Does Procerin Work for Hair Loss or is it a Scam?

Procerin Review

Procerin is a hair loss product that claims to stop hair loss in mind and help promote new hair growth.

There are a lot of hair loss products out there, and not all of them are legitimate.

So, is Procerin a legitimate product or just another hair loss scam?

Let’s find out.

The following overview will take a closer look at Procerin, whether or not it actually works, as well as the pros and cons of taking Procerin for men who have hair loss.

Procerin Ingredients List

If we break Procerin down, you have the following active substances:

Saw Palmetto

This has been shown to work for some people (as with all treatments there’s no “magic” bullet).

It’s also worth remembering that Saw Palmetto is very similar to Finasteride/Properica so if you had negative side effects using Propecia then stay away from anything containing Saw Palmetto.

Zinc Sulfate

The idea that Zinc Sulfate could be good for hair loss is based around a study that analyzed surgery patients who took zinc sulfate and found that those who did quit losing hair and had hair regrowth.

However, you need to remember that these were surgery patients who suffer massive decreases in their zinc levels.

So potentially, if your hair loss is due to low zinc levels, then this treatment could be helpful.

I would propose a blood test before taking large amounts of zinc sulfate.

Vitamin B6

Similar to Zinc sulfate, extra B6 won’t help your hair grow but if you are deficient then it could be helpful.

However, as with all vitamins, be careful not to take too much as it can actually cause more hair loss.

Is Procerin a Scam?

Procerin Bottles

No, Procerin is not a scam and is a legitimate product.

However, it should be noted that as with any product, not everyone will have the same results when taking Procerin.

Some men may experience better or worse results than others due to a variety of factors, including why they are experiencing hair loss, how much hair they have lost, and the way that their body reacts to the Procerin treatment.

The way that Procerin works is multi-faceted.

The ingredients in Procerin work to help provide the scalp with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help maintain DHT levels.

This helps slow down hair loss and encourages new, healthy hair to grow.

Pros of Using Procerin

Procerin 90 Tablets for Men
  • Safe: Procerin is an all-natural supplement available without a prescription
  • Clinically Proven: Proceri is Formulated Specifically to End Male Hair Loss - Doctor Recommended.
  • Results: Proceri's benefits are greatest for men whose hair is still in a growth phase.

As with any product, there are pros and cons to taking Procerin.

Here are some of the pros found in taking Procerin:

High Success Rates in Clinical Studies

The clinical studies for Procerin resulted in 94% of participants showing reduced hair loss after taking Procerin.

Promotes Regrowth

Unlike some hair loss products which simply seek to prevent further loss, Procerin actually encourages new hair growth, which will help improve hair thickness.

Can Be Taken with Other Hair Loss Products

Procerin can be used on its own or as part of a broader treatment plan with multiple hair loss products and solutions.

Cons of Using Procerin

Here are a few of the downsides we’ve found associated with the product:

Reported Stomach Aches and Other Side Effects

Some people who take Procerin report having an upset stomach when taking Procerin, particularly if the medication is not taken with food.

There are other possible side effects associated with Procerin (mainly due to the Saw Palmetto within the product) including headaches, dizziness, and decreased sex drive.

Requires Active Hair Growth

If the user’s hair has completely stopped growing, then Procerin will be unable to encourage new hair growth.

Only Targets DHT-Related Hair Loss

Procerin cannot target hair loss that was lost due to non-DHT related issues (such as chemotherapy, scalp trauma, etc.)

Does Procerin Work for Hair Loss?

Procerin is a hair loss product designed for men experiencing hair loss due to DHT related problems.

While Procerin may not work the same for everyone, many men who use Procerin have reported improvements to their overall hair loss in addition to new hair regrowth when using Procerin regularly.

If you are experiencing hair loss due to DHT related problems, then you may benefit from trying out Procerin as a hair loss treatment option.

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