Does Nutrafol Work?

Does Nutrafol Work?
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Asking if a hair supplement works or not is something everyone wants to know before they try something. After all, if a supplement doesn’t work, then why would anyone even consider taking it?

Well, since hundreds of people taking the Nutrafol supplement have said that it does work, clearly the answer to that is yes. However, maybe the best question is not so much ‘Does Nutrafol Work?’ but ‘Will Nutrafol Work For You?’

That is the actual question people have in mind when asking if a supplement of any type works or not. When it comes to thinning hair, this means whether or not a hair growth treatment will give you healthy hair growth or not.

This is also obviously important when considering taking Nutrafol or any other type of hair growth supplement. So, to answer if Nutrafol is likely to work for you, let’s start with how these ingredients work, what is in Nutrafol, and then the ways it can potentially help you get hair regrowth.

The Different Nutrafol Core Supplements

Nutrafol freely tells how their supplements work, at least in general ways. Though these generalities aren’t anything special, they can still be helpful to know. At the very least, what little information Nutrafol gives about their products may help you know which Nutrafol supplement you should be taking.

So, Nutrafol Men is clearly meant for men. Nutrafol says that their men’s hair supplement has those coveted DHT blockers that help with male pattern baldness. That said, Nutrafol Men also has vitamins and plants that can help thinning hair that might be caused by other reasons.

Meanwhile, Nutrafol knows that women have vastly different needs than men. So, they have developed three different women’s core supplements. These are Nutrafol Postpartum, Nutrafol Womens Balance, and the original Nutrafol Woman.

Their most recent addition is Nutrafol Postpartum, which works by both balancing hormones and providing necessary nutrients. The herbs used in this hair supplement option are as safe as possible for women who are breastfeeding their newborn.

The Nutrafol Womens Balance is instead for women whose hair thinning is caused by menopause. Menopausal women have hormones that are trying to find a new balance as their body slows down.

Therefore, the Nutrafol Womens Balance works by helping your body find this balance and also by helping you age gracefully. Finally, the original Nutrafol Woman supplement is meant to fill in the gaps. It is for women who are neither menopausal nor have recently had a baby.

Though most of these Nutrafol supplements share many of the same vitamins, the plants and other things are quite different. Still, none of these Nutrafol core supplements are all that unique at this point. That said, the ingredients just might be worth a closer look. Knowing what these are can better tell you how it works.

The Nutrafol Ingredients

As mentioned, each of the Nutrafol products has its own list of ingredients. However, there are a few that most or all of the different products share between them. One example of this is solubilized keratin, which is in three of the four core supplements.

Keratin is a big deal for your hair, being one of the proteins that each hair follicle uses to make its strand of hair. Not enough keratin means that you are missing the building blocks you need. This, in turn, means your hair follicle simply can’t make the hair it should, potentially causing it to go dormant.

In all the Nutrafol supplements, there is biotin. Biotin is often taken as a hair loss supplement all on its own. It gives energy to both you and your cells, and it strengthens not only your hair but your nails as well.

Also, in all of the Nutrafol core supplements is marine collagen. Collagen is another thing that is often used for hair loss. It works by giving your body more elasticity, among other things. This elasticity prevents your hair from breaking as easily. It also makes your aging skin look younger and reduces your wrinkles.

Both saw palmetto and curcuminoids are in three of the four Nutrafol supplements. The former is widely known as being a DHT blocker, which is extremely helpful for both female and male pattern baldness. The latter is almost as well known for fighting inflammation and for reducing pain levels.

Though reduced pain levels may not exactly help your hair growth, reduced inflammation certainly can. Meanwhile, the Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D that is in all four supplements assist with your immune system, provide you with amino acids, and many other things that your body needs that help your hair indirectly.

For The Different Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss has a long list of possible causes. So, any hair loss product that tries to tackle as many of these as possible is more likely to hit the one or ones that are causing your hair to thin. Of course, if one cause in particular is simply decimating your hair growth, this isn’t as helpful.

True, a multifaceted product will still help some, but in that situation, you’ll need a more targeted product. However, for everyone else, products like Nutrafol that tackle many different things are usually the way to go.

And Nutrafol does help with a wide variety of hair loss problems. Male pattern baldness may be more common than female pattern baldness, but both are aided by saw palmetto. Technically, DHT is tied to your hormones, so any balancing of these can help as well, which Nutrafol hair supplements also do.

Another cause of hair loss is being vitamin deficient. Not every vitamin will lead to hair loss if you are lacking in it. That said, Nutrafol has the main ones that are most likely to be causing your hair fall – if it is truly a vitamin deficiency that is your problem.

Nutrafol hair supplements also have curcuminoids that, as mentioned, fight inflammation. Inflammation is more of a problem for hair growth than you might think. Even those already aware that inflammation causes swelling, which can strangle your hair follicles, aren’t necessarily aware of how common inflammation is.

Allergies cause inflammation, potentially of your whole body, even if all you notice is your lungs. Even foods you aren’t technically allergic to can cause inflammation, which sometimes affects your bowels. In short, many people have inflammation without even realizing it. Nutrafol helps with more hair loss causes than these, but let’s go on to the next topic.

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What People Say

Does Nutrafol Work

Of course, a first step to take when asking if something works is to see if it worked for other people. After all, it makes common sense that, if a product doesn’t work for anyone else, then it isn’t going to be likely to work for you either.

