Neem Oil For Hair Loss: Does It Work?

Medicinal neem leaves with essential oil over white background

Hair loss is something that can be quite serious, especially if you are still young and want to keep your hair for a long while yet. However, not everyone likes the idea of taking chemicals or using hair treatments that can cause potential side effects.

Neem oil is one of the things that can truly help your hair. While this can be a bit of trouble to use, it can be well worth it to try. In order to tell if this might be the right hair remedy for you, you should first know more about it.

What Is Neem Oil?

Neem oil is an oil that is made from the neem tree. More specifically, the fruit, seeds, and sometimes the leaves of the neem tree are crushed and pressed together, and the oil is extracted from that.

The neem tree is an evergreen that is native to India. The oil that is made can be yellowish, brownish, or reddish depending on the quality and how long the seeds are soaked before being processed.

This plant is an important part of Indian medicine, and it has been used for a long time to treat a variety of scalp problems. The word “neem” is actually a Sanskrit word which is most often translated to mean something along the lines of “sprinkler of nectar.”

How Neem Oil Is Good For Your Hair

Some products focus on re-growing your hair in more of an artificial way, but neem oil works for your hair by making your whole scalp healthier. Neem oil does this in more ways than one, so let us look at each way that neem oil is good for your hair.

Neem Oil Is Moisturizing

Like most oils, neem oil is very moisturizing. It is true that they can also lead to your hair feeling oily, but your scalp will appreciate it on occasion. If your scalp is too dry, it can lead to dandruff. When this happens, it is not only irritating, but it is outright damaging for your hair.

Dandruff can affect your hair follicles, causing your hair to fall out. Dermatitis and Eczema are both things that can affect your scalp the same way. They are both characterized by red, itchy, and flaky areas on your scalp.

These are often treated by something called phenylbutazone. Neem oil has Nimbidin it, which does the same thing as the medication but without the side effects that the other has.

Finally, while neem oil may very well make your hair feel oily at first, it actually helps to balance the amount of oil that your hair naturally makes. This means that no matter if you have oily or dry hair, neem oil can help with both.

Neem Oil Is Soothing And Anti-Inflammatory

One of the things that can happen when you have dandruff is that your scalp can get very itchy. This is a sign of inflammation and one which gets worse when you give in to the temptation and scratch at your scalp.

Not only does neem oil help moisturize your hair in an effort to prevent dandruff but, if you already have dandruff, then it helps this to heal. This is thanks to the fact that neem oil is so soothing and makes your scalp not itch so much.

This not only works in the case of dandruff, but neem oil also helps soothe your scalp if you have any other problem that leads to itchiness. Reducing inflammation is more important than you might think since the swelling that goes along with it can cut off some of the blood flow to your hair follicles.

When your hair follicles are not getting the blood they need, they literally starve. The hairs that then comes out of them often get thinner and thinner. Eventually, hair may cease to come out of those hair follicles at all.

Neem Oil Encourages Healthy Hair Growth

Neem oil is high in a number of vitamins, especially Vitamin E, which is one of the essential vitamins that your hair needs so that it can be healthy. It is also high in antioxidants which not only protect your hair but help your hair heal from the damage that may have already been done.

First, the antioxidants fight off any cells that shouldn’t be there, even ones like DHT, to a small degree. Next, it helps you to heal from any damage that might be there by helping with circulation and by promoting regeneration.

All of this put together means that neem oil can help you grow back hair in places where you may have stopped growing hair at. Since neem oil puts nutrients directly on your scalp, you are able to absorb some of the nutrients in it.

Some of these nutrients are ones that your hair follicles need to give your hair its color. This means that neem oil can help you postpone going gray. This is all without any harmful chemicals on your hair too.

Neem Oil Helps The Texture Of Your Hair

Neem oil can help the texture of your hair in more than one way. If you get some of the neem oil on the ends of your hair, it will help to prevent and seal up some of your split ends. This alone can help improve the texture of your hair.

