Sudden Hair Loss in Men

Men that experience a sudden hair loss commonly believe that male pattern baldness is the reason for having the condition, but actually, the dreaded androgenic alopecia is frequently the cause of hair loss. On the other hand, men should not immediately blame the male pattern baldness, because there is another common trigger of hair loss known as telogen effluvium.

Telogen effluvium is actually the term given to a typical reaction of the body to intense hormonal stress, intense physical stress or the rapid chemical effect of adjustments in medication. This condition can occur at just about any age, its onslaught can be very sudden and it frequently pushes men to find cure in a drug store or online for hair loss prevention.

However, telogen effluvium will not normally react to typical hair loss products or solutions available commercially because it is not the same with male pattern baldness. Telogen effluvium commonly advances into a general hair thinning and its effect is strongly linked to our hair’s growth cycle. Much of our hair is in anagen or growth phase. After the anagen phase, our hair naturally enters a telogen or the resting phase. For a few months, the hair growth comes to a stop then falls out and it is substituted by a new growing hair in the initial energetic flush of anagen.

At any one time, we normally have around 15% to 20% of our hairs in resting phase or telogen. But still, the effect of telogen effluvium is to significantly boost the amount of hairs in this telogen phase. However, even though new hair will usually substitute those that fall out, the speed of hair sent into resting phase by this condition can drastically overtake the body’s capability to cope, and the usual decrease in hair cover that is connected with this condition can rapidly become evident.

Fortunately, as soon as the source of stress is determined and eliminated, hair thinning normally halts very quickly and hair regrowth can often start as fast as the initial loss of hair happened. However, this condition should not be considered as a simple problem because in some cases, it can develop quickly into a chronic problem. Additionally, telogen effluvium is usually the symptom of a few other fundamental physical problems, and any person having unexplained and sudden hair loss would be smart enough to get advice of a surely qualified medical practitioner.


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