10 Health Benefits of Baldness

10 Health Benefits of Baldness

Going bald at an early age is not something that people generally enjoy. It can be a cause of stress and low self-esteem. But did you know that there are some health and lifestyle advantages of going bald? It’s true, there really are. Some of them you might know already while some might surprise you.

The 10 health benefits of baldness aren’t all directly related to your physical health but also affect your mental health, emotional health, relational health, and career health. Going bald early can be holistically beneficial in your life.

12 Fantastic Advantages of Going Bald

  1. Lower Risk of Cancer
  2. Efficient Metabolism
  3. Lower Stress
  4.  Appear More Dominant
  5.  You May Appear More Athletic
  6.  Better Career Advancement
  7.  You Won’t Overheat in the Summer
  8.  Better on Your Budget and Schedule
  9.  Aging is Less Prominent
  10.  Environmental Benefits

These health benefits are potentially great for you but it is also really important to understand why men go bald in the first place. There are a few things that can contribute to the loss of your hair at an early age. Genes are not alone responsible for your missing locks.

Why Men Go Bald

While knowing why men go bald will not increase the health benefits of the baldness it the knowledge behind the issue will help relieve the questions you may have about your hair loss.

It is generally blamed on the family line when early male pattern baldness occurs. This is often the case but not always. There are actually a few different triggers for male hair loss that we are going to talk about.


Genes are the top reason why men lose their hair. Male pattern baldness is not uncommon and can be found in many families from all over the world. However, it is important to note that just because your dad lost his hair early does not mean that you are doomed to the same fate.

The hair loss in your family may skip a generation or show up later in you than it did in your dad or grandfather. There really is not any predicting the way a hair loss gene will show up from one generation to the next.


Dihydrotestosterone is a by-product of testosterone that is actually produced in the womb when a woman is carrying a baby boy. This hormone is responsible for the development of the prostate.

This is normal exposure but if you were exposed to too much of the hormone or have an overabundance of testosterone that produces this hormone then you may be at risk of losing your hair.


Stress can do so many harmful things to your body. There is just no way that stress can be good for any of your bodily systems and your hair is not exempt. A large amount of stress that seems to be a chronic issue could actually cause you to lose your hair even if your genes do not.

Keeping your stress levels low or learning some useful coping mechanisms or stress outlets will be helpful when trying to keep your locks in place.


Committing yourself to a healthy diet full of rich nutrients to keep your hair looking full and lush will definitely yield benefits. While a healthy diet can’t change your genes, there is really no way to go wrong when you eat well.

Even if you still lose your hair because of your family background your body will be healthy which will keep your mind and emotions stable as well. It is a win-win in our book.

The Top 5 Reasons Bald is Better

Health Benefits of Baldness

There are some health benefits to being completely bald. Some of these will hold true whether you go bald naturally or decided to help nature out and shave your head. As we said earlier there are benefits for all aspects of your health not just your physical health.

We love the holistic benefits that are gained by baldness and we know you will appreciate these benefits as well. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what you will gain by going bald.

Lower Risk of Cancer

This benefit has been somewhat controversial over the years. There have been studies that have said if you have earlier hair loss then you are actually at a higher risk of cancer. But in recent studies, there have been findings that suggest the added vitamin D exposure due to the lack of hair actually decreases the risk of prostate cancer in men.

If you plan to leave your head uncovered to soak up that extra vitamin D just don’t forget the sunscreen. A sunburned head is not a way to enjoy your summer.

Efficient Metabolism

Since one of the causes of hair loss in men is an overproduction of testosterone that turns into the by-product dihydrotestosterone it means something amazing for your metabolism. This means that you likely have a pretty fast metabolism and the ability to maintain a healthy weight and build muscles.

The good news is that if you are suffering from male pattern baldness then you probably have a great metabolism that helps keep you fit.

Lower Stress

This may not make much sense at first but just stay with us and we will explain. When you first start losing your hair it is highly likely that you are going to be stressed out about it. The stress won’t help anything. In fact, it is going to hurt your cause.

Added stress could make your hair loss worse and also have other healthy ramifications. So how does being bald give you lower stress levels?  Well once you decide to just bite the bullet and get rid of your hair that is already falling out it will give you a freedom that you wouldn’t expect.

Shaving your head completely or giving up on all of the hair loss treatments will keep you from worrying about whether or not you are losing your hair. See, less stress!

Appear More Dominant

There's a Huge Scientific Benefit to Being Bald

Another benefit of being bald is that you actually appear more dominant than men when a full head of hair. There is something very masculine about a man that is comfortable being bald. Don’t believe us?  Just look at some of the silver screens top stars. They seem pretty happy and dominant with their baldness.

This may not seem like a health benefit but it is. This is one of those benefits that affect your emotional and mental health because it will increase your confidence and self-esteem.

You May Appear More Athletic

Going along with the last benefit you may appear to have a more athletic build or even a more athletic personality. If you aren’t actually athletic and would rather do just about anything other than play a sport, it doesn’t really matter. An athletic look isn’t a bad look to have.

This can also help with your mental health by giving you some pretty great self-esteem. There may or may not be longterm benefits to this but enjoy while you have it.

Better Career Advancement

There are some studies that suggest bald men actually progress more quickly in their careers. This is more of a psychological issue. Bald men are seen as more effective leaders and stronger in their personalities and business skills. But for this to be possible you would have to be completely bald.

By leaving the last few strands of hair hanging on will have the opposite effect. Men that try to hang on to what little hair they have left are seen as weak and ineffective leaders.

You Won’t Overheat in the Summer

Summers can be unbearably hot and the truth is that hair will make it worse. A really practical benefit of being bald is having a cooler summer. If you live in a part of the country that gets quite hot then you know that the threat of heatstroke is real if you spend enough time outside.

Hair can make you hotter and help your body retain that heat. By allowing yourself to go bald or by finally just shaving off the last remaining hairs you might be able to protect yourself from the heat better than before.

Better on Your Budget and Schedule

Financial health is a hugely important part of your life. This can have an effect on your stress levels, confidence, and relationships. By going bald you will spend less time and money on hair care products and trying to regrow the hair that you lost.

Aging is Less Prominent

9 Fantastic Benefits Of Being Bald: Why It Pays To Be Bald

Aging is not something that anyone enjoys. Even if they say they want to age gracefully they really don’t want to age at all. Going bald can help you keep your real age under wraps. One thing that will show our age before anything else is our hair. Hair goes gray, thins out, or completely falls out.

All of these things can may you look older than you really are. If you go completely bald the only thing that would show your age is a few wrinkles.

Environmental Benefits

Hair products are not good for the environment. Once they wash down the drain there are chemicals and fragrances in our water supply. And let’s not even talk about the plastic bottles that we through away after the hair product is gone.

When you go bald or decide to go bald and stop all of the treatments then you will stop using so many products. This is not just great for your budget but for environmental health as well.

Final Words

Losing your hair and going bald is not something anyone really wants to deal with. But if you are in that boat then you might as well embrace it to the fullest. There are positive benefits to allowing yourself to go bald. The benefits can be seen in all areas of your life because of their holistic nature.

However, if you aren’t ready to commit to being bald then you can talk to your doctor about things that can be done to try and reverse your hair loss.

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