How To Trim Your Beard

Professional barber in a barbershop doing a haircut

With the right tools and tricks,you can make that scruffy beard look sharp and stylish. The ideal time to trim is after a warm shower. Hydrating softens your hairs,making them easier to cut.

Pat dry before you start. Then brush out your beard with a comb to detangle knots. Use a trimmer with multiple comb attachments that lets you choose a consistent length. The Gillette Styler has three attachments.

Start with a longer attachment. You can always go shorter, but obviously there’s no going back once you cut it. Trim in a sweeping motion away from your face.

Trim shorter on your neck and cheeks and longer on your chin to create a nice fade. Next, define the shape of your beard by removing the comb and trimming.

Brush your mustache downward and buzz the hair that extends over your lip. Follow up with mustache scissors for any stragglers. Now clean up your look with some shaving and defining.

Before you start, check the indicator strip. If it’s faded or if the blade feels dull, it’s time for a new one. Prep the areas of your face you want to shave with a shave gel. This will help increase glide and protect against razor burn. Now give the rest of your face a close shave.

Facial hair grows in many directions so you’ll mostly be shaving both with and against the grain. Shave in the direction that feels most comfortable. An advanced multi blade razor like this one will help you get a comfortable shave even against the grain. And be sure to rinse the blades often.

Lastly, it’s time to define the lines.

On the back is a precision trimmer blade to shape tricky areas such as under the nose and add definition along your neck, cheeks, and sideburns. Wash your face with cool water and pat it dry.

Rub in a hydrating afters have to replenish moisture and soothe your skin. Now that you’ve got that show stopper beard, you can use beard oil to help keep it soft.


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