Boosie Fade: A Simple Haircut for Men

Boosie Fade: A Simple Haircut for Men

For men, choosing the best style for their haircut is an important thing to do. The idea of the haircut will influence their appearance. With the great haircut, we are sure that the men will look great and of course, they will have better confidence. If you are men that want to have a simple haircut with a great look, the Boosie Fade can be a nice idea to be tried.

The Boosie Fade can be another variation of the fade haircut. As we know, the fade haircut becomes one of the most popular haircuts for men, especially with its simple look. The Boosie Fade itself is popularized by rapper Boosie.

Of course, there is a sense of famous when you apply this idea of a haircut. Here, we will talk to you about the Boosie Fade and its details including some variations that can be your option.

What Is?

What Is A Boosie Fade

According to the Urban Dictionary, the Boosie Fade is a special haircut that is coined by Baton Rouge rapper Lil Bossie that fades from the baled at the bottom of the head to a semi-long length of hair at the very front with the head as the top-most part.

It can be said that Boosie Fade is a nice and new variation of the fade haircut. This haircut is simple and the men will not need more time to style it. By default, the shape of the haircut will be neat and elegant.

The Boosie Fade can be applied to any kind of hair. Whether you have curly hair or even a straight one, this haircut idea can be applied. However, it will be better to be applied to men with oval faces.

How to Cut?

How to Cut a Boosie Fade

Cutting the hair to apply the Boosie Fade style substantively is like cutting the common fade. It can be said that there is no special technique to apply this haircut. The steps to cut the hair like a Boosie Fade are very simple.

The basic steps to apply the Boosie Fade as your new hairstyle are:

  • Decide where you want to apply the fade line. Based on the concept of the Boosie Fade, the bottom hair should be faded
  • Decide if you want to apply a short or a long fade. For this matter, you need to consider the condition of your hair
  • Move the clippers up the sides and then back. It is applied to trim the hair
  • Gradually fade and then blend the hair by changing the used guards
  • Finish

Seeing the points above, we could see that styling hair by applying the Boosie Fade is quite easy. That is why this haircut becomes one of the most popular men’s hairstyles today.

Simple with Part

Simple Boosie Fade with Part

The Boosie Fade with part can be the first haircut to be applied. It is a unique hairstyle with a simple look and elegant effect. The main matter of this haircut is the part of the hair arrangement.

The parts here refer to the level of fade. There will be some different levels of the fade, so there will look at some parts as an arrangement. This haircut idea seems to look special for men with short curly hair. However, it can be applied to those who have straight hair too.

Hip Hop Lil Boosie Hair with Line

Hip Hop Lil Boosie Hair with Line

As its name, this idea of the Boosie Fade is special for those who like hip hop. There will be an effect of hip hop superstar by applying this haircut idea.

About this haircut idea, the unique thing to be the point of the hairstyle is the line. There is a line on the left side of the head –or it can be the right side, to make a part of the hair arrangement. The hair upper and lower the line has a different level of fade. However, the fade hair on this idea is thicker than a common fade hairstyle.

Webbie Haircut Nas

Webbie Haircut Nas Boosie Fade

This hairstyle idea can be a good option for those who want to have a neat hairstyle, especially for the formal look. The Webbie Haircut is quite simple to be applied. Men with curly hair are the most appropriate figure to apply this idea.

The special of this Boosie Fade is the semi-bald hair around the sides of the head. Then, the upper hair comes with a special shape like dreadlock hair. Of course, the arrangement and the style of the dreadlock will be the main point of this hairstyle.

X Trend

X Trend Boosie Fade Haircut

The X trend Boosie Fade becomes the next nice idea to style the hair like Boosie rapper. This idea can be said as a common but special fade style to arrange the haircut. The leveled fade from bald on the sides of the head to volumed hair on the upper and front head becomes the characteristic of this haircut.

This idea of the Boosie Fade can be a perfect idea for black men with short and curly hair. There are no special trims and cutting technique to be applied. Besides, the men do not need to take more time in styling their hair. It is simple and elegant.

Jail Time Boosie Fade Haircut

Jail Time Boosie Fade Haircut

The name of this hairstyle is unique. Well, at a glance, this idea of Boosie Fade is like a common hairstyle for the people in the jail. However, this simple hairstyle can be applied to renew your look.

The special matter of this Boosie Fade is the different fade levels on the hair. The sides of the hair will be semi-bald and there is a different level of hair thickness to the upper head. However, there is no line to separate the different levels. It looks natural.

This hairstyle can be applied to different hair characteristics. Whether the men with curly or straight hair, they could apply this special short hairstyle. Then, to make a perfect look in applying this hairstyle, there should be a line-cut on the forehead.

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