The One Time She Left Me

Beard handsome. Portrait of confident young beard man holding hand on chin and looking away

While the people around the world think, it is merely a trend, ask a beard owner if you want to know the real importance and significance of the beard. While, like me, every beard owner decides to grow a beard because it looks cool, but the fact is that, over time you fall in love with it and make it a part of your lifestyle, habit, statement and even your character. It starts defining you and grows into one of your personality traits.

There is a lot that goes into a beard. You think having kids is hard? You have never really known the pain of having an extra inch of your beard removed by the barber. The pain is equivalent to losing a limb to a bear on a cold snowy night. Believe me, I have gone through it.

I have been growing and maintaining a beard for the last 10 years and I am in love with it; and unlike girls who have told me they love me, it loves me back for real and stays with me even during the bad times. We have seen mean women, back stabbing friends, bitchy colleagues and pathetic bosses and won over all of them together.

I oil her well and she makes me feel great. We even go for rides on our bike and my beautiful one and wind talk to each other like they are soul sisters.But a few months back, things went wrong. I fell for the wrong girl and she asked me to cut my beard.

I had to do it because I started loving her. I got rid of my beard and started to look like a 10-year-old kid.

I lost my identity and my confidence. I was afraid of the mice and protein milk shake took place of the whiskey in my life. The bike rides were no more an option. No matter where I’m going, I was holding her hand and asking her for things and stuff. She was ruling my world and I was helpless. I was just following her around, asking for permission to go out, meet friends and even watching TV.

All of a sudden one morning, when I went to the bathroom to shave, my beard started talking to me. She asked me if I was happy with my new life and how were things without her.

The blades dropped from my hand and I realized what I had lost. This little chat was an awakening call and I knew what made me happy and what I really wanted. I wanted my beard back because it gave me happiness. I touched my old love, embraced her, apologized, cried in a corner and finally threw the shaving kit out.

I gathered myself, went to the women who took away my happiness and told her that she had to live with my beard. That was the time the man in me came back and by saying ‘PLEASE’ just 10 times, I was allowed to keep my beard.

Now things are back to older days, I oil her every day. No more cutting and trimming. It’s all beard care and her shopping bags now.


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