The Jay Jo Haircut

The Jay Jo Haircut

If you keep up with hairstyle trends, you have heard of the Jay Jo haircut. But what is the Jay Jo haircut, and where did it come from? More importantly, what do you need to do to get this haircut? I’ll try to answer all these Jay Jo haircut questions and more.

Who Is Jay Jo?

Jay Jo, also known as Jo Ja-Hyun, is the main character in an animated movie and series titled: Windbreaker. This is why this hairstyle is also called the Jay Jo windbreaker haircut.

In the series, he is 16 years old and just beginning high school at the Hanlim Arts High School in Incheon, South Korea. He gets his ionic haircut in Part 3 of episode 77, which became part of his signature look.

Mullet haircuts are very rare in anime. The slight waviness of Jay Jo’s hair is also unusual, especially for Korean characters, who tend to be portrayed with totally straight hair.

In the series, the teens do bike racing. This racing does a good job of highlighting the hairstyle as the wind blows back the longer pieces of his hair, showing off the sides. His clothes are the same as any gen Z teenager, making him more relatable and meaning it is easy for that specific age group to mimic him.

Jay Jo is also considered to be a good role model. He is known for being caring and excels in his academics, and many fans label him as a heartthrob, which is why he is so popular with female viewers. In short, one of the reasons why the Jay Jo haircut is so popular is because kids and parents are both fans.

What Is The Jay Jo Haircut?

Simply put, the Jay Jo haircut is a mullet-style haircut. The specific mullet style Jay Jo has is actually called a free -form razor mullet. This mullet isn’t cut evenly and is meant to look messy. His mullet also comes forward instead of solely to the sides, giving him bangs.

Originally, the mullet hairstyle was also called the Jerry Curl Cut. This hairstyle became popular sometime in the 1970s and 1980s, though it existed before then. Usually, it was those in rock bands or who wanted to have the ‘rebellious’ look that would wear a mullet.

During this time, mullets were long enough to be tied back into a ponytail and were often heavily styled with voluminous hair. Sometimes they had beads, braids, or dreadlocks added to them as well.

Then this hairstyle gradually fell out of style. Since the Windbreaker series and movie came out, the mullet hairstyle is coming back into popularity. This is aided by celebrities such as Justin Bieber wearing it.

For this hairstyle, both sides are shaved or given a buzzcut. Meanwhile, the center hair from the front all the way back is left intact, preferably being longer than 4” at the shortest. Most recommend 6” as the minimum length.

This longer hair is often left falling over the sides, mostly covering the shaved area. Other times, the hair is swept back to show off the shorter sides. Sometimes the front part is allowed to fall forward into bangs like Jay Jo’s hair does.

How Can You Get The Jay Jo Haircut?

While you can give yourself a mullet haircut, it is easier to have a hairdresser or stylist do it for you. Most hairdressers know how to do a mullet, and they are likely going to be able to tell you what length the center patch of hair should be.

Most mullet haircuts either have shorter hair on top with longer hair in the back or the other way around. Only a few people wear mullets that have the same length of hair front to back. There are also layered looks you can choose as well.

The Jay Jo Haircut 2

 So, your first step is deciding how you want your mullet cut and who is going to do it. Meanwhile, you must start growing out your hair. Your hair should be a couple of inches longer than you hope to have your longest part be afterward.

Whoever is doing your mullet hair cut should first trim the sides, especially around your ears. This helps the person cutting see what they are doing so that the end result is even.

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Choosing The Right Mullet Style

The length of your center patch of hair should be chosen to fit your profile and hair type. Hair prone to breaking and split ends, for example, is probably best shorter. Longer hair will frame your face better.

If your face is rounder and you want it to look more oval, keep the top hair too short to fall over. That, combined with the shaved sides, will help your face seem longer. Other variations have you creating a faux hawk.

You can also color the tips of your longer hair to either make a sharp contrast or more of a faded look. The center hair can also have beads, beads, or dreadlocks if it is long enough.

Even the shaved area of your head can have variety to it. You can have patterns like zigzags or lines cut into a buzzcut on the sides. This can make your mullet unique if you go with something uncommon. In short, mullet haircuts are infinitely customizable. You just have to know what you want.

Things To Note

First, you should know that you may need to use a styling gel if your hair gets frizzy. You may also want to use gel to make the center look slicked back. This highlights the shortness of the hair on the sides, which may be hidden if your center hair is long.

Though mullets are more commonly worn by men and boys, girls can look great with a mullet as well. Scarlett Johansson, Zendaya, and Rihanna are all actresses who wore a mullet for a while.

Mullets are also more common with straight or wavy hair, but dense curls can still look good in a mullet too. In fact, mullets are the perfect way to show off your curls without them getting in your face.

With a mullet haircut, you will need to shave or buzzcut the sides of your head very frequently. You will also need to have the center hair cut very often, especially if you choose a mullet hairstyle that is very straight and even.

The Jay Jo Haircut 3

This is because the hair on different parts of your scalp grows at different rates. Any hairstyle with straight edges, unfortunately, needs cut more often than other types to keep the edge crisp.

Consider if you have the time to do this yourself or the finances to get this care at a barbershop. Each visit to your barber will cost. If you don’t have that much money, you can still wear a mullet with a layered appearance so that any uneven growth won’t be noticeable.

Final Thoughts

The Jay Jo hairstyle may simply be a modern mullet, but it is worth considering for your hair. Many people say that mullets tend to make people look younger, which is definitely an advantage.

Unless you are going for the slicked-back look, which does take time and care, mullets are not time-consuming. In spite of this, I repeatedly read that mullets look like they take a lot of care. This gives the impression that you take care of your appearance, which many people find attractive.

All in all, the mullet haircut re-popularized by Jay Jo is something that anyone can wear. So, start looking at pictures to see what you want, and then try it out!

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