Drake Haircut : A Popular Idea for Men with High Masculinity

Drake Haircut : A Popular Idea for Men with High Masculinity

The model Drake haircut continues to be one of the most popular hairstyles for men. Well, the hairstyle’s of Drake is very excellent, since it is simple and low-maintenance. The main appearance of the buzz cut that is added with the low or high fade on the sides. For those who want to get more freedom in appearance, you could apply this idea.

Drake has short curly afro characteristics. That is why for those who have the same natural characteristics, the idea of the hairstyle of Drake can be an excellent consideration. Here, we will talk to you about the ideas of Drake’s and several important details to be known.

Who Is Drake?

Who Is Drakes

Drake is a TV and rap star that is well-known in Canada. He first came to prominence in the teen soap entitled Degrassi: The Next Generation and acted as Jimmy Brook. After the showing, he became one of the most popular and the biggest rappers in the world, especially after he signed a deal with Lil Wayne’s label.

The popularity brings Drake to enlarge his career. He became the global ambassador for the NBA club, Toronto Raptors. Then, he also became a role figure and trendsetter for teenagers, especially those who became his fans.

What Is Drake’s Haircut?

What Is Drakes Haircut
Besides his performance and great rap, Drake is also popular with his haircut. Well, the style of Drake haircut becomes the inspiration for those who want to renew their style to be more elegant.

Well, substantively, there is no exact name of the Drake haircut. However, the Drake is short and it is featured with a buzz cut on top and the fade on the sides. Sometimes, Drake’s haircut is styled with the line up at the hairline.

It could be seen that the style of Drake’s haircut substantively is very simple. This haircut idea can be the best option, especially for those who want to have a simple with a low-maintained.

How Do I Ask for The Drake Haircut to My Barber?

We are sure that you want to have the best result in duplicating Drake’s haircut. Then, the question is what to be asked to the barber when we want to use the style of Drake’s haircut?

It is a common but important question to be answered. However, substantively, it is very simple to ask the barber to duplicate Drake’s.

When you go to your favorite barber, you just need to ask applying the buzz cut on the top of the head and a high or a low fade around the sides. You may ask the barber to add a line-up on the hairline to deliver a different result in styling.

It is a simple and regular idea of Drake’s haircut. We know that Drake has some different haircuts to be applied. When the simple idea as above isn’t enough, you may find the sample of Drake’s and then discuss it with your favorite barber.

How to Get a Drake Haircut?

As we have said before, there are some variations of Drake’s haircut that can be your option to renew your style. Of course, kinds of Drake’s haircut are great references, so you will be free to choose whether a specific haircut is appropriate for you or not.

Here, there are some ideas of Drake’s haircut to be considered as your favorite. The best haircuts to be known are:

Taper fade with clean hairline

drake taper fade haircut

The combination of the taper fade haircut and the clean hairline becomes a great Drake’s haircut to be applied. For those who want to have a simple hairstyle with low maintenance, we are sure that Drake’s haircut is the best option for special with the fade haircut to show simpleness with a clear hairline to part.

Shaved head

drake shaved head

The shaved head is interesting, especially for those who want to apply Drake’s haircut but keep the volume of the hair. Here, you just need to apply the fade cut around the sides and keep the up-front hair. Use the pomade to keep the texture.

Mini afro with short style

drake mini afro

The mini Afro with a short style can be said as one of his favorite haircuts. This Drake’s haircut is quite simple to be applied. An individual just need to let their curly hair grows and keeps it short.

There are no special matters to be done for maintenance. Then, to make a more interesting result in applying this Drake’s haircut, you could combine it with a thin beard.

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Curly hair with shape up

drake curly hair

Drake has curly hair as natural characteristics. That is why curly hair with shape up can be an excellent option for him. This haircut is unique with the combination of a short Afro and the low fade on the ides.

Then, to make a good view, the hair will be shaped. Drake applies a simple line to part. You may see the image of it to get more details.

Line in hair with a buzz cut

drake line in hair

A line-in-hair can be said as one of the most popular Drake’s haircuts to be applied. The most interesting point of this haircut idea is the line that is made on the hair. The line is simple but it becomes the turning point.

To apply this Drake’s haircut idea is very simple. You just need to apply the buzz cut and then ask the barber to create a line. Use the picture of Drake’s haircut as a reference.

In conclusion, in our opinion, the best Drake’s haircut to be applied is the buzz cut with a clear hairline. It is a good haircut to be applied whatever the characteristics. Besides, it doesn’t need any special maintenance to keep its perfect look. Then, to increase the best appearance, combine a thin hairstyle with a thick beard. You will be more masculine with it!

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