G-Eazy Haircut: Kinds of Special Hairstyle for Elegance

G-Eazy Haircut: Kinds of Special Hairstyle for Elegance

The G-Eazy haircut now becomes one of the most popular haircuts for men. It is introduced by G-Eazy, the popular American rapper, and the philanthropist. The combination of quite sharp and extravagant haircut becomes the base of this hair model. It is simple but very elegant, especially for adult men.

In most cases, the haircut by G-Eazy is claimed as the slicked-back hairstyle with a traditional sense. Other people say that it is also a comb-over hair style with back arrangement. However, G-Eazy did some variations to increase the look of the haircut. Both traditional and modern taste of hairstyle is combined to find a new and more special men hairstyle.

If you want to replicate the G-Eazy haircut, we have several ideas and collections that maybe can be a new inspiration for you. Of course, by applying the new hairstyle, your appearance will be more elegant.

What are the variations of the G-Eazy haircut, then? Check the following writings below.

Side Clean and Elegant Look

Modern Slick G-Eazy Haircut

The side clean also becomes the origin of the G-Eazy haircut that will deliver an elegant look. This idea of men’s hairstyle provides a simple look and it is neat. The side hair is cut and it leaves the smooth hair –that doesn’t need to be arranged. It shows the natural look of the hair arrangement.

Then, the top hair is slicked back –as the origin of the G-Eazy haircut. This hairstyle is quite appropriate for men who have an oval face shape and straight-volumed hair.

G Eazy Haircut Fade Back Shiny

Traditional Slick G-Eazy Haircut

It is one of the best G-Eazy haircuts to be considered. The simple slicked back becomes the base of this idea. This hairstyle is quite easy to be shaped. It just needs to cut the sides of the hair for a low volume and make such a gradation to the top hair. Comb the top hair to the back and give some oils there for the shiny effect.

Although it is a simple haircut, the perfect appearance can be gotten, especially when the slicked hair is arranged neatly. There is a formal effect on this hair idea.

Comb Over with Top Gradient

G Eazy comb over

The comb-over can be said as the base idea of the G-Eazy haircut. The gradient on the top of the hair becomes the very essential aspect and soul of this haircut. Just like the previous idea, this G-Eazy haircut also uses slicked-back as the default hair arrangement. However, there is a difference in the volume of the hair.

The comb-over G-Eazy haircut has a thicker volume, especially on its sides. The thick hair sides do not make a sharp gradient to the top hair. That is what makes this G-Eazy haircut look so natural. Besides, the comb-over is combined with some front-arranged leaf of hair to create a more elegant look.

Slick Back and Natural Arrangement

hair slicked back with taper

It can be said that slick back is the main idea of the G-Eazy haircut. This hair arrangement increases the elegance of the hair with a neat touch. On another hand, the high volume of the top hair is also nice to deliver a perfect look, while the side hair is cut to make a gradient.

There is no any motif of skin on the side hair. That is why this hairstyle looks very interesting, especially for those who want to have a natural hair look with a formal sense.

Back Neat and Oily

G-Eazy haircut back

Neat and oily haircut back becomes the next idea of the G-Eazy haircut to be applied, especially for men who want to have a special appearance. The straight-textured slicked back hair is key to this hair idea. No exact gradient shaped from the side to the top of the hair. Maybe, the volume of sides and top is similar.

On another hand, there is a smooth beard coming from below the ear to the thin. Although it is not quite explicit, the beard delivers a higher elegance for the appearance.

Hair Slicked Back with Taper

G Eazy slick back

It is another variation of the slicked-back hairstyle by G-Eazy. The default style of this haircut is similar to the previous and most G-Eazy haircut. The volume of the side hair is decreased and the top hair is expanded.

The interesting matter of this hair is the taper added in the back hair. Well, it is different from the braid. The taper is simpler. There is a special pomade that will be applied to get the rigid effect of the hair.

Green Hair with Thick Volume

G Eazy green hair

Although it is not popular as the slicked-back hair, G-Eazy applies this hair idea just to upgrade their appearance. The most interesting point on this haircut is the color of the hair. Maybe, green is not a common color to use for the hair, but this green G-Eazy haircut is unique.

The green will be combined with the volumed-slicked-back hair. Then, the hair is arranged neatly by using the hair oil, so the elegance still becomes the soul of this hair idea.

Short Blonde Hair with Smooth Mustache

G Eazy short blonde hair

In some moments, G-Eazy applies the blonde hair to renew his appearance. It is a great idea for those who want to get a new look. Substantively, this G-Eazy haircut is very easy to shape. People just need to color their hair using blonde color for all sides of their hair.

Then, how about the style of the hair?

It can be said that the style is very usual. The volume of the top hair is thicker than the side –with maybe a level different. Then, for this haircut, G-Eazy arranges his hair more randomly than the other haircut to get a more natural view. There is also a smooth mustache and beard to increase the elegance effect.

Fade Hairstyles

G-Eazy Fade Hairstyles

This G-Eazy Fade Hairstyles is for you if you like going for a much more natural look as well as do not like observing a tutorial!

Slicked with Beard

Slicked G-Eazy Haircut with Beard

You will certainly require to make use of a G-Eazy Haircut oil in the early morning to make certain your hair stays slick throughout the day.

Short and Stylish

Short and Stylish G-Eazy Haircut

In the event you wish a more Short and Stylish G-Eazy Haircut design, you can easily regularly choose a straightforward haircut.

Comb Over

Comb Over G-Eazy Hairstyle

The Comb Over G-Eazy Hairstyle is most likely the hardest one to accomplish. Read another best look and style Italian Hairstyles.

Tutorial and Tips

G Eazy hair tutorial

Organize the fuzz becomes the very base idea of the G-Eazy haircut to apply this hairstyle. Then, there is also a gradient on the side to the top –with different levels based on the variation. Hair products like oils and pomades are also used to keep the texture and sections of the hair.

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