Meditation – Can it Help With Hair Loss?

Meditation – Can it Help With Hair Loss?
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There is so much information on meditation out there, with many places saying how great it is. But, for those with hair loss, the main question might be what it can do for hair loss. And just what is the best way to use meditation to help your hair grow?

What Is Meditation?

There are so many types of meditation and new kinds being invented, rediscovered, and popularized almost every day. This being the case, it may make you wonder just what meditation is, exactly, especially with so many strange techniques.

While meditation and mindfulness are two different things, sometimes you will see these two words used almost interchangeably. Basically, mindfulness is all about a certain mindset. While meditation can be what helps you get into that mindset, it also involves other things like breathing.

You may also be comparing meditation to simple yoga poses. While some poses can help with meditation, they aren’t really necessary at all. Some techniques for meditating will require you to sit or stand in a certain way, but this is more about getting yourself as physically relaxed as possible so that your mind can relax.

The idea of meditation is to, in a way, imagine that the world is moving past you and that it is not affecting you. Basically, this is the opposite of ‘monkey mind,’ where you are thinking of everything and how it affects you.

Meditation can create an outlet for tension, much in the same way that hobbies like coloring or music can. There are nine different common types of meditation. These are: mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, transcendental meditation, spiritual meditation, focused meditation, movement meditation, progressive relaxation, loving-kindness meditation, and visualization meditation.

Some of these types are more common than others, with ones like movement meditation sounding almost contradictory. The methods of each type vary from having you be perfectly still and quiet to having you move around or repeat the same sound over and over again. A few types of meditation even have you using incense, fragrance, or some type of scented candles.

The Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation - Can it Help With Hair Loss?

There are whole lists of meditation benefits that you can find. However, just sticking with the main ones is more than impressive enough. First and foremost, stress is a leading factor of why people start meditating, and it is well known that meditation can really help.

Stress can cause too many health problems to count, ranging from things like nervous ticks to immune system problems and all kinds of other things. What’s worse about stress is the fact that it can easily become a vicious cycle.

You stress about something, causing you to start having health problems, and the health problems then cause you more stress. This gives you even more health related stress problems to deal with, but meditation can break this cycle.

Part of why meditation helps with stress, and another of its benefits, is the fact that it can help balance your hormones. After all, stress is linked to a hormone called cortisol. Other hormones are what you need in order to help you sleep.

Getting proper sleep, both in amounts and in quality, are crucial to your health in other ways. Where meditating in the morning can help you get focused for the day, meditating in the evenings can help you relax and improve your sleep.

More than that, meditation is good for your mind, helping your mental health. Things like depression and anxiety can be helped by meditating. This, in turn, can encourage you to make better life decisions, which can be good for your health as well. As an example, meditating can also help you beat addictions.

Finally, meditation can also assist with keeping your blood pressure in a better range. This help with blood pressure is good for your heart, and it is particularly nice considering how many people struggle with it.

For Hair

The main reason for meditation is to help with stress, both decreasing it as well as managing the unavoidable parts. Therefore, meditation is great for helping with hair loss for that reason alone. Many students and people with stressful jobs can testify that stress can be a huge cause of hair loss.

In fact, there are two stress-related conditions that can cause hair loss. These are: Telogen Effluvium and Alopecia Areata. The first is a general thinning of your hair, while the second has hair coming out in patches.

So, stress alone can cause you to start losing your hair, especially since stress can cause inflammation. Inflammation is known for basically strangling hair and causing hair loss. However, meditation can have some slight benefits on some of the other hair loss causes as well.

The ability to balance your hormones, for example, can be helpful for post-pregnancy hair loss and other things like that. As for sleep, it is vital for your hair too, and bad sleeping habits can certainly contribute to hair loss.

Even the meditation’s help with addictions can help indirectly with hair growth. If you think about it, almost all addictions are bad for your hair too, especially ones like smoking and drinking. These bad habits weaken your health, but more stress on your body, and can make hair loss worse.

Your blood pressure is also vital for your hair. Your follicles not only need to be getting enough blood to them, but too much pressure can damage them some. So, meditation helping with your blood pressure is also good for your hair.

Basically, meditation can indeed help with your hair loss, as it is beneficial for your hair in so many ways. You just need to be faithful and regular to do your meditating.

How To Use Meditation For Hair Loss

Meditation - Can it Help With Hair Loss?

Meditation is something that anyone from any age group or walk of life can do to help with their hair. This makes meditating one of the few hair loss helps that even kids can safely try. As mentioned, there are many different meditation techniques that you can try, but here are some ideas to get started.

First off, don’t get ahead of yourself when meditating. It can be super hard at first to stay still, so start off with just a few minutes at a time. Second of all, meditation is mostly about your breathing and on letting go of your thoughts.

There are a multitude of methods of meditation that you can use to start with. You can get books on meditation, which can give you step-by-step instructions, teach you the theory behind it, and more. Many of these even come with guided meditations for you to try.

Or, you can get audiobooks or meditation apps that play relaxing sounds and have soothing voices walk you through it. Many meditators prefer these, and you can even listen to YouTube meditation videos for free. Then there are guides and courses that have a combination of books, pamphlets, CDs, and often a few other things.

Lastly, there are meditation retreats that you can go to. Depending on the type of meditation, these retreats will have any number of different settings. Most have instructors that can walk you through any problems you may have with meditating.

Though easy to do, there are one of two meditation concerns that you should think about. Though somewhat unlikely, it is not unheard of to faint during a standing meditation. This is potentially dangerous and the reason you should always clear the area around yourself as a precaution when meditating.

Final Thoughts

Meditation is so good for you in so many different ways. Best of all, meditation is something that you can try to boost your hair growth for free. This makes meditation so much less expensive than other hair loss treatments, as all it costs is a bit of time.

Though you can probably spend an hour or more every day meditating, you can possibly get results in just ten minutes of it a day. Even better, any hair results that you do get from meditation won’t be at the cost of your health in other ways.

Aside from being free, meditation is a way to help your hair that has no side effects to worry about. Just know that some days might seem easy to meditate, while other days might make meditation feel like torture.

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