Microneedling for Hair Growth: Does it Work?

Microneedling for Hair Growth

If you’ve been researching hair growth solutions, chances are you’ve read about Microneedles and are curious about whether they actually work or not. Long story short – Microneedling + minoxidil is over four times more effective than minoxidil alone.

Not only that, people who did not respond well to other treatments still saw benefits from microneedling.

Is Minoxidil Required to See Hair Growth while Microneedling?

Minoxidil is highly recommended to be used in conjunction with Microneedles as you are much more likely to see positive results from it

With that said, people have still seen hair growth without it – you are just not going to see the benefits as quickly.

Microneedling is a must in my eyes if you are serious about gaining control over your hair loss. It makes the perfect addition to the other “Big Three” of Hair Growth.

microneedling for hair loss

How Do I Get Started with Microneedling?

First, you need to decide which type of Microneedle you want to use. There are three main types of ways to Microneedle. There are rollers, stamps, and pens.

Rollers for Microneedling

  1. Rollers are one of the cheapest solutions, but I recommend this option the least out of the 3. The reason for this is that each needle drags across the face instead of creating small punctures. This isn’t great for your skin. With that said, they’re the easiest to get started with and are the quickest application.

Stamps for Microneedling

  1. Another affordable solution would be stamping. If you are new to microneedling, these are a great place to start. You want to look for 1.5mm in length.

DermaPen for Microneedling

  1. DermaPens are what you’ll want to invest in once you’ve committed to Microneedling. While they are the most expensive of the three options, they do the best job and gives you the ability to change the puncture length easily. When you start utilizing DermaPens I recommend starting at a length of 1.0mm and working your way up to 1.5mm as you become used to it.

What are the best practices for Microneedling?

First, you should be aware that infection is a risk when it comes to Microneedling. It’s essential to clean your device with alcohol before and after every use.

Secondly, you do not want to over-utilize your device as that doesn’t give your skin time to heal between applications. Depending on your personal tolerance and how quickly your skin heals, you want to use your device up to once a week (although every other week is typically recommended).

Third, you do not want to apply Minoxidil within 24 hours of using your application. This is because after you Microneedle, Minoxidil has a direct route to your bloodstream. By applying it directly after, you are putting your heart at risk.

Fourth, some bleeding is standard, but you do not need to bleed for it to work. Also, it does hurt. It becomes more tolerable after more uses, but always be prepared to feel somewhat uncomfortable during applications.

Tired of chasing down hair growth solutions without the results you’re after? Make sure you’re using the 3 hair loss products known to work before experimenting with alternative solutions – you may be surprised with how effective those 3 alone can be.


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