Thoughts on Beards

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Men usually start developing facial hair between the ages of 14 and 20 and they’re usually not able to grow a full beard until their early twenties and some, like a few friends of mine, actually never develop the ability to grow a full connected man beard.

Beards used to be a sign of Honor.

Who am I kidding? They still are.

But seriously around 345 BC Alexander the Great made his soldiers cut their beards so they wouldn’t get pulled in battle. but it beats getting kicked in the (balls).

Amish men grow beards after they get married but they shave off their mustache to avoid associations with military facial hair because of their pacifistic beliefs. Way back in the nineteenth century President Lincoln made beards a thing again in America. That Lincoln, he sure was a trendsetter wasn’t he? Currently 33 percent of American men have some kind of facial hair.That number grows to 55% worldwide.

That’s right fellas we’re the majority.

Fist bump! Unfortunately though women find men with full beards two-thirds less attractive than guys that are clean shaven. With that said, according to recent studies of men and women, guys with full beards are usually perceived to be order, which not really sure that’s a good thing. More powerful, which is a good thing and of higher social status, which is also a good thing. But 98% of Forbes 100 richest men lists don’t have beards. you know whatever.

Pogonophobia is the fear of beards. This fear creates anxiety like symptoms and if you have pogonophobia and you’re reading this well, you’re probably freaking out right now.

So now you know.

Thoughts on Beards

Wanted to talk to you about our official stance on beards and of course naturally we are pro beards and we think beards are quite awesome, but a little bit deeper than that, we don’t think a man should be defined by their beard, only enhanced by their beard.

Yes a beard is something that is natural to men and I would encourage anyone to grow it out if they want to, but ultimately wearing a beard is up to the individual man’s preference on their style and what they want to do.

There’s a lot of talk going on out there where other bearded men are pressuring beardless men to grow a beard because it makes them more manly.

And that’s not true, you’re a man regardless if you have a beard or not,and your style is your own. So you define what you want to do with your look.

And don’t let all these other people tell you, you know, you’re only a man if you grow a beard because the reverse pressures that society has, or excuse me, the pressures that societies have put on us to be beardless and completely shaven, we don’t want to turn around and do the same thing to the people who choose not to have a beard and pressure them into growing a beard and call them names and call them pussies and things like that.

That’s just really not the way to do it, but beyond that man, growing a beard’s great.


Mustache Styles

A growing number of guys are going bald-some naturally and some by option.

Many of these guys are re-discovering the lost art of growing a mustache! While the mainstream appeal of the mustache subsided in addition to the profession of Burt Reynolds, some would suggest that the mustache has actually returned! Others would suggest that the mustache never ever really left-claiming, rightly, that this manly art-form has actually constantly held a cult following.

A specific portion of mustache connoisseurs are dabbling in the art for simply odd factors, there is likewise an increase of beginners who really welcome this fine choice of manly embellishment.

A few of the best new employees into the ranks of the mustache are originating from the ever-growing guys with thinning hair or broadening hairless areas.

Lots of guys experiencing hair loss are starting and shaving their heads. This “blank slate” is the ideal place for showcasing a terrifying mustache. Mustache lovers acknowledge the geographical, historic, or references in the different designs. Each design communicates its own particular charm!

Not just does the using of a mustache offer you character and begin discussions for you, however well-selected and perfectly taken cared of facial hair can frequently boost a guy’s facial functions a lot more than real hair on the head.

It is typically stated that hairless, mustache guys are more visible, and seem-ironically-to be manly and aloof, yet so delicate and caring we have the finest resources for cowboy mustache styles.


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