Flowbee vs Robocut vs Haircut Reviews

Flowbee vs Robocut vs Haircut Reviews
Flowbee Vs Robocut Vs Haircut Reviews

In today’s article, let’s take an in-depth review of Flowbee vs Robocut. Many people made jabs at the Flowbee haircutting system and their gimmicky infomercials; however, their laughs quickly turn to joy once they see what a great job the product this trimmer actually does!

Yes, the Flowbee really works, and we will break down why in this Flowbee hair cutting system review. Best of all, we are comparing Flowbee alongside robocut, a vacuum haircutting system.

Flowbee Haircutting System
  • Quickly attaches to Most Vacuums with Ease
  • Save Hundreds of Dollars in Haircuts
  • A Perfect Cut Every Time. Great for The Entire Family

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I remember when my mom used to cut my thick hair with an older generator Flowbee. This machine lasted 10 whole years, despite my cousins doing their best to break it! Isn’t that impressive? Their results are on a whole new level!

Do not be fooled by its appearance: the Flowbee rocks. A Flowbee haircut is convenient, saves you quite a bit of cash and lasts you many years to come. Although it does not have the most cutting edge design, we are looking for performance and practicality.

Here are some quick areas we’d be looking at in this Flowbee haircutting system review:

  • What exactly is the Flowbee hair cutter?
  • Flowbee instructions
  • Aircut vs Flowbee
  • Robocut vs Haircut vs Flowbee

Quick Overview

4/5Flowbee Haircutting System

  • Compatible with the majority of vacuum brands
  • Perfect cut every time
  • Cuts your hair different styles
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3/5Robocut Model-r28 Vacuum Haircutter

  • Easy, precise haircuts
  • Free hairline
  • Laser blade
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4/5Haircut Electric Hand Held Hair cutter

  • Easy Instructions
  • Comes with attachments
  • Removable Hair collection Chamber
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Flowbee Vs Robocut Vs Haircut

  • How Does Aircut Work

Aircut is an electric powered hand-held hair cutter manufactured in Waukesha, Wisconsin by Norman Yerke back in 2008 for the sole purpose of cutting hair.

It features 2 motor system, one for lifting hair and pulling it in the unit and another that moves for a cutting system.

It is made up of a styler or “plastic guard” which aids in helping in avoiding a very short hair cut. Flowbee also has an internal micrometer filter that keeps any hair from entering any internal components; therefore, keeping the unit intact.

In this AirCut vs Flowbee comparison, you will find that AirCut is a specially designed hair cutting tool which has the “do-it-yourself” convenience; it has one of a kind self-contained cutting engine!

AirCut has a built-in suction for cleaning hair and, therefore, does not need an extra vacuum. This makes it ideal for haircuts shorter than 4 ½ inches.

When you purchase AirCut, you’ll receive 9 different snap-on attachments for a custom hair cut to the desired length of your choice.

It also has a removable hair collection chamber, which can be easily pulled and cleaned.

Flowbee vs Robocut vs Haircut Reviews

  • How Does Flowbee Work?

Flowbee is a new generation haircutting device, which has a vacuum hose connected to clean the hair while simultaneously cutting!

Bright yellow in color, this appliance works on a 12 volt adapter.

A Flowbee haircut offers a precision trimming, thanks to its adjustable blade, and cutting solution. This product comes with many trimmer guards for the perfect cut.

It is crafted to fit any standard vacuum cleaner hose and plugs into the wall separately. As soon as the vacuum has been secured, the device can be used to cut hair neatly and cleanly.

  • How does Robocut work?

This Robocut vacuum cleaner is connected automatic haircutting device. The vacuum is strong enough to handle messy hair and will do a fantastic job at cutting even the wildest head of hair.

Plus, it can also cut hair from a range of ½ to 6 inches long! Its vacuum sucks the hair when the rotary blade mechanism starts working.

Robocut also offers you the option to connect it with any standard sized vacuum hoses. This helps in suction of hair which is clipped using this hair cutting device.

Compare How to use? AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

  • How to use AirCut?

To use AirCut, you will need oil. This oil will then be applied on the blades and attached to the styler of your choice and you can begin trimming hair. This give you a real barber shop touch!

  • How to use Flowbee?

The use of Flowbee requires you attach a vacuum hose through its free universal hose adaptor and adjust the needed setting and length of the hair to begin cutting.

  • How to use Robocut?

Robocut on the other hand, needs a standard vacuum hose tagged to it to start cutting. Later on, the right length desired should be adjusted for a salon like haircut.

While cutting hair the extender should be ran over a couple of times to confirm your hair is cut properly.

Compare What do I get? and Price: AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

  • AirCut

Buying AirCut will get you a set of 8 straight stylers ranging from ½ to 4 inches, a cleaning brush, and cover for hair clippings, lubrication oil, AC transformer, filter and a ½ inch tapered styler.

  • Flowbee

Flowbee is a bit costlier.

It features a head with hose, a bottle of lubricant, AC 120V transformer, 10 spacer length settings, Universal vacuum hose adapter, user manual and requires a vacuum cleaner of 3hp or 8 amps for perfect results.

  • Robocut

With a pretty blue color, this haircutter comes with metal gearbox, a adjustable blade, precision dial, flexible hose and power supply, leaving you with the perfect hairstyle.

It also has two range extenders for reaching up to six inches hair length and a short/pet Adapter for pet grooming and short hair.

