Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements

Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements
Nutrafol Vs Viviscal: Which Is Better For Hair Loss?

You may have seen Viviscal hair growth supplements in an ad, perhaps on TV. The ad probably assured you that Viviscal is great for hair growth, that it produces amazing results for people with thinning hair, or that clinical studies have proven its effectiveness.

There are three types of hair growth supplements that Viviscal offers, though you likely only saw one Viviscal supplement in their ad. These are:

  • Viviscal Advanced Hair Health Supplement
  • Viviscal Man Supplement
  • Viviscal Pro Supplement

So, what differences do these Viviscal products have? Which is the best one for your hair regrowth? How do the Viviscal supplements help with hair loss? These, and other questions about the Viviscal supplements, are all important ones to have answers to.

Viviscal Advanced Hair Health Supplement

This Viviscal hair growth supplement is the one you doubtless see when a Viviscal supplement is mentioned. This is their original hair growth supplement and the one they show in ads. It is also technically a part of their Viviscal Woman line.

You can tell if you are looking at this Viviscal supplement because the Viviscal Women hair products are all characterized by their pink and white aesthetics. As for ingredients, the Viviscal Advanced Hair Health Supplement starts off with a low amount of 65% of your daily Vitamin C.

The same is true of the niacin and iron this hair supplement has in it, which have 75% and 56% respectively. There is a tiny 5% of calcium, exactly a full day’s worth of zinc, and four days’ worth of biotin. However, there is no Vitamin E, Vitamin A, or any other vitamins that help thinning hair grow that many other hair supplements like Folexin have.

The main ingredient and the one Viviscal is the most proud of, is their AminoMar complex. This complex is made of shark cartilage and oyster extract powder. The name of this complex comes from the fact that it is high in amino acids (Amino) and contains marine animals. The only other ingredients that could help hair growth are horsetail stem extract and millet seed extract.

The remaining ingredients are maltodextrin, natural orange flavor, magnesium, glycerin, and a few other things to keep it in its capsule form and to prevent the AminoMar complex from deteriorating before it gets in your system.

This Viviscal supplement specifically says it is not for nursing or pregnant women or for those under 18. Finally, although Viviscal says one serving of their supplement is one tablet, they also instruct you to take two tablets per day.

Viviscal Man Supplement

The Viviscal Man supplement has a few differences from the original Viviscal supplement. It has less zinc and less Vitamin C, but it still has some of both. The calcium, however, is the same small amount of about 5% of what you need daily.

The original supplement has a couple of other vitamins, but none of those are in Viviscal Man. Considering this means there is no biotin, which men need for their hair too, this is a disappointingly short list of vitamins, especially compared to other supplements like Folexin which have over a dozen vitamins.

Viviscal Man makes up for this a little by having a little more of their AminoMar complex in this product. This supplement has a smaller amount of the horsetail stem extract.

There is no millet seed extract here, but there is a good amount of flax seed extract. Though flax seeds are less common in hair loss products, it does have a lovely list of hair growth benefits. Among these is flax’s ability to help naturally block DHT.

Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements

Therefore, flax seed extract is perfect for this Viviscal supplement that is meant for men, as DHT is directly tied to male pattern baldness, a widely known cause of hair loss for men.

The remaining ingredients in the Other Ingredients section are mostly the same. This includes the maltodextrin, natural orange flavor, and other things. These are only slightly different when it comes to the order of them, and the Viviscal Man doesn’t have the croscarmellose sodium.

Like the Advanced Hair Supplement, Viviscal Man says one serving size is one tablet while telling to take two a day. All in all, Viviscal Man is different enough to be its own product, and is not a carbon copy of their original product wrapped a different package.

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Viviscal Pro Supplement

This Viviscal hair growth supplement doesn’t say specifically who it’s intended for. That said, the best guess based on the ingredients is that the Pro line of Viviscal products is for those whose hair loss might be a little more advanced.

The three vitamins in this supplement are biotin, Vitamin C, and calcium. Again, there is only a small amount of the calcium and a slightly larger amount of the Vitamin C – still nowhere near a full day’s worth. As for the biotin, Viviscal Pro has plenty of this, over three days’ worth, in fact.

