HairMax Ultima 9 LaserComb: Full Review

If you have been researching hair growth solutions, then the chances are that you probably have come across using laser technology as hair growth solutions. While the treatment can be carried out by a surgeon or dermatologist, modern laser tech devices now make it possible to carry out these solutions on your own. However, the basic principles for laser treatment in hair growth remain the same: It involves using a laser to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth.

Understanding the booming market for these laser devices, several manufacturers have begun to create several devices using laser light therapy in the form of combs and caps. HairMax is one of the foremost brands in this industry. Being around for several years and having several FDA approved hair growth laser devices in the market, HairMax has become a top brand in the hair growth products space.

A significant advantage of using hair growth laser devices is that irrespective of the hair loss type, laser therapy is almost a sure bet in treating it.

Ultima 9 Comb Review

The Ultima 9 from HairMax is a laser comb device that stimulates hair with phototherapy technology. While this might sound like a colossal task for just a small comb, most people who have used the Ultima 9 have dropped positive reviews concerning its efficacy.

Currently, the comb has been sold in over one hundred and fifty countries showing how widely adopted it is. Due to the growing interest in the use of low laser light therapy for hair loss, a lot more users are beginning to consider the use of laser therapy devices. More so, considering they are more affordable options compared to hair regrowth surgical procedures.

Overview and Features

Although a “laser comb” might not sound like a device that has a lot to offer, especially in terms of promoting hair growth, you’d be shocked by what this comb has to offer to your hair growth process. The comb uses low-level laser light to stimulate the scalp. The Ultima 9 also improves circulation in the scalp area and encourages new growth.

Based on user reviews, the comb is said to be safe and doesn’t cause scalp irritation or any other side effects.

The infrared light produced from the device stimulates hair follicles, causing them to get back into the regular hair growth cycle. This phase is also called the anagen phase.

This process naturally increases both keratin and ATP production. The comb also increases blood circulation to the scalp allowing for the rapid delivery of nutrients, which is required for new and healthy hair to grow. What this implies is that using the comb will enable you to enjoy fuller and stronger hair.

A major sign of baldness is rapid hair loss. The comb also stops this while stimulating the growth of new hair.


Clinical Studies

The comb has been tested and is approved by the FDA, like several other HairMax products.

From trials and studies carried out on the comb, the comb showed a ninety-three percent success rate within six months. This result is why Ultima 9 is highly recommended for hair loss.

It is, however, essential to note that enjoying the effects of the comb, requires that the comb is used consistently.

The comb is easy to use. You only have to pass the comb over the entire scalp like a regular comb. When doing this, however, you should pay special attention to areas where you are experiencing hair loss. It is recommended that the comb is used on a clean scalp that is free form screams, gels, or any other hair product. This is to ensure the infrared light gets to the hair follicles directly.

However, as earlier mention, consistency is essential when using the product.


Does HairMax Ultima 9 Comb Work?

There are several opinions on the efficacy of laser light therapy in the treatment of hair loss. However, studies have shown that while laser therapy by itself is effective, a lot of people often do not get results due to their inconsistency in using the products. For Ultima 9, it is recommended that the comb is used about 3-4 times weekly for 10-15 minutes for a minimum of 3 months.

Most users that have been consistent with the use of Ultima 9 have claimed not to improve in the hair growth process. Although, HairMax does state that in some instances, there might be increased shedding in the first few weeks of use before the hair grows back and healthier.


  • Easy to use
  • Quite affordable
  • No side effects



  • Treatment may take longer than some other laser hair regrowth devices.


HairMax offers a two-year warranty, and five-month money-back guarantees on the Ultima 9 (depending on where you make the purchase).


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