Rapid Hair Growth Products For Black Hair

Rapid Hair Growth Products For Black Hair
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Black hair may seem quite thick and wiry with all the curls it usually comes with. However, it can also be very easily breakable. Black hair, more than any other type, is put into tight braids, straightened, liberally applied with hair products, and many more things.

That adds up to tons of damage to your hair follicles. Your hair will start breaking and getting visibly split ends that will make it look like you are experiencing hair thinning even if you aren’t. Sometimes thinning hair is a real possibility, though, especially if the hair products you are using are clogging up the pores on your scalp.

Unfortunately, black hair is also one of the hair types that makes any amount of thinning hair look obvious. Those tight braids that African American hair is usually done up in looks great but can make any hair loss painfully obvious.

So, if your part lines are looking sparse, you’ll need a hair growth product that fixes this as quickly as possible. This means that some hair loss treatments just aren’t going to cut it. Let’s see what rapid hair growth products are options and then look at specific examples of each type of product.

The Different Rapid Growth Options

When it comes to rapid hair growth, vitamins and hair growth supplements just aren’t going to cut it. True, both can give healthy hair growth and are generally great for this hair type. However, they just don’t cut it for rapid hair regrowth.

That isn’t saying there are no capsules that can make your hair grow quickly, because there are. These just won’t be simply vitamins or anything like that. Still, the few options that are in pill form are too convenient to pass up, so I’ll list one or two options for those in a moment.

Other than pills, afro hair is also benefited by both hair serums and hair oils. These are especially good for dry hair, which this hair color tends to have problems with. Just because most African American hair has problems with dryness doesn’t mean all people with this hair type do, however.

So, for some, a serum is a much better option than a hair growth oil. Serums also tend to have some of the not-so-natural ingredients that will make it work faster. While capsules, serums, and oils are some of the best options, these are not your only types of products to choose from for growing hair.

Besides those, there are shampoos, hair masks (which admittedly are hard to get on your scalp if your afro hair is very long at all), and one or two other options. Each type of hair growth product can help with thinning hair, hair breakage, and hair loss.

For the fastest results and the quickest hair regrowth possible, it may be worth it to get one of each type of these products. Though each type can help on its own, using them in combination with each other will help speed things along even more.

The Capsules

Rapid Hair Growth Products For Black Hair

The capsule options for hair growth aren’t ones that tend to work very quickly. True, natural ingredients can help with those thinning edges. However, things like vitamins tend to help other parts of your body that need it the most, only helping with your hair growth last.

In the case of vitamin deficiencies, this type of hair product can be a big help. A hair growth supplement can also have very quick effects if it contains a mixture of herbs and vitamins. The best of these aren’t any more expensive than a normal everyday multivitamin, making them fairly inexpensive as well.

Most supplements are taken one a day, but hair growth supplements are often two capsules a day. Sometimes this is one in the morning and one in the evening, but sometimes you can take them both in the morning.

That said, a few options such as Nutrafol actually have you taking four capsules a day. Therefore, reading the daily dose on the label is important before you buy any supplement. Don’t just read how many capsules a supplement has in it and assume that the daily dose is either one or two.

Don’t just look at what the product says one dose is either, as I’ve seen some say that one serving size is one capsule but then tell you that you should be taking two doses per day of the supplement. To get the fast hair growth you want, you’ll need to take the amount of capsules you are supposed to.

My Recommendation: Folexin

What is probably the best hair growth product as far as a supple capsule supplement goes, Folexin is doubtless something you have already heard about. It meets the qualifications of being the right price, having a good mix of ingredients, and also of having a very good reputation for causing hair regrowth.

Among the ingredients of Folexin are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, several B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and potassium as the vitamins. As for plants, there is Fo-Ti, bamboo extract, horsetail extract, nettle, saw palmetto, alfalfa, spirulina, and a few other things.  

So, though Folexin is not specifically made with black hair growth in mind, it is certainly a good option. If you are after natural hair growth, consider trying Folexin. The daily amount for Folexin is two capsules, which is more than a regular daily vitamin, but pretty average for a hair supplement.

The Serums

Serums are great for hair growth, as they help your hair and scalp directly instead of having to wait for it to be absorbed, get in your bloodstream, and then work on your hair follicle through your scalp. This type of hair care product isn’t always used for everyday hair care, but some people apply them regularly.

Serums are often called hair growth oils, and many serums do have an oil or two in them. Some serums are made almost exclusively of various oils and essential oils. A good serum is going to have a variety of them, but it also might have some vitamins.

These are most often used once or twice a week, but some serums are meant to be used every day. Each has a different method they recommend for applying the serum. Some even come with a tiny brush or massager to work it into your scalp, while others have a dropper.

Considering serums are meant to be used on your scalp, combined with how hard it can be for black women with long afro hair to actually reach their scalp, it is best to stick with a serum that doesn’t ask you to apply it daily. On that same note, massaging it into your scalp is only asking for badly tangled curls.

