70s Hairstyles MenThat Came Out During Era

70s Hairstyles MenThat Came Out During Era

In the 1970s, men’s hair was influenced by musicians and actors like Elvis Presley. Haircuts were long with layers for that natural-looking texture. This decade saw a lot of grooming too which meant less female dominance in this area as well. The 70s were an interesting decade in terms of hair, with everything from short Afros to long dreadlocks and mullets to feathered 70s hairstyles men. For inspiration for your own cool new look, take a peek at some of the best styles that came out during this era!

The Afro Hairstyle

70s Afro Hairstyle

Afros are a lot like the moon. They first came into existence in Africa, but became popularized all around Earth as they added something new to society that people just couldn’t get enough of; black pride! The afro was perfect for women with textured hair and men who wanted their curls to be flaunted without much hassle. However, because this hairstyle is so natural it often requires chemical treatment before being worn on your head due to its thick texture which can become unmanageable at times if not properly taken care of.

In the defining men’s hairstyle of the 70s, afros are still present in pop culture today. From a political symbol to an accessory at any disco-themed party, this look was everywhere! To create one as well you’ll need some hair gel and wet hands — just rub your palms together until they’re damp then start smoothing out that new ‘do from root to end with lots of pomade for added texture. It may be casual but it adds flair nonetheless because not many people can pull off such a cool style like yours.

Medium Shoulder Length Hair

Hits from the 60s and 70s changed hair lengths with some people growing their hair out to shoulder-length. This style was rebellious, but it also wasn’t as hard on your time because you didn’t have to be so mindful of upkeep which is perfect for those who are busy or always in a rush! The Beatles had many different 70s hairstyles men throughout this period, including one that could be characterized by medium length locks. If natural gravitational pull isn’t enough for shaping your desired look due to rounder features, then make sure your barber knows what they’re doing before any cutting occurs!

Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles 70s men

Long hairstyles evolved into more natural styles by the beginning of the 1970s when men decided to ditch pomade and let it hang loose rather than style or gel their hair. This meant long flowing locks were suitable for all types of hair whether your style is straight or curly, you can replicate this look simply by leaving your mane alone with its edgy rockstar appeal.

In the 1970s, natural hippie hair was popularized as a way of expressing one’s individuality. Long hairstyles were worn in many different styles depending on what type of hair you had and whether or not it is straight, curly etc.

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Classic Mullet

Classic Mullet 70s men

David Bowie famously wore his mullet with confidence and flair. Whether you’re looking for a classic 70s style or something more modern, we have the perfect cut to help make your hair as fabulous as Ziggy Stardust’s.

Long hair has been popular for decades, but it wasn’t until the 80s that one of its most notorious 70s hairstyles men came to light. The mullet is characterized by having long hair in front and even longer locks trailing far down your back – known as “business up-front with party in-back.” The modern take on this style mixes a fade at the sides so you can rock your fashion sense all day without worrying about looking like an outdated relic from days gone by.


Dreadlocks hairstyle 70s men

What are dreadlocks? Dreads take time to manufacture, and you’ll need plenty of patience. They’re great for short and long hair, but the benefits don’t stop there! One more benefit is that they’re hassle-free; no brushing or washing your locks required because when matted hair tangle before twisting into place it becomes a part of you.

The Rasta culture is one that loves Mother Earth and her natural herbs. It’s also one of the most famous 70s hairstyles men and for good reason! Out of all the male hairstyles from decades past, dreadlocks are arguably among some to take up a little more time in achieving them than others. However, once you get it right (which can be done rather quickly), they’re generally low maintenance and easy to care for through various methods such as cleaning your hair with just water or using anti-dandruff shampoo every other day if necessary.

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Feathered Hair

Feathered Hair 70s men

If you want a versatile cut that’s stylish and also masculine, look no further. The feather haircut is perfect for almost any man because it can be worn with gel or left in its natural form – whichever way suits him best! John Travolta rocked the 70s hairstyles men trend of medium-length layers with straightened hair parted down the middle beautifully. It wasn’t just men who sported these feathered cuts though; women loved them too!

