Nutrafol Women Reviews

Nutrafol Women Reviews
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Nutrafol is one of the few hair loss companies that has a specific hair loss supplement for women and one for men. With the many Nutrafol reviews on Nutrafol in general or on Nutrafol Men, there are fewer done on Nutrafol Woman.

So, let’s go over what is in Nutrafol Woman, how those ingredients can potentially benefit you besides just for your hair growth, how this Nutrafol supplement is different than the other Nutrafol options for women, and what women say about it. 

What Is In Nutrafol Women

The supplement label of Nutrafol Woman is essentially divided into three parts. The vitamins, the plants that make up the Synergen Complex, and the remaining ingredients that make up the Nutrafol Blend. Each of these sections on the label has several different ingredients that can help you have healthy hair.

First, there are Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which have more than a daily dose in the supplement. Then, Vitamin D has three days’ worth here. There is 3,000 mcg of biotin and, finally, between one and three days’ worth each of iodine, zinc, and selenium.

Next, after the vitamins, the Synergen Complex starts with marine collagen types 1 and 3, ashwagandha root and leaf extract, and saw palmetto extract. This last ingredient is a CO2 extract, which is slightly different than how saw palmetto is usually used.

After that, this supplement has curcumin extract, which it states in parenthesis is also a curcuminoid complex. Lastly, this section on the label has full-spectrum palm extract and hyaluronic acid.

The final section on Nutrafol Woman says it is the Nutrafol Blend part. This starts off with L-Cysteine, L-Lysine, and L-Methionine. After those are the more recognizable solubilized keratin, horsetail stem and leaf extract, Japanese knotweed root extract, black pepper fruit extract, and capsicum fruit extract.

So, Nutrafol Woman has a pretty solid list of both plants and vitamins in their hair supplement. The last thing on the label is the vegetable cellulose capsule, which it says also has rice hulls. Below that, Nutrafol warns that the marine collagen they use contains North Atlantic Cod.

The Added Benefits Of These Ingredients

Besides helping your hair growth, almost all of the Nutrafol Women ingredients help you with other things as well. Going over all the possible benefits that each natural ingredient can give you would take far too much time.

However, we’ll hit the highlights of the more common and noticeable benefits of them. Vitamin A is most widely known for helping with your eyesight and your immune system.

Though Vitamin C is mostly known for helping with that last benefit, there is also some evidence that it can help with blood pressure and heart health as well. Vitamin D focuses on helping strengthen your bones and muscles while reducing inflammation.

Biotin has so many benefits for your hair health, but is also extremely popular for nail strength and skin health. Both your nails and your skin are just as important for a woman’s looks as her hair is. Collagen, like biotin, is amazing for your skin and nails as well as your hair quality.

Next, zinc may not be as well-known, but it helps with your immune health and with your healing. So, any injuries you get will heal just a little faster. Meanwhile, iodine helps with scarring but, more than that, is the top supplement for thyroid health.

Selenium has a handful of benefits as well, including being good for your brain, heart health, immune system, and a few other things. Saw palmetto has a few little-known benefits besides what it does for your hair too. Namely, this plant is good for your urinary tract and fights inflammation.

Nutrafol Women Reviews

But saw palmetto is at least more known than ashwagandha. Ashwagandha has many benefits, not the least of which are helping reduce your stress levels and regulating blood sugar levels. These Nutrafol Women benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.

How Nutrafol Woman Is Different

Nutrafol Woman was the first Nutrafol product besides Nutrafol Men. Since then, Nutrafol has come out with first Nutrafol Womens Balance and the Nutrafol Postpartum. But just how different are these three different Nutrafol hair supplements for women?

Certainly, women at different stages of their life have different needs. However, are these different needs enough to warrant a slightly different product? And, if these three Nutrafol products are so similar, is packaging them three different ways just a gimmick so that Nutrafol can make more money?

To get to the answers of these questions, the best place to look at is the ingredients of these three different supplements. However, before that, the purpose behind having three core products for women can be looked at.

Nutrafol Women Postpartum is, quite clearly, made for women after they have a baby. Many women have problems with hair thinning at this stage in their life. Part of this hair loss is due to changing hormone levels, which the postpartum option tries to help with.

