4 Most Influential Bald Bloggers

4 Most Influential Bald Bloggers

The four bald bloggers I have chosen are absolute masters of the art and will show you how much difference a blog can make to your life.

They are certainly worthy of emulation. Whether its travel writing, writing about finance, or the art of blogging itself, we all have something to say. These guys teach us how to say it well.

4. Darren Rowse

I’ll start with Darren Rowse, who blogs on, well, everything, but most famously, he blogs on blogging. He has a well-visited photography school blog and a personal blog too. But for your words to pack a punch, check out his blogging blog at Pro Blogger. Like his beautifully bare scalp, it gleams with useful information.

Darren does seem like a genuinely good-natured and open guy. But what might interest you more is that Darren gives realistic and straightforward advice on making money from blogging that anyone can follow. Whatever your career or interests, you can blog as an extra source of income.

3. Jeremy Shoemaker

Where Darren Rowse comes across as humble and giving, Jeremy Shoemaker oozes confidence on his website. If you’ve already checked out his story, you know it wasn’t always this way. Overweight, smoking too much, in debt, Jeremy Shoemaker wasn’t going anywhere until he met his wife to be. What followed was a radical transformation: he lost 200 pounds in weight and made $130,000 in one month.

You can find bundles of the same energy, which caused this transformation on Shoe Money, with tips on how to get your own slice of the pie. Sample articles include 6 Things I learned From Sifting Through 724 Blogger Emails, How To Get People To Promote Your Stuff, and How to make $100 A Day With An Info Product no-bullshit advice and you can even buy a Shoemoney T-shirt. This man is a legend!

2. Seth Godin

Founder of Squidoo, pioneer of permission marketing, and perhaps baldest of bloggers, I lost an hour of my life to Seth’s writing, just by visiting his blog to get the hyperlink for this paragraph But even though I lost time, I gained so much too reflect on. This guy is wise.

1. Paul Steele: The Bald Hiker

Paul Steele: The Bald Hiker

He is not the most successful bloggers in terms of money, perhaps, but when I searched for “most influential bald blogger”, his was the first name to come up . And somehow, this man’s passion and sincerity have stuck with me. Yes, his travel writing and photos of the British Isles make me wonder why I should ever go abroad again.

It was, in fact, a Daily Mail article that used the phrase ‘most influential’, and Google put the rest together. The piece celebrates Paul Steele as the world’s most influential travel writer. Again he seems to come from an unlikely background and started to blog for fun, keeping a record of hikes he began to lose weight. His blog and twitter account have thousands of followers. The article quotes him as saying very humbly:

It’s been a massive transformation – if you’d told me when I joined the army at 16 that I would be a travel writer, I would have laughed.

All I’ve done is combine my passion for travel and walking with the lessons I’ve taken from being a soldier plus a desire to lose weight, and people seem to like it.


Writing this post, I thought I was going to make some connections between baldness and adversity and success in the face of adversity. That pattern certainly seemed to emerge whether it was Darren Rowse’s ten-year effort to get his theology degree, Shoemaker’s complete lifestyle sea-change, or Steele’s efforts to lose weight. Obstacles were everywhere. Baldness didn’t seem to come into it. Or did it? Maybe you think differently.

One thing I do see though, is that you can blog about pretty much anything. You can be pretty sure you’re not the only person who is passionate about something or has a particular problem. And if you reach out, people will respond.

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