Nutrafol Vs Viviscal

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Both Nutrafol and Viviscal are hair growth treatments that you have probably heard about. If you’re starting to lose your hair, you’ve probably started doing research about ways to keep it. You might have heard about these two options.

While both Nutrafol and Viviscal are good options, is one better than the other one? There is no guarantee that either of these treatments will work for you. But, take a closer look. One might work better for you than the other. Let’s examine them.

Nutrafol Facts

Nutrafol is actually three different hair growth supplements that are all made with premium ingredients. One product is for men, one is for women, and the third is for women who are struggling with the hormone changes that come with menopause.

If you are a woman, then this is a great chance to get something that is made for you since many hair growth products are made for men more than women. Regardless of this, the goal of Nutrafol is the same no matter who it is intended for.

The way it works is by giving your body the minerals that it is more than likely lacking in. This helps your hair to not only grow longer but also thicker as well. More than that, it postpones the stage during which your hair naturally falls out, meaning that you will lose fewer hairs when you brush your hair.

Viviscal Facts

Whereas Nutrafol is in pill form only, Viviscal is something that you can get in a variety of different forms. There is the hair growth pill that is for both men and women, a shampoo that is for both men and women, and both a conditioner and an elixir which are for women.

This variety allows you to use whichever product is most convenient for you and to even combine them to get better results faster. If you are a woman, you can even use all four of the different products to maximize your results, though if you do so you should add one in at a time in order to let your system adjust to each without getting overwhelmed.

Perhaps the most popular option is their pills which work in much the same way that the other option here does. It has some very specific ingredients and the goal here is to once again help give your body what it needs so that it can grow healthy hair.

How Do Nutrafol And Viviscal Compare?

Knowing about Nutrafol and Viviscal is one thing, but knowing how they compare to each other is even more important if you are trying to decide between them. The main four things that we will be taking a look at are the ingredients, effectiveness, potential side effects, and the price.


When it comes to the ingredients since both hair products work the same way it should come as no surprise that some of the ingredients are the same as well. Each one of these has what can be termed as special ingredients.

There are a lot of plants and natural products that help with hair growth, some of which have less documented results than others do. For example, Nutrafol has Saw Palmetto in it that is a fairly well-researched plant that has shown good results.

Even less researched, however, is the Horsetail Herb extract which is also in Nutrafol. Meanwhile, the special ingredient in Viviscal has not had a ton of research on it itself. This is something that is called AminoMar which is made from a mixture of shark cartilage and oyster powder.

This one ingredient is the main thing that Viviscal relies on in order to help your hair grow thicker. Other than that, it does have a list of vitamins and minerals. Nutrafol does have a lot of vitamins which are great not only for naturally helping your hair to grow stronger but also for helping your body to absorb them efficiently.

A couple of these are Biotin and Zinc Oxide but there is a whole long list of other vitamins and minerals along with 21 active ingredients. This is more than the amount that Viviscal has and Nutrafol also has a few more natural ingredients that the other does.

All in all, Nutrafol has a better ingredient list. Even though it has three different products, the ingredients of these are actually the same as each other. The only real difference between these is the fact that the amounts of each are changed so that they show in a different order on the back of them.


The two parts of effectiveness are how long it takes before you start seeing some results and how much of a difference you can reasonably expect to see. Nutrafol often takes about 12 to 25 weeks. It’s recommended that you use it for 6 months before you give up on it.

While you might really like the idea of choosing which Nutrafol product you fit with, there is some debate about this. The very slight ingredient changes do not seem to genuinely make each of the different options better for you.

In fact, some people raise the question if the ingredients were simply changed solely in order to create more products. Was it so the company can make more money? However, Nutrafol works fairly well. Some claim that they had more success with Nutrafol than with Viviscal, and others say Viviscal works better.

When looking at reviews on places such as Amazon, the overall review for Viviscal is actually higher than the reviews for Nutrafol. While almost no product is without a few negative reviews, Viviscal had less of these than the other.

Viviscal can take a couple of weeks longer before you start seeing results. The fact that there are different products means you can use them in combination with each for better results. Finally, you have to take four large pills for Nutrafol each day. You only need two small pills for Viviscal. This should serve as some indication as to which is more potent.

Side Effects

The good thing about both of these is  they are mostly vitamins, minerals, plants, and other natural ingredients. There aren’t many side effects. The Saw Palmetto that is in Nutrafol combines with the Biotin and can sometimes make your stomach a bit gassy, more so since you are taking four of these pills.

That being said, there are not any severe side effects other than that. In fact, both of these products have had studies done on them. More studies having been done on Viviscal than on Nutrafol, with good results and almost nothing in the way of side effects.

With so many nutrients they can also help grow healthy nails, skin, and in helping you be healthier overall. While this is a side effect, it is a good one to have.


Nutrafol is a little bit on the expensive side. You have the option to buy it one bottle at a time. This will last you a month. Or you can save if you sign up for a monthly shipment to be automatically delivered. Unfortunately, there are no discounts if you buy several bottles as many other hair products have.

You take four pills a day, which can seem like a lot if you don’t really like taking pills. You should also think about the fact that separate Nutrafol pills for men and women can add to the price. If there’s more than one person that wants to use this product and not the same gender, you’ll need to buy two separate products.

Viviscal is definitely cheaper than Nutrafol is and you only have to take two pills a day. It also comes in auto-ship on top of offering deals where you can buy a larger amount and get a discount on the price. This is in addition to already being about one third cheaper than Nutrafol.

Finally, when it comes to the ease of purchase, both Nutrafol and Viviscal are available at Amazon, eBay, and from their official websites. This makes it convenient if you have something like Amazon Prime and it gives you options to compare.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Nutrafol is a product that has better ingredients that it has and it can work better. However, it is more expensive and it only comes in pill form. The huge pills that can be a little hard to get down. If you are on a tight budget or dislike taking pills, Viviscal is the way to go.

When you have the money, you might prefer to go with Nutrafol for the better ingredients. But, Viviscal is the slightly better overall choice. If you want to get the best of both the price and the ingredients, however, there is another option besides these two.

This third option is Folexin. It has even better ingredients than Nutrafol. It’s even cheaper than Viviscal is if you buy several bottles at once. It works at least as well if not better than the Nutrafol and Viviscal too and it has had a lot of studies done on it with no side effects.


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