Ja Morant Dreads

Ja Morant Dreads

Ja Morant is a popular person on social media for many reasons. While one of those reasons is his role on the basketball court, another is his unique hairstyle. Ja Morant is one of the most popular people currently wearing dreads.

Sometimes he makes his dreads look unique by adding something to them. This has created a following of people who love to copy his look, and you can be one of them too.

Ja Morant Dreads

What Type Of Dreadlocks Does Ja Morant Have?

Ja Morant has actually had a few dreadlock variations in the last few years. In 2019, Ja Morant was a new face in basketball and was wearing an afro hairstyle with a taper fade. Not long after, he grew out his afro, having his hair in a 4-part cornrow for a little while.

That was before he put his hair in twists. These twists then soon became traditional dreads, also called free-form dreadlocks. His dreadlocks started off short, but have gotten long enough for him to put them in a dread bun, which is something he has started doing more recently.

He has also worn his dreads in a large ponytail at one point. Ja Morant made his stand out even more by dying the front few locks blue on one side and pink on the other.

Dreads stand out all on their own among athletes, who more often have some version of a buzz cut. In fact, Allen Iverson was one of the first athletes to deviate from that by wearing a cornrow hairstyle in 2001.

Though Ja Morant is an NBA basketball player with an incredible career, he also has a large focus on his hair and personal style. All of the achievements he continues to get make him a person of interest, which is why people try to match his style.

There are, however, different grades of curls to think about. Ja Morant has curls that are 4b grade which is a very bouncy grade of curl. This is why Ja Morant’s dreads are bouncy as well, which is what some people ask about.

How To Get Your Own Dreads

Dreadlocks are one of the more popular hairstyles for the afro type of hair. Because of that, almost any hairdresser who knows how to work with black hair will be able to do dreadlocks for you. There are also many YouTube videos on dreads telling you how to do them yourself, but dreadlocks are hard to start.

First, you’ll need to start growing out your hair. Next, the normal step is to put divide your hair into two-strand twists. Each twist is left as it is until the hair mats together, usually with something at the end of the twist to keep it from unraveling.

If you want to have beads or something woven into your dreadlocks at the end, the time to do that is when you are making your twists. This hair is then a dreadlock once it is matted enough. Twists-to-dreads is the method Ja Morant used, but a less common way is to use comb coils and other methods.

Ja Morant Dreads 2

If you aren’t familiar with dreadlocks, you may think it is a hairstyle you leave alone once you have them formed properly. However, dreads require more care than you might think.

After your dreads are formed, you will need to keep your hair moisturized. Afro hair is quite dry most of the time, and you will need moisture added daily to your scalp if this is your hair type. If you have a different hair type, you may not need as much moisture, but you will need some.

You will also need to wash your dreads every once in a while. Longer dreadlocks get dirtier faster and should be washed every six weeks. When it gets washed, and sometimes even other times, you should get your hair re-twisted to keep your dreads looking tidy.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Dreadlocks Like Ja Morant?

Ja Morant has long dreadlocks, so it will take the average person at least a few months. A large part of the time it will take will depend on how long your hair is to start with. It can take your hair around four or five weeks to start matting enough to make dreadlocks.

That estimation is for those with at least a little natural curl to their hair. Curls mat faster, which is why straight hair may take even longer to form dreads. 

During this time, individual hairs can feel like they are being pulled, making this process painful at first. This can last until the hairs grow enough to relieve the pressure.

If your hair is barely long enough to put into dreads, the ‘baby’ stage of your dreadlocks usually lasts about three to six months. Getting it as long as Ja Morant will take even longer, depending on your hair growth rate, possibly one to two years.

Coloring And More

If you want to add color or bleach your dreadlocks, this is best done only after they have fully formed. More than that, any coloring is best done only by those with medium to long dreads.

Coloring does damage hair, causing some of the hairs to break. Too much damage to dreadlocks can cause a cascading effect. Hairs breaking higher up in your dreads makes your locks look scraggly and uncared for.

This is also why beads or anything woven into your dreadlocks should be as smooth as possible. Any rough edges will wear on the hairs of your dreads, potentially damaging them.

Another stylish thing you can do is make your dreadlocks in a pattern. Twist them tightly so that you can see your scalp. This is especially iconic with dark hair that highlights the contrast with your lighter scalp. Shapes such as squares, circles, or triangles can be made by doing this.

Dreadlocks can also be braided together close to the scalp. Sometimes this is only done in the front and on top of the head, pulling all the locks to the back. Dreads can also be pulled forward and cut short to create bangs. Some people who want bangs simply don’t put that part of their hair in dreadlocks.

Part of your head can be shaved or have a buzzcut pattern, while only the top part of your hair is in dreadlocks. Depending on the area of hair you shave, this can be a type of mullet haircut.

The ends of your locks can be beaded, tapered to a point, or you can leave the last few inches without twisting it into dreads. This last look can be stylish with curly hair, but it works for straight hair too. In short, dreadlocks are infinitely customizable.

Final Thoughts

Dreads, afro, twists, and buzzcuts are the most common hairstyles for athletes with afro-type hair. Unfortunately, you won’t get your dreads exactly the same unless you have the same 4b curls that Ja Morant has.

Most basketball players are famous only for their skills on the court and struggle to maintain attention off it. However, Ja Morant’s flamboyancy and unique hair have helped him do this easily. Of course, his amazing 20 points per game average has helped his popularity.

Ja Morant’s dreads are considered by some sites to be one of the top hairstyles of 2021. It is popular among young men, but even women can wear it.

Dreadlocks may seem stressful for your hair, but many people who have worn them say it made their hair healthier. So, if you’re wanting to grow out your hair, perhaps you should give Ja Morant’s hairstyle a try for yourself. You can let me know how your dreads turn out!

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