Best Men’s Ivy League Haircut for Maximal Appearance

Best Men’s Ivy League Haircut for Maximal Appearance

Styling the hair with the best concept becomes what the man needs to do when they want to renew their appearance. Well, hair for the man is an important matter to build a great appearance, as they want. Many ideas of hairstyles can be applied but Ivy League haircut cannot be denied as one of the best hairstyles for men to be tried.

Do you ever hear about the idea of a man’s hairstyle?

In simple, the Ivy League haircut is a special and stylish hairstyle that combines the classic crew cut and side part. This hairstyle is also known as the Harvard clip because it cut starts with the short trim on the sides, top, and back but keeps the fringe hair in the front with a long enough detail to make a comb-over to the side.

Here, we have several variations of the Ivy League haircut that you may know. Of course, by knowing the variations of Ivy League haircuts, you will get more inspiration to style your hair. Besides, the samples of Ivy League haircuts also can be things to be compared and discussed with your barber.

Fade with Modern Style

Ivy League Haircut Fade with Modern Style

The Ivy League haircut comes with the fade to keep the modern look of the style. This idea of hairstyle becomes one of the best options, especially for teenagers to renew their look. What makes this hairstyle idea special is the short mid-level fade. This idea will be a very special matter to provide the contrast between the different sections of your hair.

Classic Ivy League

Classic Ivy League Haircut

The classic Ivy League is an excellent idea, especially for the man who wants to have a classic and elegant look of his appearance. The uniqueness of this hairstyle is the combination of the high taper that is applied to section off the top hair from the sides of the head.

By applying this concept, of course, it will be easier to add a side parting. Here, you could make a comb-over or side-swept to finish the hairstyling. The classic Ivy League is also called a traditional hairstyle.

Short with Nice Texture

Short Ivy League Haircut with Nice Texture

Combining the short Ivy League haircut with a texture is an interesting idea to be done. When you are a man with fine hair or thick hair, this hairstyle idea can be the best concept to be applied, especially when you want to have a luscious look.

Substantively, this hairstyle is quite simple. The hair will be cut short with the longer hair on the top of the head. Then, the hair will be styled by applying a comb-over to increase the elegance effect.

Short Ivy League with Neat Arrangement

Short Ivy League with Neat Arrangement

Another variation of the short Ivy League haircut is the combination of Ivy’s style with a neat arrangement. This hairstyle is very interesting, especially for those who want to have a simple hair arrangement with a little matter to maintain it.

This hairstyle can be applied to men with fine or wavy hair. Of course, the different hair characteristics will provide different results and effects. Here, to increase the look of the hairstyle, you can add an extra texture. We are sure that you will look more elegant.

Medium for Versatile Idea

Medium Ivy League Haircut for Versatile Idea

The medium Ivy League haircut can be applied, especially for those who want to keep the texture and volume of their hair. Well, this haircut idea requires at least an inch of hair at the front and the middle. Then, the side’s hair will be cut with a fade style.

The main point of this haircut idea is the thick hair on the top. The top hair can be arranged on the side or maybe a comb-over to create a nice texture. A man with wavy or straight hair can apply this concept as their best haircut.

Long with Trendy Look


For those who have long hair and want to apply the idea of the Ivy League haircut, this concept can be another consideration. This idea of Ivy’s haircut is interesting to deliver a trendy look and a versatile version, especially to help the man with their long hair.

This idea of the haircut is quite special, especially with the combination of the layer and comb-over arrangement. By this combination, the hair will look textured but neat. A very interesting haircut for an adult man.

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Modern with Classic Cut

Modern Ivy League Haircut with Classic Cut

A modern Ivy League haircut is an excellent combination of hairstyling. It uses the main components of the classic cut. However, it also applies the modern texture to renew the look of the hair arrangement.

The interesting matter of this hairstyle is the messy and textured top hair. The fringe also will be brushed upward just to make the arrangement neat.

Beard and Undercut Style

Ivy League Haircut with Beard and Undercut Style

The Ivy League haircut can be a fantastic idea when it comes to the undercut style. This hairstyle will provide a youth effect, especially for the adult. Besides, this idea will be an excellent variation, especially for the man who wants to renew their hairstyle with a modern look.

Then, this hairstyle will be more romantic and elegant when it is combined with the beard. The beard can be a symbol of adultery. Substantively, you are free to shape the beard. However, just try to make it simple and neat to maximize the appearance.

Ivy League Comb Over with Hard Part

Ivy League Comb Over with Hard Part

It can be said that the combination of the comb-over and hard part becomes a unique idea of Ivy League haircut. As its name, this haircut will show three different parts, the faded sides, the hard part, and the comb-over styling.

A unique matter of this hairstyle is the line on the sides. The line here will be hardly parting the section of the hair. By the line, the comb-over style will be more maximal and the arrangement of the whole hair also will be neat and excellent.

That is all about the Ivy League haircut that you may consider. See the variations and find the best variation that is appropriate for your hair characteristics.

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