Top 10 Best Reviewed Products For Gray Hair Treatment

While natural and homemade gray hair treatments can be nice, but these are not exactly the most reliable. If you are looking for a product to treat and hopefully reverse your gray hair, then there are plenty of options out there. Here are a few of the best and most popular treatment options for you to look at.

#1. Rise-N-Shine Go Away Gray Hair Color Restoration

This gray hair treatment comes in a pill form and also works as a dietary supplement. It works by enhancing your catalase, helping you both make more and making your catalase more effective.

The amount of catalase you make decreases as you age, and the 10,000 IUs of catalase that are found in this supplement go a long way toward replenishing the catalase in your body. Catalase is vital for breaking down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen so that it does not bleach your hair.

Other than the catalase, these pills have other beneficial ingredients to help your hair get its color back. Two of these ingredients are Fo-Ti and Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, which are used for all kinds of hair problems.

Other noteworthy ingredients include Horsetail, Nettle Root Extract, Barley Grass, and some of the more important vitamins that your hair needs to make the melanin that gives it color. Therefore, while it is called a catalase pill, it also makes a great supplement.

This catalase pill can be taken no matter what type of hair you have and no matter how many grays you have. This is actually the second formula by Rise-N-Shine for gray hair treatment, this one being the new and improved version.

To use this catalase pill, simply take one pill two times a day with your meals. Do this faithfully for at least a couple of months before you start looking for results. Each bottle of the Rise-N-Shine has enough to last your 30 days.

Top 10 Best Reviewed Products For Gray Hair Treatment

#2. PHYTO RE30 Anti-Gray Hair Treatment Spray

This gray hair treatment from PHYTO comes in the form of a spray. It comes in its own spray bottle that is simple and easy to use on your hair. The spray does not have any coloring pigments that hide your gray hair.

Instead, the spray uses some revolutionary technology to boost your own hair’s natural pigment production. While it does this, the treatment spray also protects your follicles from damage so that they can keep working longer.

This means that even if you stop using it, you will not go straight back to growing gray hair. This is a problem sometimes with other gray hair treatments, though you should still use this spray regularly for the best results.

This PHYTO hair treatment was developed over 6 years of research. This research has helped to make this product do more than help with your gray hair. Not only does your hair grow back with more color, but it also tends to grow back stronger and softer.

You are supposed to give this treatment two to three months before seeing results, but this is usual for treating gray hair. It comes in a 1.69 Fl Oz bottle and, to use it, you simply apply about 8 sprays onto your scalp once a day.

You do not rinse this off, letting it stay on your hair for at least a few hours if possible. However, since you can apply it to your hair whether it is wet or dry, using it right after your shower works just fine.

#3. Polygonum Hair Growth Gray Reverse Hair Color Shampoo

This gray reverse has a lot going for it. First, it is a shampoo. However, it is also a product that can help get your hair back to its original color and, in the meantime, it covers up your gray hair so that it looks like it used to.

When you use this shampoo regularly, it will help boost your hair growth and help prevent hair loss as well. All in all, this gray hair reverse does a lot for your hair. You can use it no matter what your original hair color happens to be.

The herbs that are in the shampoo activate your hair follicles to produce their natural pigment. This effect lasts for a short amount of time, even after you stop using it. However, due to the fact that it does color your hair some too, stopping will still give you visibly grayer hair growing out of your scalp.

This gray reverse works in just a matter of minutes. It is used in much the same way as normal shampoo. Simply apply the grey reverse to your wet hair, lather it up for a few minutes, and then rinse it out well. If you are a guy, then you can even use it on your beard as well with the same results.

You can get this gray reverse shampoo at a discount the more of it you buy, making it quite affordable. It is chemical-free, being made with ginger extract, mint, black sesame, and polygonum. Therefore, it is unlikely to cause any negative reaction.

#4. Vita Bob Gray Hair Gone

Gray Hair Gone is a treatment for gray hair that is a pill that you can take. Vita Bob formulated this pill using some of the latest scientific methods. This was done in an FDA registered facility, and laboratory tests are done on each batch to check the safety and quality before you get a bottle of it.

The main ingredient in this pill is catalase, of which it has 5,000 IU in each daily dose. In addition, this Gray Hair Gone also has Saw Palmetto, Horsetail, Nettle Root Extract, Fo-Ti, B Vitamins, and a few other beneficial ingredients.

There are not really any side effects, though you should still not take more than the recommended amount. In fact, some of the herbs that are included with help with your health and slow down your overall aging more than just for your hair.

Each bottle of the Gray Hair Gone has 60 pills in it, which lasts you a month. However, they have a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. The more bottles you buy at once, the cheaper the price is thanks to their bulk discounts.

