Best Hair Loss Treatment For African American Male

Best Hair Loss Treatment For African American Male
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African American men have some of the best examples of men who look handsome while being bald. That is no reason to let yourself go bald. You should try to do what you can to keep your hair.

The best hair loss treatment for African American male hair may be different than the hair loss treatments for other hair types. Some of the best hair loss treatments for black men include:

  • Minoxidil
  • Folexin
  • Vernon Francois® Styling Light Weight Serum
  • Coconut oil

Why do I consider these hair loss treatments the best for this hair type? What do these hair treatments do for black men hair specifically? Let’s start with what is different with this hair type, which is not something many black hair loss product roundups explain.

Why Is African Hair Different?

Best Hair Loss Treatment For African American Male

Some causes of hair loss are the same no matter what type of hair you have. These include: male pattern baldness, vitamin deficiencies, fungal infections, and side effects of medical treatments like chemotherapy.

That said, African American hair has some differences that give it special needs. When people picture African American hair, it is usually tightly curled afro hair. Afro hair is not all the same, though. There are different grades of curls, with 3a being far less tightly curled than 4c.

The tighter these curls are, the more porous the strands of hair tend to be. More pores make hair dry to the point where the scalp cannot make enough natural oils to moisturize it. This makes your hair brittle and causes hairs to break and split.

When hair breaks close to the scalp, it makes your hair look thinner. This can make you think you have hair loss when your problem is brittle hair.

Dry hair also tangles easier, as it lacks the lubrication it is supposed to have. Your natural oil also forms a protective layer on your hair strand. This protects it from everyday damage and gives it some elasticity, making it less likely to break when pulled.

African American hair is also one of the hair types most likely to be put into tight braids or other styles. It is often kept tightly pulled for long periods of time. This strains the hair follicles in your scalp, potentially damaging your follicles and/or pulling out your hair.

Hair strands that don’t have the right elasticity due to dryness break even more when pulled into these hairstyles. The type of hair loss caused by tight hairstyles is called traction alopecia.

Best Hair Loss Treatment For African American Male Hair

To combat the problems of African American hair, topical hair loss treatments made for this hair type tend to be high in oils to moisturize your hair. Internal treatments, such as supplements, generally encourage sebum production. Sebum is the oil your scalp produces for your hair.

Best Hair Loss Treatment For African American Male

That said, many of the products that work for white men losing their hair also work for black hair loss. This is especially true of hair loss treatments for male pattern baldness, which is the same no matter the hair type.


Minoxidil is a hair loss treatment for male pattern baldness. Unfortunately, it comes with a list of some serious potential side effects. It is popular in spite of that because it has a good success rate, according to the reviews that have been left on it.

It may not work as well for men that have longer hair, as minoxidil is meant to be applied directly to your scalp. However, for black men with shorter hair, this should be easy to do and will work for most cases of male pattern baldness.

The main reason minoxidil is successful is the fact that it encourages blood flow to your scalp. Blood flow is vital for hair growth, and it can benefit your hair no matter why you are losing it. So, no matter the reason you are losing your hair, minoxidil can still be a good option if nothing else seems to work.


If you suffer from traction alopecia instead of male pattern baldness, you may not need a hair loss treatment like minoxidil. When hair is thick or long, it may be almost impossible to get a topical treatment to your scalp. This is why a hair loss supplement is a good idea.

According to Black Health Magazine, African American hair can benefit from good nutrition. Folexin has over a dozen vitamins and minerals. It also has some plant ingredients that have nutrients and other benefits of their own.

These vitamins include Vitamin E and Vitamin B6. Both of these can help increase your sebum production. Folexin also has one plant ingredient that may help block DHT.

Vernon Francois® Styling Light Weight Serum

This hair serum is made by black people for black hair. It is mainly made of various beneficial oils, and it is free of damaging sulfates and parabens.

Though it is not expressly for hair growth, its ingredients can help with it. The jojoba seed and the castor oils, in particular, have had some small studies done on them that show promising hair growth results.

It doesn’t say it is for men, but at least one reviewer mentioned that it smells like a men’s cologne. In short, it is a good styling product that doubles as a hair loss treatment for African American hair.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is almost always listed in posts of top beneficial hair oils due to the many benefits it has. If your goal is a natural hair loss treatment for African American hair, then this is a great option.

This oil, and other oils like it, moisturize your curls, tame frizziness, seal split ends, and lock moisture in. Coconut oil also helps prevent infections and keeps your hair healthy thanks to its antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

Simply apply the coconut oil in a small amount to your hair. You should either rub it in your palm or warm it up some other way first to get the best result. You can also add essential oils that aid circulation. Peppermint and lavender are great options that have their own benefits for your hair growth.

Final Thoughts

If you are an African American male struggling with hair loss, one thing you can do is simply take care of your hair. Avoid putting your hair into tight braids or using styling products on it if you can.

You may decide that keeping your hairline is more important than keeping your hair long. In that case, cutting your hair short so there is no need to style it is something you should consider to halt your hair loss.

Best Hair Loss Treatment For African American Male

If nothing else, cutting it short might give your hair follicles a break. This way, they can recuperate and allow you to then grow your hair back out. If you don’t know what is causing your hair loss, try to find a dermatologist who has experience with African American hair loss specifically.

A dermatologist can help you discover what is wrong with your hair. This is important so you can know what hair loss treatment for African American hair you should use.

If you’re an African American male who used to or who currently is dealing with hair loss, do you have any hair loss products that worked for you that you recommend? I’d love to know what they are!

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