Its buzz adapter is for extra short hair, gentle angled for a lesser steep tapering, angled adapter for layering and tapering, oil tubes for lubricating blades, hose adapter for connecting vacuum hose, instruction sheet and haircutting guide.

Compare Cleaning Instructions: AirCut Vs Robocut VsFlowbee

  • How to Clean AirCut

Cleaning AirCut is fairly easy.

First, the hair collection area should be cleaned of any hair on it. Once clean, the cover can be removed and lightly dusted with a brush it comes with.

All hair in the filter area should be cleaned and cleared using the same brush. The filter can be placed back carefully with care to make sure that the device is turned on properly.

The clean-out cover should be reinstalled prior to use.

To achieve best results, the blades should be oiled after every 10 haircuts. Oiling the blade is easy. Simply place two drops on the blade and rubbed it back and forth with your finger.

Later the device should be ran for 10 seconds to make sure the oil spreads evenly.

  • How to Clean Flowbee

The cool thing about Flowbee is that it requires no clean-up.

  • How to Clean Robocut

Currently, we have no information as regards cleaning Robocut.

Does it work well on pets? AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

  • Does Aircut Work On Pets?

AirCut is not meant for pets.

  • Does Flowbee work on pets?

With its pet attachment, Flowbee can still be used on your pet. However, proper care should be taken into consideration; ensure your pet is shampooed and all mats brushed out before using this clipper.

Last tip is that you should never, ever cut more than ½” of hair off at one time.

  • Does Robocut Work On Pets

Robocut wins this round!

It is designed to provide pet grooming and hair cutting in one and is perfect for use on pets.

What Does Tapered Styler Do? Robocut Vs Flowbee Vs Aircut

AirCut Tapered Styler aids in the cutting and shaping of the head backside and around the ears to give a barber shop like cut.

Flowbee Tapered Spacers are used for sides and lower neck for a clean and perfect cut.

Robocut Currently, we have no information for tapered setting of Robocut.

Compare Instructions: HAirCut Vs Robo Vs Flowbee

  • AirCut

Before use, make sure the hair is free from any styling products such as hairspray and gel. This tool works great on towel-dried wet or perfectly dry hair.

  • Flowbee

It works great on towel-dried or dry hair and you should avoid using any hair styling product.

  • Robocut

It should be used on plain dry hair and no extra hair products like hair sprays, thickeners, gels etc should be applied.

What is the Recommended Vacuum Cleaner Power?

Flowbee needs a 4 HP vacuum or stronger.

Robocut works great on any household vacuum.

AirCut does need a vacuum cleaner

Compare Blades: AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut

  • AirCutProfessional hairdresser cutting young bearded man's hair in hairdressing salon

To install stylers, you just need to line it up a the opening in the housing. The styler is to be pushed and snapped in position.

Each styler has a groove and tongue design for an easy push-in and pull-out action. There is no information available regarding the sharpness and cost of the blade.

  • Flowbee

It comes with two blades, 4 screws, 6 thanksgiving 2012’s, straight angle: 90 degrees blades which you assembly.

  • Robocut

It comes with cartridge pre-assembled with sharp edges: 75 degrees.

Compare Advantages/Reviews/Pros: AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut


  1. It does not need any form of vacuum cleaner.
  2. It is very affordable with flexibility to cut hair whenever and wherever desired.
  3. it is compact and light. This makes it easy to carry during travels.


  1. It is clean and cheap because it uses a vacuum cleaner
  2. It provides a very fine and neat looking trim for closer cut that shows.
  3. It also works nice on pets without making a mess of their hair.


  1. It uses a vacuum which makes it cleaner to use without having hair all over the floor.
  2. It comes with pet attachment for grooming pets.
  3. It helps in providing cheap haircuts in any desired style in no time.

Compare Disadvantages/Complaints/Cons: AirCut Vs Flowbee Vs RoboCut


  1. It does not have enough power to suck the air.
  2. Its strength does not permit it to life hair into the cutters.


  1. It comes with limited amount of spacers.
  2. It needs a really powerful vacuum to work the suction and still its result are not satisfactory.
  3. It comes with complaints of the device not functioning.


  1. It is built with very cheap plastic and is not strong enough.
  2. It does not cut hair well enough in one go.
  3. It is uncomfortable and gives a sore head due to hair pulling as a result of its circular design.


Conclusively, these three products are 3 leading options in vacuum hair cutting that you can currently buy on the market. There aren’t many, if any, other options available online and offline.

While in the past we would highly recommend a Robocut, the past years have reduced its popularity and if you check out online reviews, you’ll see more people.

Because of this, it’s clear to see that the Flowbee is the leader in the market at the moment – the majority of people that are buying Flowbee are happy with their product, so it’s visible and right to cheer for it in that regard.

If you’re looking for a great way to keep your hair short with little to no maintenance, then it’s definitely worth considering looking into buying a Flowbee haircutting system.

It’s a unique and simple way to clean and keep your messy hair tidy, without a mess afterwards! No clean up required.

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  1. This is the third Robocut hair cutting tool I have purchased. The first one from maybe 15 or 20 years ago was the best and just needed new blades which they couldn’t provide and I bought the second one which lasted maybe 12 cuts and really just fell apart. The third one didn’t make it through the second haircut; I have returned it and am waiting for my refund. It is a great idea; too bad it has become junk, don’t even think about buying it.


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