#5. Shouwu Hair Darkening Shampoo Soap

Most shampoo comes in the form of a liquid that is either thin or thick. However, this shampoo comes in a circular bar like a bar of soap. In actuality, this hair darkening shampoo has both shampoo and conditioner ingredients in it.

Everything in this bar of shampoo is completely organic, and there are no harmful chemicals. It not only helps you get your original color back, but it also helps with hair loss. This shampoo does this in part by stimulating the blood flow to your scalp and stimulating the hair follicles.

Meanwhile, it helps nutrients get to the roots of your hair while it moisturizes the rest of your hair. As for your gray hair, the main ingredients of this shampoo reactivate the cells that make your melanin. You can usually see a result within a matter of weeks.

Finally, the ingredients in this shampoo bar have some anti-inflammatory effects. This lets it help with things like dandruff and other hair problems too. No matter what your hair type is, or if you have any hair problems, this shampoo is a great option.

It can take you a little bit of getting used to if you are accustomed to using a liquid shampoo, but it is well worth it for all the benefits of this shampoo. Use it to completely replace your usual shampoo for the best results.

#6. Just For Men Control GX Gray Reducing 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Control GX has more than one product that treats gray hair, most of their products being specifically for men. However, this shouldn’t stop you from using this gray hair treatment if you are a woman. While this treatment does work on hair of any color, it does have the best results on light brown to dark brown hair.

This shampoo is used somewhat similar to regular shampoo, but with a few differences. First, it is made to leach some color into your hair. So, use your palms more than your fingers to lather it in, or your fingernails might get a little stained.

You do not have to use gloves, but you should use an older towel to dry your hair afterward since some of the color might rub off. Rinse with cold water and let it set in your hair for a few minutes as you do for conditioner.

Though this gray treatment does focus more on covering up your grays than it does on treating your gray hair, it is still an option worth considering. Once you have your hair the way you want it, you can go back to your usual shampoo for every other shower.

Top 10 Best Reviewed Products For Gray Hair Treatment

#7. Grayban Hairspray Color Restorer for Gray Hair

This gray hair treatment is a spray bottle that you apply to your hair. Inside, it has natural protein pigments that bind with your hair to help you get your natural color back. You can use this for any hair type, color, and if you are a man or a woman.

This color restorer spray is made to be gentle on your hair, not damaging your hair even over a long period of use. At the same time, the spray is highly unlikely to irritate your scalp or your skin. Simply spray it on your dry hair a while before you shower and then shower like normal.

A daily application will give you results in a matter of a week or two, and then you can use it less often. Not only does the color restorer help with gray hair, but it also makes your hair a little thicker and shinier.

The smell is fairly nice, as far as hair products go. It is so gentle that even some people who have developed allergies to hair dyes can use it. All in all, this gray hair treatment is certainly one that you can try.

#8. REPAREX Against Gray Hair For Women

This gray treatment is a liquid that you can put in your hair by restoring your natural melanin. The bottle has a nozzle that Is not quite as easy to use as a spray bottle. This product by REPAREX is odorless and clear.

It does not dye your hair; it treats it. You do not need to apply it to your hair, you just apply it directly to your scalp. For best results, you have to rub it into your scalp thoroughly in order for it to work, but they do send you an email with your order so that you can get detailed instructions on how to use it.

You should be able to see results within a week of use, after which you can cut back on it. This gray treatment is made for women, but it can be used by men too. However, this product is not compatible with coloring, so don’t go with this if your hair is colored or if you plan on coloring your hair.

#9. Best Naturals Anti Gray Hair Formula

Top 10 Best Reviewed Products For Gray Hair Treatment

These anti gray hair pills feature catalase along with plenty of other things that work to reactivate your dormant cells that are near death. This reactivation of your cells gives you back your normal hair color, whatever that may be.

Besides catalase, there are also things like capsicum, amino acids, and essential minerals in these pills. These are to prevent you from going gray due to a deficiency. Best Naturals does this by using as many natural and non-GMO ingredients.

#10. Life Vitality Gray Hair Rescind with Catalase

This gray hair treatment is another pill that has catalase in it. As mentioned, the catalase changes your hair back into its natural color in your hair follicles. That way, the hair coming out of your head is what is affected instead of the problem being covered up.

Each dose ha 5,000 IUs of catalase, on top of having some of the more important nutrients that you need for your melanin. Also, in the ingredients are a few herbs that help promote hair growth to make your hair come back thicker and healthier.

Some of these are Fo-Ti, Nettle Root Extract, Saw Palmetto, Barley Grass, and Chlorophyll. Each of these plants is beneficial to your hair. Some of them even have anti-aging properties that can help with more than your gray hair.

One bottle has 60 pills in it, which are to be taken two a day with food, making one bottle last for 30 days. These catalase pills are made without any chemicals, dyes, and with no GMOs. Finally, if you get more than one bottle and find that it has no effect within 60 days, then they offer to give you your money back.


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