The 1970s saw the rise of feathered hair, which made it easy for men to add subtle layers without making too drastic a change. Short and medium-length hairstyles became perfect candidates for this style because they were not as affected by short sideburns or thinning on top than longer styles would be.

Rock Hairstyles

Rock Hairstyles 70s men

In the 1970s, artists and musicians switched their rock hairstyles many times. The Beatles went from a shaggy mop-top to a mullet; Elvis grew out his hair and sideburns while Rod Stewart combined an array of styles in one look: long flowy locks with unruly curls that defied society’s clean cut hairdos during this decade.

Rock hair was the ultimate fashion statement for everyone who wanted to be in style. From Mick Jagger’s ever-changing silky mane, like a lion with its majestic coat of fur; or Robert Plant and his iconic locks that would change from shaggy blonde waves one day to straightened strands on another–rockers needed their own special styles! With rock being so personal we could have fun experimenting with different types of 70s hairstyles men as it is such an expressive way to express oneself through music.

Disco Hairstyles

Disco Hairstyles 70s men

Disco hair started by matching tight perms and longer hair with funky outfits. The guys from ABBA were the kings of disco music and style in the 70s hairstyles men. However, Travolta reshaped the culture in the movie “Saturday Night Fever” with his gelled slicked back hair that was also coiffed and full of volume. For this, you’ll need a thick brush and lots of hairspray.The 70s brought with it the revived dance music, disco. With strangely contrasting styles of men and women to match each other’s hair; long on top short in back or vice versa! The ABBA kings were responsible for popularizing this movement as well as their own signature look which would be an iconic “disco hairstyle” that is still commonly seen today. This “Travolta flick” made waves around the world when fans saw John Travolta’s trademark tight perm & slicked-back greased up locks but what was done differently than any before him? There are a few steps you can take if your goal is achieving a classic 1970s ‘do yourself:

Disco hairstyle has always been a popular trend in the 70s. When you stepped on the dance floor, your hair was expected to be as good as your moves. Guys could choose from different styles such like an Afro or feathered cut with their own personal touch of style and flair so that it would look handsome for the times; John Travolta had his simple slicked back base which is puffed out styled and held together with styling product – this made him one of many disco icons during that time period!

Greaser Hairstyles

Greaser Hairstyles 70s men

Greaser Hair is Making a Comeback. The 70’s were all about looking funky and bold. Greasers wore their hair short with the sides buzzed down to give it that smooth, textured appearance which was oily and shiny from an oil-based product. But now greaser style has made its comeback by keeping the back shorter for volume while leaving some length on top for contrast in texture – as well as giving you more versatility when styling your locks!

In the 50s, greaser 70s hairstyles men were seen as a relic of yesteryear. However, in an effort to combat this stereotype and revive it with new life they created Fonzie from Happy Days who made them popular again by giving people someone to identify with on TV. Greaser hair was fashionable during the 70’s too but when you pair that retro style up with modern slicked back hairdos for guys like fade or undercut sides/backs – now there is no going wrong.

Shag Haircut

The shaggy haircut was a popular hairstyle in the 1970s. A great cut would have layers that extended down your head, and they got longer as you reached the bottom of your hairline. Men loved how effortless it looked; plus, there were no restrictions on what kind of style he could create with his locks–he had options between sleek or filling out the top layer for volume! It’s still one-of-a-kind today – modern men don’t need to worry about waxing their tresses anymore because this is easy enough to manage without any extra help.

In the 1970s, many people were walking around with shaggy haircuts. This style was on-trend and cool at the time. To get a haircut like this, you will want to grow medium length hair before teasing it lightly and shaking your head until all of your locks are tousled in an effortless way that is both chic yet natural looking.