By putting neem oil in your hair in small amounts and brushing it in, it can give your hair shine and keep down the frizz. Doing this will strengthen the strands of your hair, which in turn will help your hair become thicker too.

Neem Oil Repels Parasites And Funguses

Neem oil is great at keeping the things away from your scalp that you don’t want there. This oil has antiseptic properties that kill germs and bacteria where it comes into contact with them.

It is even commonly used to treat head lice. Neem oil is able to do this thanks in part to the azadirachtin that is in it and which is a natural insecticide. It also disrupts the life cycle of head lice by preventing them from attaching onto your hair as well.

Disadvantages Of Neem Oil

As you can see, neem oil has a number of advantages. However, it also has a few disadvantages, the first of which is the smell. The smell of neem oil is far from pleasant. If you are sensitive to smells, this one can be quite overwhelming.

What can be worse is the fact that you often have to warm up the neem oil before you apply it to your scalp. This is because neem oil is often a solid at room temperature, like coconut oil. Warming up the neem oil can make the smell even stronger in addition to being a bit of trouble when you want to use it.

Finally, if you use too much neem oil on your hair, you may end up with more acne. As strange as it might seem, too much neem oil can also lead to your scalp being too dried out. You should also know that some people have a mild allergic reaction to neem oil, so you should always test the oil out on a small amount of skin first.

How To Use Neem Oil For Your Hair

You can use neem oil in your hair in two main ways. The first way requires you to heat up the neem oil first. You can heat the oil in a small saucepan or pot, or you can set a small bowl with some neem oil in it inside a larger bowl that has hot water in it.

However, if you have warm hands, then you might can get away with scooping some of it out without warming the neem oil up first. If you go with this route, you will want to make sure that you rub it in extra well to make sure it is entirely melted in.

Once the neem oil is massaged into your scalp, rub it in for about 10 minutes longer. Leave this oil on your scalp for at least one hour, and then you can wash the neem oil out of your hair. You will likely discover that you need to shampoo your hair more than once, but try not to overdo it.

Follow these steps once a day for a few weeks or until you get the results you are after. Then you can go down to every other day for a few more weeks. You may be able to then go down to applying neem oil only once or twice a week to maintain your hair.

If you can sleep with a shower cap on comfortably, you should consider using one to keep the neem oil on your hair all night long. Doing this will allow the oils to really soak into your hair. You can also choose to add a few drops of an essential oil to help with the smell as you sleep.

Optional Variations

To maximize the effects of the neem oil, you can add other things to it. For starters, coconut oil has a number of the same properties. You can go half and half with the coconut and neem oils and then use it the same way.

Using the neem oil like this should also the smell not be so potent if it tends to bother you. You can do the same half and half with neem oil and aloe vera gel. Fenugreek powder can be added in a small amount to neem oil too, if you do not mind the smell.

If it is more the oiliness of the neem oil that you dislike, then you can also try doing one part sea salt to two parts neem oil. Do not leave this in your hair as long, or the sea salt might irritate your scalp a little. Instead, keep this neem oil mixture in your hair only half of an hour.

Finally, if you are entirely against putting oil in your hair, you can simply add a few drops of the neem oil in your shampoo. Use this just as you normally would or let it sit in your hair a little longer than usual.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how good neem oil is for you, maybe you will go and get some of your own. If you like to make your own hair products, then you may even want to try to make your own neem oil. To make neem oil yourself, you will have to go through a bit of trouble though.

If you get the neem leaves to make your own neem oil, you can also use the leaves to make a tea that you can use as a hair wash. This hair wash has a lot of the same benefits without the oiliness and in a less concentrated amount.

While neem oil might be a little bit of trouble to use, there are so many benefits to your hair that you should definitely consider using it. One of the best things about using neem oil for your hair is that it is perfectly safe to ingest in small amounts.

Besides being beneficial to you, this is one less thing to have to worry about if you have little ones in your home. This also means that if you get some of the neem oil in your eye, it may irritate your eye some but will not really hurt you.


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