No hair growth product is going to work for everyone, but most people find that their Nutrafol product does work for them. In fact, the largest amount of people who left a Nutrafol review simply stated that Nutrafol worked for them.

Some state no more details than that, but it is enough to know that Nutrafol does work. Though some say Nutrafol didn’t work for them, a few of these state that they only used it for a couple of months.

Considering Nutrafol says that it can take six months for their supplement to work, this is not nearly enough time to know for certain if it was or wasn’t working. One or two five-star reviews state that Nutrafol only started giving them new hair growth at the end of the six months, after all.

True, some positive reviews state that someone just got their Nutrafol product and haven’t tried it yet. Others state that their Nutrafol supplement arrived damaged without saying how it worked. The two-star and three-star reviews often have people saying Nutrafol worked, just not as much as they hoped it would.

Considering how expensive Nutrafol is, some reviews say it worked perfectly fine, but was too expensive for them to continue using. All in all, comparatively few people say that Nutrafol didn’t work for them.

So, for most people, Nutrafol does indeed work. It is the large amount of people saying so that is part of what makes Nutrafol so popular.

Compared To Other Products

As mentioned, no hair growth product is going to work for everyone, but if half the reviews are of people saying it doesn’t work, that should be concerning. Surprisingly, there are hair growth products that do have about half of their reviews saying negative things.

Not surprisingly, those products are not ones that you are likely to hear about. No one tends to use them, and they usually end up going out of business, at which point they are not there any longer.

Therefore, by default, products that stick around longer and are more popular are quite frequently ones that tend to work the best. However, advertising can make something seem more appealing. Even so, even good advertising only does so much if a hair loss product doesn’t work.

The way to compare Nutrafol to other products in terms of which works better is two-fold. First, it depends on the cause of your hair loss. Common sense is that hair loss products won’t work for you if they aren’t the right sort to treat whatever is causing your specific case of hair loss.

Second, you can easily compare the number of different reviews. Products that have lots of five-star reviews and few one-star reviews almost assuredly help more people. Think of the people who leave reviews like a study group.

The percentage of people, therefore, who leave higher rated Nutrafol reviews is a fair estimate of the percentage of people Nutrafol works for. This number is actually higher than many other hair loss products.

In fact, even supposedly more popular hair growth products can sometimes have a fewer percentage of reviews in their favor. So, even compared to other products, Nutrafol does work for most people.

The Boosters

The Nutrafol hair supplements are great, but as mentioned, there may be one specific problem that is causing your hair loss. So, taking a more targeted approach to hair loss is something that Nutrafol is aware is a good thing.

Therefore, their targeted booster products are meant to cover this area. For starters, Nutrafol’s Stress Adaptogen is for those who have elevated levels of stress. Stress can be particularly damaging to people sensitive to stress hormones, which can cause hair shedding in large amounts.

Nutrafol also has a DHT Inhibitor, which is perfect for the aforementioned people with pattern hair loss. It has additional amounts of saw palmetto as well as other helpful plants. Their Vitamin B-Booster is a B complex to give you energy, but B vitamins also have a lot of other health benefits.

The Sugar Balance is because any rapid fluctuations in your blood sugar can damage your whole body. Any damage elsewhere will eventually reflect on your hair quality in some way. Next, the Liver Support booster is a detox for you, as toxins built up in your system can do all manner of damage.

Finally, Nutrafol has Hairbiotic and Digestive Enzyme, both of which help your gut health. Hair loss can be caused by a lack of proper absorption, after all. If nothing else, these two products will help you get the most of your Nutrafol supplement.

The Side Effects

Does Nutrafol Work

It is one thing to know if a hair product works, but it is sometimes another thing to know if it is worth it. Many products, like minoxidil as one example, have been around longer than Nutrafol. However, the side effects of hair loss products like it are often not considered worth it.

This is why drugs, which often do work better for hair growth, are also often used as a last result. They have more and worse side effects. So, the question as to if Nutrafol works for giving you healthy hair or not should also be supplemented by knowing what the possible side effects are.

One caution is more meant for those having regular blood tests done on them. There is enough biotin in Nutrafol to interfere with blood tests, which is why Nutrafol tells you not to take their supplement in the days leading up to having any lab work done.

Though test interference may not technically be a side effect, it can be every bit as serious as one if you get the wrong results on your lab work. The other side effects of Nutrafol are, fortunately, not nearly as serious.

The more common of these negative effects are the usual stomach upset problems, mild allergic reactions, and other minor things. For most, these minor side effects are not even noticeable at all. A few consider a mild stomach upset to be perfectly worth what it does for their hair health.

As to if Nutrafol is worth a little stomach uncomfortableness to you, that is for you to decide. It may be worth the price but not worth any side effects or vice versa.

Final Thoughts

Though the short answer to if Nutrafol works or not is yes, there is obviously a bit more to it than that. Hopefully, all your questions regarding does Nutrafol work or not have been clearly answered by this article.

Unfortunately, though Nutrafol does work for most people, there are those that it doesn’t work for. Then, some it could work for stop taking it too soon to know for certain. As mentioned both here and elsewhere, sometimes Nutrafol doesn’t start giving you results until the six month mark.

One review said they agreed to try Nutrafol one more month after the six months passed with no results, only to get new hair growth coming in at the seventh month. So, if you are giving Nutrafol a chance to work for you, make sure that you have the time to give it a full chance before saying it does or doesn’t work for you.

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