hair when compared to taking it away.

Nevertheless, to fix a receding hairline, most people use certain makeup, spray, or tattoos. The most natural solution most people resort to is a hair transparent. This gives the individual real hair to bring their hairline forward, thereby giving a more flattering shape.

How to Stop Receding Hairline

Stopping receding hairline isn’t something that is hard to do. There are four ways you can stop receding hairline without going to visit a professional.

Massage the scalp

Massaging your hair scalp helps in increasing the flow of blood and invigorates the hair follicles. Massaging your hair daily is important as it activates the cells in the hair that promote hair growth while reducing stress.

An effective oil to use for this process is castor oil because it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which makes it ideal for the scalp. Furthermore, castor oil, which is rich in antioxidants and balances the levels of the pH of the hair.

Reduce stress levels

The most cost-effective method of preventing receding hairline and hair loss is by reducing and avoiding anything that causes stress. Stress can lead to various health issues but most times appears in the form of a receding hairline.

Meditating and doing yoga is effective in dealing with the issue of stress. Additionally, you may consider getting adequate sleep every day.

Change your hair styling patterns

How you handle your hair contributes to its receding. Ensure you handle your hair gently and avoid combing it backward.

Moreover, reduce the styling and heating tools used on the hair. Another thing to avoid is hair styling products containing alcohol.

Follow a healthy diet routine

Although it sounds simple, most hair loss is attributed to nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, your diet should contain minerals and vitamins that promote hair growth.

Food containing iron such as whole grains, pumpkin, green leafy vegetables, lentils, and beans help stimulate the growth of the hair by improving the levels of hemoglobin in the blood.

How to Treat a Receding Hairline

How to Stop Receding Hairline

1. Hair Transplant: Hair transplant for people with a receding hairline requires taking hair from some part of the body and placing them in the scalp where there is no hair or is thin.

2. Medicinal Drugs: Two potent drugs that deal with a receding hairline include Propecia and minoxidil. Applying minoxidil on the hair helps in increasing blood flow to the scalp and rejuvenating the hair follicles.

However, Propecia helps prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is attributed to hair loss.

3. Hormone replacement therapy: This method involves boosting your progestin and estrogen levels through supplements. You can apply hormone replacement therapy orally or using the gel and cream.

4. Hair products: Finally to treat your receding hairline, you can use hair products that encourage hair growth. Choose hair conditioners and shampoos that have apple cider vinegar, Aloe Vera, and castor oil as its ingredient.

Summary of Male Hairline Types

It doesn’t matter what male hairline types you have, taking appropriate care of it is very important. Although those with receding hairline may worry, however, you don’t have to fret about this condition.

By following a healthier lifestyle and going for natural treatment methods aforementioned here, you can have a great hairline.

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