How To Keep Your Beard In Shape

The nuanced throws of fashion have dictated that beards are cool once more. Horary for the lazy man! However, the difference between nonchalant hunk and unruly caveman is an essential consideration. Men must learn to care for their beards if they are to succeed.

How to Keep Your Beard in Shape

The following tips will help you to master the art of good facial hair.
  • Be Patient and Persistent

Yes gentlemen, the first step is to do nothing. A fine beard is a mark of greatness not because you can use it to store snacks for later, but because it involves a firm resolution. It takes time to conjure up an evenly grown beard. Trimming and styling it in the first few weeks of its life may cause it to grow in wanton decoherence.
  • Know Your Face

The second step towards becoming a bearded master is to know what will suit you. You have to work out whether you are a full-on chin bush kind of guy or simply a goatee wearing maestro. After the initial stage of persistence, a man must study his features to determine what style would look most heroic.
  • Keeping It Clean

No-one likes a stinky beard. Getting into a good facial hair hygiene routine is critical. Make sure to shampoo your beard regularly to avoid itchiness. Try to avoid too thoroughly towelling your beard; a gentle patting down will do it good by avoiding fizziness and split ends.
  • Staying In style

Herein is the true difference between the lazy man and the tasteful man.  Once you have planted the hairy seed you must tend to the crops. Invest in a quality trimmer, and get pruning. Shave round the edges with a razor to keep your shape, and to stave of those rancid neck beards. A wide toothed comb might also come in handy – a man should never feel silly for combing his beard, the state of his facial hair is not a trivial matter.
  • Stay Smooth

A silky beard is a sure sign of dedication to the cause of man. Conditioning your beard after a wash won’t have as strong an effect as conditioning your hair, but it will still soften your beard to the touch. If you are really concerned about the state of your whiskers, beard oil is the way to go. The wide selection of available products will not only provide your beard with the oils necessary to keep it elegant, many of them are also scented. What more could you ask for in life?
Men everywhere: never be ashamed of indulging in the noble art of beard-keeping! However ridiculous it may seem, a good beard is never a laughing matter.


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