Ricky Ponting’s Dramatic Hair Transplant Story

Originally Published in 2015

Ricky Ponting

Stories of dramatic hair transformations by celebrities are quite rife.

Ricky Ponting‘s hair transplant is one of these stories that shocked the world of cricket years ago.

While Ponting was thriving in his cricket career, he was facing problems of thinning hair.

Most of the fans saw him with a cap and whenever he stepped out, he came up with a balding head.

However, he came up with a head full of hair during the ICC awards in 2007 and surprised everyone with his crowning glory.

It would not be wrong to say that Ricky Ponting’s hair transplant put him in a very unusual cricket celebrities club which includes the likes of Shane Warne and Virender Sehwag.

He has entered the new club of cricketers getting hair transplants done.

At first, Ponting and the people close to him did not give any comments on whether he had really undergone a hair transplant or on.

Some experts also suggest that Ponting never really went through a hair transplant.

Instead, he likely went through a six-month laser treatment which helped him in growing a thick crop on his head. So what did Ponting actually opt for?

Is Ricky Ponting’s Hair Transplant a True Story?

Well, back in 2007 it could have been a stigma for the cricketer to go ahead and admit that he had opted for a hair transplant surgery in order to get a thicker crop.

However, the fact that he was on a 5-month break before he finally stepped out with the new crops makes it quite obvious that Ponting underwent a new crop.

He had completely new hair which can only be achieved when you get a hair transplant surgery performed on you.

Therefore, we can say that Ricky Ponting’s hair transplant story is true and he indeed underwent the procedure to join several other Australians who are swearing about the benefits of hair transplant.

Ponting was one of the few people who saw quite dramatic results with a hair transplant.

Though results are good for many people who go through a transplant, Ponting’s hair is definitely worth a mention as it clearly showcases the best that hair transplant can do for anyone.

If you are also suffering from hair fall issues, then you can also follow Ponting’s footsteps and get a hair transplant done.

This procedure has become safer with time and has certainly helped thousands in regaining their confidence.

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