My Recommendation: Textured Press Black Magic Oil

This hair growth serum may not have any vitamins, but it has a great list of oils in it. For its base, it has olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil. These four base oils are often used for moisturizing your hair to strengthen it.

Besides the base oils, Black Magic Oil also has a good list of essential oils. These are: peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, cinnamon oil, oregano oil, rosehip seed oil, and lavender oil. Each essential oil in this list is one that is at least sometimes used for hair loss.

The peppermint essential oil is well-known for helping improve circulation. The eucalyptus oil may not smell the best, but it helps fight off parasites of various kinds. Lemongrass is a good immune booster, lavender is very soothing and great for any itchiness, and all of the others have at least one benefit as well.

Just remember that any essential oil is something you should avoid getting into your eyes. However, thanks to the carrier oils in this serum, there should only be a slight burning sensation for a while at most. None of these oils are toxic or harmful. The same cannot be said for other serums.

As recommended, Black Magic Oil is meant to be used only once or twice a week. This frequency is perfectly manageable, even for those whose scalps are hard to get to. Considering all the ingredients are oils, it isn’t as thick as some other serums can be.

True, all these oils can make your hair oily. However, those will particularly dry hair will likely appreciate all the moisture and shininess that this hair serum can offer. What’s more, Black Magic Oil can be used on your hair just like the hair oils I am about to mention.

The Oils

Rapid Hair Growth Products For Black Hair

Hair oils are quite commonly used by people with black hair. This hair type is, unfortunately, prone to having dry hair. However, since oils can do so much for your hair, it may actually be a good thing that your curly hair is so dry.

Oils can not only help with hair growth, they can also strengthen each hair strand. An oil does this by forming a protective layer around each hair strand. This locks in the nutrients, prevents it from being as likely to break, and also makes it less likely to tangle, which prevents breakage even more.

This type of product is usually applied to your hair a couple of times a week. Sometimes this is to the tips of your hair and then brushed in, but it can also be applied to your scalp. Timing varies as well, with many people preferring to apply it right after a shower when their natural oils have probably been rinsed off.

Also a variable is the exact oil you choose. For coconut oil, you could technically use food-grade coconut oil that hasn’t been processed. The same goes for castor oil, which is rarely but occasionally consumed as a supplement. Argan oil is the same way.

However, castor oil and argan oil can be specifically made and sold for use on your hair. In this case, the oil is often not recommended for consumption. In addition, the oil most likely has small amounts of perhaps one or two other ingredients that are beneficial for your hair.

On the one hand, an oil that can be used for cooking or something else might stand more chances of getting used. On the other, an oil with an added ingredient or two is potentially better for your hair growth.

My Recommendation: Handcraft Blends Jamaican Black Castor Oil

This Jamaican black castor oil comes in four different sizes, which I think is convenient. This both allows you to get a small amount for traveling with and a large amount to save a few dollars.

Though it is meant for topical use, not internal use, this Handcraft Blends product only has the castor oil itself in it as its only ingredient. It doesn’t have specific instructions at all telling you how often or with what method to use it.

All this castor oil says is to apply a small amount of it to your scalp and to massage it in. Also, while droppers are better, the push dispenser one size comes with is at least easier to use than castor oils that have a regular screw cap as its lid that you have to pour into your hand or on your scalp.

As for price, this Jamaican castor oil is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. Instead, it is my recommendation because the quality of it looks good for a reasonable price.

Other Miscellaneous Options

As mentioned, there are other products you can use to help you achieve rapid hair growth. As just one example, there are Jamaican black castor oil shampoos that you can easily find and buy. Other hair growth shampoos feature other ingredients like biotin, saw palmetto, or other things.

It’s up to your needs as to which of those is what would benefit you the most. Any of those ingredients can help with hair growth.

Conditioners and creams are also good for giving your hair protection and putting vitamins and things right there for your hair to use. These two hair product options can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes too.

Then, for male pattern baldness, there are also foams like minoxidil. Even more of an out-of-the-way product are the harder-to-find gels, heat protection, and styling products that also claim to have ingredients that are good for growing hair.

These are much more expensive than their chemical-laden counterparts. However, as they are also used regularly, it is a good idea to have them be as good for your hair as possible. At the very least, making sure that they aren’t going to harm your hair should be a priority.

While you are trying to get it to grow, also using something that prevents it from growing would be counterproductive. There are a few more hair growth options, such as hair masks and hair rinses of all kinds, but if I was doing a complete list, we would be here all day.

Final Thoughts

While rapid growth is something that many people say they want, fewer actually do their research or stick with one or more products faithfully until they start seeing results. Using multiple different products, each of which preferably tackling a different problem, is certainly a good way to get fast results.

However, using too many different products at once is also a bad idea. For starters, you won’t know which product is making the most difference. You also won’t exactly be able to easily tell which product is negatively affecting you if you start getting a side effect.

Then, too many products on your hair at a time can clog up your pores, get in each other’s way, and essentially make a nasty mess of your hair. So, though you can benefit from using a variety of things, try to avoid getting too enthusiastic about trying too many at once.

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