Jake Gyllenhaal Haircut for Men’s Look Masculine

Jake Gyllenhaal Haircut for Men’s Look Masculine

The haircut and beard of Jake Gyllenhaal have become one of the most popular ideas for men. Since men need a great haircut to increase the look of masculinity, the Jake Gyllenhaal haircut delivers a huge inspiration to be applied.

Starting with the Prisoners haircut, the way Jake Gyllenhaal styles his hair by providing kinds of a unique idea for both long and short hair shows a perfect balance between kinds of style. Well, whether you decide the unique buzz idea, the quiff, the slicked back style, or even the crew cut, the haircut idea of Jake Gyllenhaal is always interesting to be styled.

On another hand, the haircut idea of Jake Gyllenhaal can be applied to different hair characteristics. Of course, you could see the idea of the haircut and then consider the basic characteristic of your hair before applying it.

Who Is Jake Gyllenhaal?

Who Is Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is a famous actor. He was born on December 18, 1980, in Los Angeles, California. In his early career, Jake Gyllenhaal worked as a child actor in several films, such as A Dangerous Woman and City Slicker. Those films become the two first films before he starred in Donnie Darko in 2001.

Later, in his professional career, he became an actor for several famous movies in the world. He starred opposite Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain. His role here brings Jake Gyllenhaal to get a supporting actor Oscar nomination.

Other films starred by Jake Gyllenhaal are Jarhead, Proof, Prisoners, and Nightcrawler. Until today, Jake Gyllenhaal still becomes one of the famous actors in the world.

What Is Jake Gyllenhaal Haircut Called?

Many men asked about the name of Jake Gyllenhaal’s haircut. Well, it can be seen that Jake Gyllenhaal has a classic but timeless look hairstyle. His haircut is extremely popular and it can be one of the best ideas for men to renew their style.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s hairstyle is called back undercut. The name of the haircut is based on the layered scissor cut with no clipper. This cutting idea will be kept the hair on the ears and then swept back. Of course, with the simple hair arrangement, it will be easy to maintain the arrangement of the hair.

How Does Jake Gyllenhaal Style His Hair?

When we are talking about how to style the hair like Jake Gyllenhaal, there are some points that you need to consider. Some points to be considered about styling hair like Jake Gyllenhaal are:

  • First, you need to keep the volume of your hair. The best volume to apply Jake Gyllenhaal’s hairstyle is medium short.
  • When you want to apply the bead style of Jake Gyllenhaal, make sure that the facial hair maximally grows past medium short. The volume of the facial hair here will ease you to flaunt kinds of beard styles and increase the masculine look.
  • Most of Jake Gyllenhaal’s hairstyles are pushed back. Here you need to trim the hair, including the beard to get the maximal look in styling both haircut and beard.
  • You may need to use a mixture of gel and the styling cream beside a pomade to keep the volume and texture of the hair.

We are sure that the different people with the different exact hair characteristics will need different styling. That is why, to get the maximal result in applying Jake Gyllenhaal’s haircuts, you should go to the professional barber.

Jake Gyllenhaal Inspired Hairstyle

Jake Gyllenhaal has some special ideas for the hairstyle that can be your inspiration to renew your appearance and get a new masculine look. Here, for those who want to renew their hairstyle to get a perfect look, there are some ideas to be considered.

Jake Gyllenhaal Long Hair with Wavy Texture

Jake Gyllenhaal Long Hair with Wavy Texture
For those who have wavy hair, it is a good hair idea to be applied. This Zayn Malik Hair with the back trim will increase the masculine look. We are sure that you will get a manly style.

On this hairstyle, substantively Jake Gyllenhaal applies medium hair rather than long hair. Then, the perfect hairstyle is combined with a thick beard.

Jake Gyllenhaal Short Hair with Low Fade Sides

Jake Gyllenhaal Short Hair with Low Fade Sides
The combination of short hair and the low fade sides is an interesting detail to renew the style of a man. It is a very simple hair idea to be applied. The highlight of this Jake Gyllenhaal’s hairstyle is the low fade sides to underline the neat and clear hair arrangement.

Substantively, this hairstyle can be applied to men with different hair characteristics. However, natural-fine hair will deliver the best result in styling. Besides, this hair idea will be perfect when it is combined with a short beard.

Jake Gyllenhaal Crew Cut

Jake Gyllenhaal crew cut
The crew cut can be seen as one of the most favorite haircuts for Jake Gyllenhaal. This hairstyle is short, classic, and subtle. It is a timeless hairstyle, which can be the best option for a man who wants to have a perfect and masculine look through his hairstyle.

Jake Gyllenhaal Buzz Cut

Jake Gyllenhaal Buzz Cut

It can be said that the buzz cut is the simplest Jake Gyllenhaal’s haircut to be styled. Well, those who want to apply this simple haircut, do not need to apply a special shaping and styling from the professional barber.

What to be done in applying this haircut idea is just cut the hair short and even in every part of the head. Of course, it could be said that the buzz cut will show the natural shape of the head. To give another highlight, you may keep the front hair longer than the sides.

Jake Gyllenhaal Undercut

Jake Gyllenhaal Undercut
The undercut is the perfect Jake Gyllenhaal’s haircut to be applied. It is a modern hair idea, which can be applied to get a new appearance. The highlight of this hair idea is the buzz cut on the sides with the slicked-back upfront hair.

In conclusion, from several ideas of Jake Gyllenhaal’s haircut, the undercut is the best idea to be applied. It is a hairstyle that makes Jake Gyllenhaal more popular. Besides, undercut is a simple hairstyle to be applied and we are sure that it will give a higher coolness to your appearance. Then, the Jake Gyllenhaal undercut can be applied whatever your hair characteristics are!

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