Nutrafol Review: Is it Worth the Price?

Nutrafol Review: Is it Worth the Price?

There are many different supplements to choose from, all claiming to help your hair grow thicker and healthier. While most of them don’t do what they advertise, there’s a new product on the market that has everyone buzzing. This is Nutrafol. This product has everyone from beauty bloggers to dermatologist singing its praises. People are obsessed. But with such a high price tag, it begs the question – is it worth the price?

What is Nutrafol?

To start, it’s important to determine what Nutrafol is and how it is different than other supplements that have been on the market for ages. Nutrafol is a supplement that is a proprietary blend of different botanicals, vitamins, and minerals. Each ingredient in it is tested for efficacy against hair thinning and has been selected based on its results. While the full ingredients aren’t available, the main ones are:

This product help restore natural hair growth by helping rebalance androgen and stress hormones, combatting inflammatory molecules, and neutralizing free radicles. Basically, it targets the major factors of hair thinning and loss (like stress and inflammation), while providing your hair with a more optimal environment to grow.

Some people have seen impressive results within the first 30 to 60 days; however, most will see some measurable results within 90 days.

How is it Different?

With an easy search online or at your local drug store, it’s easy to see the vast array of hair supplements on the market. They are all filled with vitamins and minerals that claims to help hair grow faster. However, with Nutrafol’s special blend of ingredients, they really are set apart. Instead of just starting hair health, Nutrafol fights hair loss and keeping hair healthy. The products like biotin and keratin help keep hair healthy, but the other ingredients like ashwagandha, palm oil extract, and biocercumin help address hair loss.

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It Comes with a Price

While all of this is great news, the cost for a one-month supply can seem excessive. In comparison, other products on the market cost much less:

Is it Worth It?

The ingredients in Nutrafol are not intended for everyone. They are not targeted to help those who have hair loss due to cancer treatment, illness, active diseases, or pregnant women. They also should be used with caution if you are taking blood-thinning drugs or anticoagulants.

For everyone else, Nutrafol is a fantastic option. With just a quick search on Amazon, you can see how many people have seen improvement with their hair growth.

Cheaper Alternatives to Nutrafol

With the price being as steep as it is, there surely must be cheaper alternatives out there – right? Well, you’d be correct! For a fraction of the price, Folexin offers a lot of the same primary ingredients you’ll find in Nutrafol.

In fact, you can purchase 4 bottles plus one for free of Folexin for the exact same price as one month of Nurtrafol. If you are hesitant about the steep price, this is an amazing alternative option to see if it may work for you.

How to Take Nutrafol

With your 30-day supply, you will receive 120 capsules. That equals four pills a day. You can take these pills with any meal at any time of day.

As mentioned above, there are certain people who should not use Nutrafol including pregnant and nursing women, those on cancer treatments, etc. You should also use caution if you are using any type of hormone replacement therapy.

Nutrafol should also not be used by vegans or vegetarians, or others with fish allergies.

Final Thoughts

Nutrafol has been through ten years of research and development and comes highly recommended by physicians. If you have the extra money in your budget, Nutrafol is worth a shot!

By ordering on Amazon, you have access to 5-10% off your monthly subscription. Check out real reviews, including before and after photos here.


  1. I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Nutrafol 4 or 5 months ago and ended up purchasing Folexin off of your suggestion. I just want to say thank you! It took a few months and I almost gave up on it, but I have recently started to notice a difference in my hair. It’s thicker and started growing back in some areas I thought I had lost it.

    I might try out Nutrafol down the line but right now I can’t afford the price. Happy with the alternative for the time being, keep on the good work.


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