Chris Evans Haircut as Best Inspiration for Men

Chris Evans Haircut as Best Inspiration for Men

When you –as a man, want to renew your appearance by changing the current hairstyle, the variation of Chris Evans haircut can be a good idea for you. Well, do you ever hear about Chris Evans? For those who like Captain America, we are sure that you know this guy well.

Talking about the haircuts of Chris Evans, you could see that there are many hairstyle ideas to be applied. Some hair ideas are natural and others are well-designed. You may see that Chris Evans applies some ideas of special hair arrangement, such as spiked hair, pompadour hair, side part, or event slicked-back hair.

Most hairstyles of Chris Evans are medium with specific textures. On this occasion, we will talk about some ideas of Chris Evans’ haircut that could be an inspiration for you to renew your appearance.

Who Is Chris Evans

Who Is Chris Evans

Chris Evans is one of the most popular American actors. He was born and raised in the area of Boston. His professional career started when he had a role in the spoof Not another Teen Movie. Later, he plays the Human Torch in two Fantastic Four.

The best career of Chris Evans that brings him to get more popularity is when he became the successful Captain America and The Avengers blockbusters. Based on some information, Chris Evans has a net worth of around $50 million that brings him a successful American actor.

How to Get Chris Evans Haircut

Substantively, applying the hairstyle ideas of Chris Evans is quite simple and easy. However, you also need to know the ways to style it to get a maximal look at your hair styling.

To get the best result as the Captain America haircut, here you need to keep the growth of your hair at a medium length. The best length to start styling Chris Evans haircut is around five to six inches on the top hair.

Your favorite barber will work in the tip hair and they will try to find a way to sweep the hair back. The sides will be scissor and then blended with the top. Finally, the barber will determine the best styles of Chris Evans haircut to be applied.

Something that you need to know, there are several variations of Chris Evans haircut to be considered to get your new style. To get those inspirations, you may check the points below.

Long Hair with Side Swept

Chris Evans Long Hair with Side Swept

This hairstyle is applied by Chris Evans when he became Captain America. Substantively, it is medium-long hair when we see the detailed length of the hair.

This hair idea is quite interesting, especially for those who want to get a higher masculine look. The most interesting matter of this hairstyle is the funky frontal twist by the side-swept. The twist delivers a unique texture and volume of hair.

Short Hair with Spike Look

Chris Evans Short Hair with Spike Look

The short spike is a good idea for Chris Evans’ hairstyle to be considered. Especially for those who want to have a simple hair idea, we are sure that the short spike is what to be applied.

This hairstyle is very simple and the result is quite interesting. Here, Chris Evans keeps the length of hair around 1 to 2 inches and then creates a simple spike in the front-middle hair.

Hairline with Crew Cut

Chris Evans Hairline with Crew Cut

The crew cut becomes another good option for Chris Evans’ hairstyle. He applied this hair idea before debuting on Broadway. This hair idea is simple and fresh. The crew cut offers a clear result, especially by the combination with the slight undercut on the sides. Then, Chris Evans also combines it with a sleek beard to get a manly look.

Captain America Pompadour

Captain America Pompadour

It is one of the best hairstyles of Chris Evans to be applied. The pompadour maybe is a classic hair idea to be applied. However, it is still relevant and excellent to renew the appearance of a man.

This hairstyle by Chris Evans provides a sleek and neat look. Then, it is also quite easy to be applied since you just need to keep the medium length of hair and then slick it back using a fine comb to keep the texture.

Civil War Haircut with Side Swept

Chris Evans Civil War Haircut with Side Swept

It could be said that Chris Evans Civil War haircut is one of his popular styles to be duplicated. This hairstyle is quite interesting, especially with the long hair in the front hair and the tapered shorts in the back.

The main interesting matter of this hairstyle is the illusion of the medium length. Then, the side-swept arrangement delivers a neat hairstyle with high masculinity. Of course, to keep the texture and volume of the hair, you need to apply a wax or another hair product.

Chris Evans Buzz Cut with Beard

Chris Evans Buzz Cut with Beard

The combination of the buzz cut with a beard is an interesting hairstyle idea to be tried. You may see the picture of Chris Evans to know how the result of this hairstyle idea. Of course, it is a very simple hairstyle to be applied since you just need to cut the hair as close as possible to your scalp.

This hairstyle offers a clear look and freedom. Then, it is contrasted with the scruffy beard. The beard itself will be very useful to increase the masculine touches.


From the variations of Chris Evans’ hairstyles, we conclude that The Captain America style is the best idea to be applied. This hairstyle is not only interesting but it is great with its neat arrangement. Besides, this hair idea is suitable for all styles and textures. Of course, it will give you freedom and a chance to style your best haircut.

This hairstyle also can be easier modified. Here, you could slick the hair directly across to get a new look. This new arrangement is also useful to create more texture. Of course, apply a hair product, such as wax or pomade to keep the texture. This Chris Evans style can be applied to different occasions, whether it is formal or casual.

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