Man Perm

man perm 70s hairstyle

The Brady Bunch made perms so famous in the 70s that everyone from Tom Hanks to Al Pachino and Dustin Hoffman tried it, with varying degrees of success. It’s now easier than ever to get this look right thanks not only because there are more options but also due to side fades which create a sharp contrast between short hair on one side and long hair on top (the best option!).

In the 1970s, if you were born with boring hair and desired an afro like everyone else in town (and weren’t black), it would have been hard to not be disappointed. But all hope is not lost! With a good barber and some chemical concoctions, anyone could get their man perm on without much effort at all. Just ask for perm salt; they’ll turn your straight locks into curly heaven in no time flat- what’s more, there are endless styles that can suit any taste or personality type out there today!.

In the 70s those who wanted curls but only had strait hair relied heavily on perms so as not to feel dejected by many of the men walking around with beautiful natural fetishes.

Jheri Curl

Jheri Curl 70s men hairstyle

Jheri curls were the epitome of a good hairstyle for Black men in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The Jheri curl was named after its inventor, Jheri Redding, who invented it to meet specific needs that black hair had at this time: looser curly Afros which could stay put permanently with no extra maintenance like combing or brushing them out. Michael Jackson popularized these new waves as well when he wore his own durag on top of one during interviews throughout 1979-1980; Rick James also rocked those longer locks before going fully bald later in life while still rocking permed loc’d manes!

The Mustache

Mustache 70s

The mustache is an iconic symbol of manliness. Whether it’s Mark Spitz or Tom Selleck sporting a good ‘stache, the baby-faced swimmer and undercover detective made mustaches popular in their own ways. A proper mustache involves shaving off all facial hair to leave just the top lip alone for that signature beard shape on your face. It’s coming back into fashion because anything goes with this timeless accessory!

The mustache, that glorious symbol of masculinity. From handlebars to short well-groomed styles, the 1970s was dominated by mustaches worn with pride and vigor. The 70s are defined not for being a decade but as a time period when every man sported their signature look: facial hair on bold display!

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles 70s men

Back in the 1970s, short men’s hairstyles were mostly worn by Wall Street types. The best haircuts of this decade included a buzz cut, crew cut and side part – all popular because they required minimal maintenance! Rude Boys and Skinheads also made sure that hair length did not make any difference for them; these groups opted for close-cut shaved styles similar to bands such as The Specials.

Men were free from hair restrictions and enjoyed a variety of 70s hairstyles men. From curly to long locks, there was always room for those who wanted something different than simply short haircuts. If you liked playing disco but preferred more manageable styles that could be put up quickly or curled at your own leisurely pace- even if they never necessarily looked glamorous in comparison with the wilder trendier cuts that everyone seemed drawn toward – then take heart–short men’s hairstyles will always stand as classic masculine looks because they’re easy to get and simple to style whether it’s just down straight across or styled into some kind of pompadour updo!

Surfer Hairstyles

Surfer Hairstyles 70s men

The long-haired surfer from the 50s is replaced by a short, shaggy 70s version. With light blonde highlights and a tousled look that shows off your sun kissed hair, you’re ready to show yourself as an updated take on surfing’s most iconic hairstyle!

It was during the hippie movement when surfer hair became popular on the West Coast. With long and natural hair, surfers had a distinct look that could be hard to achieve with artificial additives such as gel or hairspray. The only product going into their generally ungroomed locks were salt in water they rode out of waves; this gave them an unmistakable “banging” style which did not require much maintenance but often turned oily by midday due to sweat from being outdoors all day!

Curly Hair

Curly Hair 70s men

Curly hair, sometimes tough to manage but with a unique look and texture that can elevate your hairstyle. Envious of cool curly styles in the 70s? Curls were trendy then too! Men tried replicating natural curls by getting perms or doing afros. If you had curly hair growing up in the 70s, it was more than likely men who wanted yours–your original style elevated their lackluster locks!

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