How To Apply Grooming Beard Oil

What is Beard Grooming Oil?

Beard grooming oil is a kind of beard conditioner that is used to grow and maintain beards of all shapes and sizes healthily. These grooming oils contain natural ingredients that are said to be able to be quickly absorbed into the hair and skin of users. They also contain ingredients to help your build look sharp and healthy.

Some oils also come scented with certain fragrances and smell. Applying grooming oil after washing yourself is said to moisturize the hair and skin, as well as, help keep facial dandruff and itching from happening. It is also supposed to help with the unruly beard hairs, as well as to soften your beard overall.

Washing Your Facial hair

Keeping your beard well maintained and groomed is more comfortable and more appealing to the eye, rather than a poorly groomed and maintained one. While bathing, beards should be shampooed and dried carefully for the best results.

It is usually recommended to massage shampoo in the beard with your fingertips, thoroughly going all parts of your face to ensure complete cleanliness, with no debris or perspiration becoming trapped within your facial hair.

When drying your beard, it is said to dry your facial hair carefully, to prevent split ends from becoming a reality, as well as to maintain your beards clean appearance. Being your last step, beard grooming oil should be applied to the face as a final step, which will condition your beard, and give it that fantastic look you want.

Applying Grooming Oil

Generally, you are going to use about 2-3 drops every time you apply grooming oil. The grooming oil goes a long way, and depending on the size you may need to use more oil, but it is better to start off with not enough, rather than too much.
Next, you will want to spread the oil evenly on your hands or whatever applicator you are using; you will have to spread the oil along the side of your face, going from ears to your mouth.
You will then have to run your hands down the front of your facial hair, starting from the bottom of your mouth then bring your hands back up through your beard.
If you have a moustache, use your fingers to coat the oil on, and then use a comb to distribute the oil throughout your hair evenly, and place your hair back in its normal position.

This should be repeated daily, or after every time you bathe, to maintain the healthiness of your beard.

Different Methods of Applying Grooming Oil

  • Smear Method

The first, and by far most common and price effective way is the smear method. Your hands are the application device of oil onto your beard, and even though it works, some say it uses more oil than necessary.

This is because the grooming oil has a harder time attaching itself to your facial hair fibres, and tends just to become disbursed over your hands, and manages to stay just on the surface of your beard.

  • Spray or Squirt Method

Unlike the smear method, you would first put the grooming onto a brush that you use specifically for your beard and facial hair. You will have to squirt the recommended amount of oil on your brush, then make sure you go through all your beard thoroughly and repeatedly.
Even though this is a convenient and fruitful method, after multiple uses, oil tends to collect on your brush, as does facial hair.
If you decide to use this method, then do clean your brush regularly, or monthly for best result and to maintain hygiene.
  • The Under-Beard Method

It is crucial to remember that you must apply grooming oil to all strands of your facial hair, not just the top layer. A way to ensure this is happening is to lift your beard hair, exposing the under layers of facial hair and applying the oil to the base of your beard, and thoroughly brushing it through your beard, repeating this step for every layer or section of your beard.
  • Eye Drop Method

This approach, as the title hints, involves using an eye-dropper to apply the grooming oil to your face. Some oils come packaged in an eye-dropper bottle, and this allow the user to get exactly as much oil as they need or want in a very precise area, helping guarantee all area will be covered. Once you have applied the oil to whichever spot you have chosen, you will then have to use your hands, fingers, or brush to evenly distribute the oil among all strands of your beard and facial hair.

Grooming Oil Fragrances

Some grooming oils contain essential oils that are a natural substance like bay, rosemary, cedarwood, peppercorn, sandalwood and lime for example, which give it a rich and “masculine” smell to them. Some grooming oil fragrances are potent enough to be used as an over cologne for men.

Choosing a Grooming Oil

There are arguments and conversations among the bearded world on which product is the best to use. However, this has no definitive answer, and it all comes down to what you personally like best while keeping a few things in mind. The aroma oil gives off is going to be a major factor in choice, along with the price range, how the oil performs, the ability of the oil, along with price range. Even though there is no specific product the bearded world says is the best to use, there are some; however, they agree on not using. These would include any oil that uses “fake” or artificial ingredients. These components will not perform as well and can cause a reaction with your skin and hair, becoming an irritation, as well as lead to medical problems.


All beards are different, just as all beard and facial hair require different kinds and amounts of care. The duration between applications of grooming oil depends on factors such as climate, the season, thickness of hair follicles, natural oil, as well as multiple other factors.


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