How To Cure Beard Dandruff

Young man scratching beard on white background. Annoying itch

It’s just a little bit of white flaking, maybe some itchiness, usually just a sensitivity with your skin. There are very few easy ways that you can stop your dandruff. Ultimately it’s the same concept as when you have dandruff on your scalp.

You’re going to want to maybe use a dandruff shampoo which usually has one percent of zinc in it, which actually will get rid of dandruff.

You can use that and just simply wash your beard when you’re in the shower, wherever the case may be, so that way you can also treat where you’re getting dandruff in your beard.

A few home remedies would be to use boiled water with tea leaves and lime. What you would do is let that water sit and cool and you would sieve out all of the tea leaves and the lime and you would simply place that mixture just like on your face and just on your beard.

You can also use hot tea tree oil, you want to do something that’ll kind of help with the skin, tea tree is very good for the skin. And you’re going to want to watch also what you’re eating, because you’re going to have to eat very well balanced, and you’re going to want to watch your stress level.

If you use a shampoo formulated for dandruff and if you maybe use one of the few treatments, of the home remedy treatments that you can get, plus watch your stress level and make sure you have a well rounded diet, that is one way that you can help and control your dandruff on your beard.

Another good thing is that transitionally our hair and our scalp changes throughout the seasons, so what may happen in the fall may not happen in the spring.

You shouldn’t use hair products with alcohol in them, because these can dry out your hair. Also, do not put hair care products right on your skin, this can irritate and clog the pores on your face.

beard dandruff

Clogged pores can cause your hair to look less healthy. When you are in the shower, refrain from staying under the water too long. Steaming hot water can strip your hair of its natural oils and irritate your face causing redness and dandruff.

If you want to have a fresh beard for the morning, take a quick shower.

Wait until your hair is dry before brushing if you want to avoid breakage. Only use brushes that have softer, more flexible bristles and combs that feature wide teeth.

What works for you one year may not always work the next. Hair changes with you as you get older. It is possible that the hair will grow dry, brittle or even turn gray.

You may even experience a texture change, like curly to straight, or vice versa. Just spray your hair with a bit of oil and lightly rub the oil over the surface of your hair in a gentle circular motion.

This adds volume to your beard. Get your beard as dry as you can with a towel before adding any oils. Unprotected hair can suffer quite a bit of harm from the sun.

Many hair care products also have a sunscreen in them. While it’s extremely important to take care of your skin, you should never forget your hair. Protect your hair from the effects of the sun.

Put a bit of beard oil in your beard, and then rub it in lightly with the tips of your fingers. You will ramp up the volume by using this method. Brushing and combing hair can stimulate growth by keeping your scalp free from dead or loose skin “Dandruff”.

It will stop the pores in your face from getting clogged so your hair will grow better. A good way to ensure that your hair has optimal growth is to run a brush through it each day.


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