15+ Best and Popular Two Block Haircut for Men Choices

15+ Best and Popular Two Block Haircut for Men Choices

The two-block haircut is a special hairstyle for men, which initially developed in Korea. This hairstyle becomes more popular since the rise of KPOP. Something that you need to know, substantively, male hairdos are simpler but this idea of the hairstyle delivers a special idea to get a new and a better hair look.

Then, since the running of the time, these are some ideas of the haircut, which can be the consideration by men to renew their look. Of course, each idea of this haircut delivers a different uniqueness and style. For those who are curious about it, read the following writings below.

Sharp and Textured Two Block Haircut

Sharp and Textured Two Block Haircut

The combination of sharp and textured hair becomes the focal point of this two-block haircut, which will bring men to get their cool appearance. This hairstyle would be better if it is combined with the low fade. Some gels maybe should be applied here just to keep the textures of the hair.

Two Block Haircut Fade Edgy Style

Two Block Haircut Fade Edgy Style

This is a sensational idea and it becomes a trend in Korea. The slight textures of the hair deliver a cool look for men and it is quite easy to be arranged. On another hand, the combination with the edgy style is also nice.   

Medium and Curly Haircut

Curly Two Block Haircut

When your default hair is curly, this idea of the two-block haircut can be applied. The curly hair creates a special texture and the medium length create a good volume on the crown. With some fades on the side, this hairstyle will be an eye-catching idea to be applied.

Messy Medium Hairstyle

Messy Medium Two-Block Hairstyle

The messy can be chosen for those who want to have more freedom in styling their hair. The common haircut come with a neat arrangement, and sometimes it creates boredom.

Well, this hairstyle can be an exception in styling good hair with the Korean style. Then, the medium volume of the hair will increase the textures to create a better hair appearance.            

Messy two block

Slicked Back

Slicked Two Block Haircut Back

The look of the short two-block haircut can be changed by applying the slicked-back as the hair arrangement idea. It is a simple look of the haircut, which deliver a cool, especially for an adult man.

Many people say that this idea of a haircut can be appropriate for those who want to have a formal agenda. However, this hairstyle is still relevant to be used in some casual agendas.

Slicked Back Hair

Medium Haircut

medium two block haircut

Medium haircut this set is still pertaining to hair crinkling pen names curly wand.

Two Block Haircut Wavy with Bangs

asian two block haircut

The bangs can be a good option for those who have wavy hair. This style of the two-block haircut delivers a cute look and it eases men to arrange their hair. The modern arrangement with bangs here gives a nice touch of the face-framing.

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Korean No-Style Hairdo

Korean 2 Block Haircut No-Style Hairdo

For those who want to have a simple two-block haircut, this idea can be applied as the best option. These are some people that want to make a good haircut as their style. Like its name, there is no special arrangement of the hair to be applied. This idea of the hairstyle will put the natural sense as the focal point to be kept.

Separated One Side Two Block

Separated One Side Two Block Haircut

The separated one side two-block is one of the most popular ideas to be applied by men –who want to have a great Korean style. As its name, this haircut is very interesting with the pulled up crown hair on the specific side. Of course, it is simple but the look is very awesome.

On another hand, this haircut can be combined with the undercut in the sides. The undercut creates a simple look and this hair will be easy to be styled.

Punky Two Block Haircut

Punky Two Block Haircut

The textured top hair with both punky and Mohawk style creates an elegant view. Then, the two-block haircut creates a clear separation just to ease men in arranging their cute hair.

Medium and Wavy Haircut

Medium and Wavy Two Block Haircut

The wavy hair creates a unique texture on the crown and the medium length can ease you in arranging it. By applying some hair products, the appearance of the hair can be more maximal. Here, the bang can be a good idea to be applied.

Kpop Haircut

kpop 2 block haircut

Numerous hairdo creativity that can be used as a reference for you, one of which is an assortment Kpop haircut which is owned through several Korean superstars.

Two Block Haircut Vs Undercut

Two Block Haircut Vs Undercut

These two hairstyles are similar. Many ideas of a two-block haircut will be combined with the undercut style. However, a two-block has a more textured hair, especially for those who love to keep their hair on medium length. Both hairstyles can be shaped to get a neat arrangement.  

Difference Between Two Block and Undercut

Difference Between Two Block and Undercut

Substantively, these two hairstyles are similar. The two-block haircut is the development of the undercut. The main difference between these two hairstyles is the two-block has such as more stages, which will deliver an extra volume on the top hair.

Middle-Parted Haircut

Middle-Parted Two Block Haircut

It can be said that the middle-parted is an old and classic idea for the haircut. Although it is not quite popular today, some men still accept it as their default hairstyle. It is very simple and neat. However, this is more appropriate for men with fine-medium-straight hair.

How to Ask for a Two Block Haircut

How to Ask for a Two Block Haircut

Bring a bunch of pictures can be an easier way to ask the barber and get the special two-block for your new style. Then, you can tell him that you want to get a bowl cut with a unique undercut. Do not be afraid to tell them when their cutting ways are not suitable for what you want.

How Do You Style a Two Block Cut?

How Do You Style a Two Block Cut

The two block haircut is quite easy to be applied. Many styling are available to be chosen based on the character of your hair. Here, you can maintain the back and side shaves. Then, you also need to blow dry and then style the texture of the hair using the small amount of wax.

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