Out of the three Viviscal supplements for hair growth, this one has the highest amount of their AminoMar complex. Next, its plant ingredients are completely different from the ones the other two Viviscal supplements have.

There is no horsetail stem extract at all. What the Viviscal Pro supplement does have is apple fruit extract. Also in this section are L-cystine and L-Methionine. Once more, that is all in this supplement besides the Other Ingredients section.

On this part of the label are the same maltodextrin, natural orange flavor, and other added ingredients. So, like the Viviscal Man hair supplement, this one is somewhat similar but still different.

Another difference with the Viviscal Professional hair loss supplement is a statement on the back. Here it states in bold that Viviscal Professional is only available through salons and physician clinics. However, that was what Amazon showed in a picture of the back, because Amazon sells this supplement without you needing to go through one of those two places.

The Viviscal Pro supplement is harder to find on Amazon by itself, though. As for why this supplement says this when the others don’t, there is no reason given for this that I could find.

Which Viviscal Hair Growth Supplement To Chose

It should be obvious which product Viviscal intends for you to use. This is the original Viviscal hair loss supplement if you are a woman, Viviscal Man if you are a man, and the Viviscal Pro option if your hair loss is already more pronounced.

However, though Viviscal intended those products for those groups, you may not want to take that specific one. If you feel one of the other Viviscal supplements is a better fit for you, then you should go with that one.

For example, if you have female pattern baldness (not as common as male pattern baldness, but still possible) you’ll probably be better suited by going with Viviscal Man due to the DHT blocker. Viviscal Pro is the one you’ll want if you want the largest amount of their AminoMar complex.

However, as mentioned, the Viviscal Pro supplement is also the hardest to find. It is more often sold with other products and not by itself. So, if you want to set a subscription and forget about it, this may not be the best option for you.

Also, because of this, its price both ranges the widest and tends to be the most expensive of the three options. The least expensive of the three Viviscal hair supplements is actually the Viviscal Man supplement.

The Viviscal Woman supplement is somewhere in the middle, sometimes more expensive than the Viviscal Pro if you can find the latter on sale. So, if you want the cheapest supplement, the men’s hair growth supplement is the one you probably should try.

While you shouldn’t take two of the Viviscal supplements at once, there is technically nothing preventing you from switching from one supplement to one of the others. The main feature AminoMar is, after all, in all three supplements.

A Helpful Note Or Two

There are a few Viviscal facts and helpful tips you might be interested in knowing about the Viviscal supplement before getting it. Viviscal can be easy to find on sale if you want it cheaper and take the time to look.

The Viviscal site often has sales around popular holidays. So, if you buy the supplement in bulk on those days, you’ll save a little. That and other sites have an option to subscribe, so you can save that way too.

As far as warranties go, this depends on where you get your Viviscal hair supplement. Sites like Amazon have good return policies and are very generous if you have a problem with something even months after buying it, for example. Other sites don’t have such flexible policies.

Even the Viviscal site itself only has a 90-day warranty. This is perfect for their other products but, considering Viviscal recommends taking their supplement for 3 to 6 months, this makes the 90 days barely adequate.

Lastly, another good tip is to make sure you can get the most of your Viviscal supplement. Like with any supplement, your digestion plays a large role in absorbing anything that goes into your stomach. So, doing what you can to improve your digestion is a good idea to help you absorb the nutrients in Viviscal.

Final Thoughts

The Viviscal hair growth supplements may be marketed to be better than what it is, but they can help with hair thinning. Viviscal Pro is the newest of their hair supplements, and at this point, this option only has a handful of reviews.

There are other hair growth supplements that are both cheaper and better, though. Folexin is just one example of a product that is less expensive while also having more natural ingredients with fewer filler ingredients.

The only thing Viviscal has that Folexin doesn’t is the patented AminoMar complex. It is a complex that, frankly, could use some larger studies that have more than a handful of people in them. However, this complex may make up for the lack of variety when it comes to the vitamins and beneficial plants. What do you think?

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