The Weeknd Hairstyle to Renew Men’s Appearance

The Weeknd Hairstyle to Renew Men’s Appearance

The Weeknd or Abel Tesfaye is one of the greatest R&B artists of his generation. He was popular for his special song and action. Besides, his fans also liked him because of the unique hairstyle that he applied. Well, here, we will talk about some variations of The Weeknd hairstyle that maybe can be your inspiration to renew your appearance.

Of course, applying the hairstyle of The Weeknd is great. It is not only interesting, but you also could duplicate your idol, especially when you want to apply a unique dreadlocks hairstyle.

What are the best ideas for The Weeknd hairstyle to be considered? Let us see some complete writings below!

Fade Haircut as Former Style

The Weeknd Fade Haircut as Former Style

The first unique but interesting idea of The Weeknd hairstyle is his former style. This hairstyle is applied before he dropped an album named Star Boy. This hairstyle is unconventional. You may see the unusual combination between the fade cut and the long-dreadlock hair.

The fade cutting style for the sides delivers a clean effect for the appearance. Then, the long and messy dreadlock shows a unique look of the hairstyle. This hairstyle is like a palm tree but it is elegant to be tried.

Short Hair with Afro Style

The Weeknd with Short Hair with Afro Style

It can be said that The Weeknd hairstyle is close to the Afro style. The sample of the great Afro style of The Weeknd hairstyle is this hair variation. You may see from the picture the unique combination of natural Afro hair the short hair. This combination shows a simple but sleek hairstyle.

What makes this hair idea interesting is the nicely-trimmed hairstyle. The arrangement of the hair shows a perfect and elegant look of The Weeknd. Besides, when you apply this hair idea, you just need to do simple maintenance to keep the neat arrangement.

The Weeknd without Dreads Idea

The Weeknd without Dreads Idea

This The Weeknd hairstyle came when he released the Star Boy as one of his best albums. We may see that there is no dreadlock hair applied by The Weeknd. He applies a simple volumed hair on the top head.

Of course, this The Weeknd hairstyle is a simple idea with an elegant effect to be gotten. This hair is easy to style and it doesn’t need any special maintenance to keep it great. Besides, to maximize the result of the appearance, you could combine the hairstyle with bread and mustache.

Dreadlocks with Two-Level Facial Hair

The Weeknd Dreadlocks with Two-Level Facial Hair

It can be seen that dreadlocks become the base of The Weeknd hairstyle. Well, most styles of The Weeknd hairstyle apply the dreadlocks, including this hair idea. However, you may see that the dreadlock is short and neat for this option.

What to be underlined in this The Weeknd hairstyle is the short cut to keep a clean effect and appearance. On another hand, there is also a unique two-level facial hair. The detailed facial hair shows like a gradation. Of course, it will be very interesting to increase the elegance level of the appearance.

Head Shaved with Natural Frizzy

The Weekend Head Shaved with Natural Frizzy

When you look for a unique idea of styling hair with short and natural frizzy, this hairstyle can be one of the good options for you. Well, The Weeknd hairstyle here is a simple hairstyle to be duplicated, especially for you who have frizzy hair.

The short cut for frizzy hair will ease you when you want to maintain it. Besides, it also offers a neat look, so your appearance will be more elegant. As we could see through the picture, The Weeknd hairstyle is combined with the fade facial hair to increase the sense of maturity.

The Weeknd Normal Hair with Deep Waves

The Weeknd Normal Hair with Deep Waves

One of the rarest The Weeknd hairstyles to be seen is this idea. It could be seen how The Weeknd chopped his hair to a buzz cut. However, it can be an interesting idea, especially for those who want to renew the appearance with a simple look.

Of course, this hairstyle is very simple but neat. All you need to do is cut the hair by applying the buzz model. However, you need to keep the volume of the hair. As you see, the interesting matter of this The Weeknd hairstyle is the deep waves that appear because of the natural-frizzy hair.

Long Matted Dreads

The Weeknd Long Matted Dreads

Maybe, the long matted dreads are one of the most unique The Weeknd hairstyle to be known. It is an unusual hairstyle, especially for men. However, for those who want to style their appearance uniquely moreover they have a natural frizzy hair characteristic, they could apply this idea of hairstyle.

The uniqueness of this The Weeknd hairstyle is the combination of the faded sides with long dreadlocks hair on the top. Maybe, it is like a punk hairstyle when the top hair stands. However, in applying this hair, you may apply some certain maintenance to keep the shape and the volume of the dreadlocks.

High School Hairstyle

The Weeknd High School Hairstyle

For another idea to duplicate The Weeknd hairstyle, you may see his hairstyle when he is in high school. Through this picture, you may see that it is a simple hairstyle to be applied. The model of The Weeknd hairstyle is very natural. It just keeps the frizzy hair characteristic.

Is this The Weeknd hairstyle still relevant to be applied?

Well, you could apply this hairstyle when you want to have a simple appearance. Besides, this hairstyle also could make you feel free and back to your teenager.

Box Fade

The Weeknd Hairstyle with Box Fade

This The Weeknd hairstyle is an elegant idea to be applied. From the picture, we may see how great The Weeknd is! The combination of the sides fade and the box style of the top hair delivers an elegant view of his appearance.

This hairstyle is easy to be shaped and maintained. What to be done in applying this hairstyle is keeping the volume of the top hair. You also need to do regular trims to shape the sides hair. Besides, combine the hairstyle with the great beard to increase the elegance.

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