15 Best Shag Hairstyles for Men

15 Best Shag Hairstyles for Men

Men shag hairstyles are easy to style and have very low upkeep.  Basically, shag is a hairdo styled by layering the hair at the top and the edges.  Whether it’s tousled, long, mid-length, short, or layered, these hairstyles have obtained enormous approval by men around the globe, and the explanations are apparent.  Numerous celebrities have  worn these haircuts since the 1970’s and ever since then they have become increasingly more popular.

Red carpet mainstays like Mic Jagger, Rod Stewart, and David Bowie used to wear this hairstyle, quickly increasing its popularity. Because the shag hairstyle is simple to design and goes well with almost all hair types, colors, and environments, it is one of the most versatile and fashionable hairstyles for guys. The result of this is a crown-like hairdo along with the correct amount of messiness. You can decide to wear your shag brief or permit men shag hairstyles reach the shoulders.

An additional advantage of men shag hairstyles for males is that they are effortless to design and also fairly easy to maintain, although this depends on how long or curly they are. We have collected the ideal shag haircuts for guys.

Shag Haircut with a Bowl Cut

Men Shag Hairstyles with a Bowl Cut

Our team has been looking for men’s shag hairstyles with a bowl cut, and we have found them thanks to the Asian men’s hair trends. Having said that, this lovable hairdo includes a smooth twist that provides a contemporary feel. The men shag hairstyles represented by this bowl cut gives you an innocent appearance that makes you look much younger than you really are!

Shag Hairstyle K-pop

Men Shag Hairstyles  K-pop

In contrast to the bowl cut, the K-pop shag hairstyle has a lighter, more determined look. Black is the most ideal color for K-pop hairstyles, but you may decide to choose another shade.

Shag Haircut with Casual Style

Men Shag Hairstyles with Casual Style

Are you trying to find a casual men shag hairstyle that you can wear on a daily basis? Well, this is actually the right hairstyle for you. To rock this look, you would need to wear your hair a bit shorter. This is a versatile hairstyle that you can easily rock for both informal and formal settings.

Shag Haircut with Mullet cut

Men Shag Hairstyles  with Mullet Cut

Want a hairstyle that reminds you of the 60’s? The men’s shag hairstyle with a mullet cut is exactly what you are looking for. The adaptability and individuality of this 1960’s hairstyle are two benefits that make it memorable. Besides being surprisingly easy maintain and very easy to style, the men shag hairstyles is also very trendy.

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Spiky Shaggy Haircut for Men

Spiky Shaggy Haircut for Men

This spiky shag haircut for men is a significant departure from the usual workplace haircut. The bottom of this particular men shag hairstyle is mostly shaggy while the top is mostly spiky for a defiant, exciting look. It is a terrific look you can easily try this year.

Layered and Wavy Shag Haircut

Layered and Wavy Shag Haircut

The layered and wavy shag haircut is worn a little longer to ensure the hairdresser can easily produce surges. This laid-back style is excellent for casual affairs. It includes pressing hair to the back and the edges. The sides are styled to deal with the ears, and the back is style to accentuate the nape of the neck.

Tress with Faded Sides Shag Hairstyle

Tress with Faded Sides Shag

This shag style is characterized by long hair around the temples with faded sides. The long hair in front is combined with shorter cut hair on the sides and in the back. The lengthy locks on top are styled in a disorganized way by scouring all of them along with the hands in all directions. The haircut is quick and easy to design, taking only a couple minutes.

The Mop-Top Shag Hairstyle

The Mop-Top Men Shag Hairstyles

This is a terrific shag hairstyle for individuals with a dense the mop-top. It entails sculpting the long hairs toward the front and the sides. The strands on the sides cover the ears while those in the front almost cover the whole temple. The hair at the spine cover the neck, making it disorganized, but stylish.

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The Korean Blonde Shag Haircut

The Korean Blonde Shag Haircut

The popularity of this the Korean blonde shag haircut should not be taken lightly. The haircut includes long blonde and black hair, where it is designed to cover the ears on the sides and fall in the front, almost covering the temple. An exquisite hairstyle for many men that doesn’t require specific hair products to style.

Shaggy Short Haircut

Shaggy Short Haircut

To rock this shaggy short haircut, you would need to prune your hair to a shorter length as well as make sure nothing is covering the forehead. However, you must keep the hair on top relatively longer than that on the sides so that your have more options for styling. You can easily opt to tousle it or even keep it natural. For men with stubborn hair, you will need to use hair products to accentuate the amount of leading hair.

The Com bover Bangs

The Comb over Bangs

Color contrast are a very helpful when it comes to designing the comb over bangs for males. The hairs are brushed to the front for an amazing look.

Extra Extended Bangs

Extra Extended Bangs

When it comes to extra extended bangs for males, all we are looking for is a relaxed hairdo that will reduce the number of visits to the stylist for touch-ups. The two main features of  man’s hair style is extra-long bangs that partially go under the ears.

Surfer Shag Haircut for Guys

Surfer Men Shag Hairstyle

Are you a surfer in search of a simple and easy to maintain shag hairstyle for guys? Well, give this beach front shag a try this summer.

Shag Haircut Paired With Beard

Men Shag Hairstyles  Paired With Beard

Beards make a great combination with all men’s hairstyles. If you yearn for a new look and you have a beard, you are sure to grab attention with this shag hairstyle. You are going to look as manly and as badass as you can possibly be.

Urban Shag

Urban Shag

Finally, we have come to the urban shag, with requires swooshing your shag to the side and backwards. Don’t forget to leave a few loose strands for a more relaxed vibe.

If you want to see other inspired shag hairstyles, you may be interested in the Tom Cruise Hairstyle.

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