Then, women who’ve just given birth might also have thinning hair due to a lack of nutrients, as everything in their system and all their reserves went to forming their baby. And that’s not including if they are still using up nutrients by breastfeeding.

Meanwhile, Nutrafol Womens Balance is for women who have hair thinning due to a different set of hormonal changes. These changes for a woman come right along with various functions slowing down, causing wrinkles and hair that slowly whitens.

All in all, it’s perfect sense that women in each of these life stages would need a hair loss supplement that is more suited to them. So, now we’ll see what Nutrafol did for each of these situations.

Compared To Nutrafol Postpartum

Even a glance at the label of the Nutrafol Postpartum is enough to see that it is different from Nutrafol Woman. The Postpartum option has all of the vitamins this one does, plus a few more. Out of the ones they both share, Nutrafol Woman has more Vitamin A, Vitamin C, zinc, and selenium.

Meanwhile, Nutrafol Woman has less Vitamin D and the same amount of biotin. What Nutrafol Postpartum has that this one doesn’t is a whole list of B vitamins. These are: Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, and Vitamin B12.

The second section looks just as different, starting with the very first ingredient. Nutrafol Woman has marine collagen, specifying that it is types 1 and 3, but the postpartum option has this without saying which types.

Next, Nutrafol Postpartum also has Omega 3 algae extract, shatavari root extract, L-Theanine, apple extract, and nettle leaf extract. None of these are things that Nutrafol Woman has. On the other hand, the postpartum hair supplement doesn’t have any of the other ingredients that Nutrafol Woman has.

This means the other option has no saw palmetto, no hyaluronic acid, ashwagandha root, or curcumin extract. So, basically, the only similarity between these two products in this section is that they both have full-spectrum palm extract.

In the last section, even the title is different. Nutrafol Woman calls this part the Nutrafol Blend section, while Nutrafol Postpartum calls it the Postpartum Hair Blend. Here the only similarities are the L-Cysteine, L-Lysine, and L-Methionine.

The other Nutrafol hair supplement doesn’t have keratin, horsetail extract, Japanese knotweed root extract, black pepper fruit extract, or capsicum fruit extract. To make up for that, the postpartum does have pea extract and sea buckthorn fruit powder. That’s a lot of differences.

Compared To Nutrafol Womens Balance

In the first section, there is very little difference between these two hair growth supplements at all. In fact, it required a second look for me to find the two minor differences between Nutrafol Woman and Nutrafol Womens Balance.

These two differences were simply that these two products have different amounts of biotin and zinc. The different vitamins here are all the exact same. It is simply that Nutrafol Woman has 3,000 mcg of biotin compared to the 2,500 mcg that Nutrafol Women’s Balance has.

There is also a difference of exactly 5 mg of zinc between the two, with Nutrafol Woman being the one with more. On to the Synergen Complex section, there are more differences; five to be exact.

First, Nutrafol Woman has hyaluronic acid, and the other does not. Second and third, Nutrafol Womens Balance has two plants named maca root and astaxanthin that this supplement doesn’t have.

Fourth and fifth, because of these two added ingredients, the other supplement has less of the ashwagandha and marine collagens.

The last section on the label has the two remaining differences. The first of these is simply slightly more L-Cysteine in this supplement. The second is the keratin, which is in this Nutrafol supplement but not Nutrafol Womens Balance.

So, with two differences in the first section, five in the second, and two more in the third, there are nine differences in total between these two supplements. Most of the minor differences are extremely subtle and are unlikely to make any real difference.

However, the two ingredients that were added and the two that were taken away might be enough to make a difference. Still, Nutrafol Womens Balance and Nutrafol Woman are not as different as they probably could be or should be.

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What Women Say About It

While Nutrafol Woman has a lot of good to it, in order to do a true Nutrafol review, it is necessary to see what women have to say about it. After all, Nutrafol can claim all they want that their product enables anyone to have healthy hair growth.

A claim like that doesn’t necessarily make it true. So, looking at reviews and statements from women who have used Nutrafol Women is the logical next step. However, even looking at reviews may not give a full picture.

Scrolling down through five-star reviews will only tell you how amazing a product is. Going down only the list of one-star reviews will only serve to make you think no hair supplement will ever work for you.

Some of both types of reviews won’t even be accurate at all. People sometimes give five stars and a short ‘It worked great for my hair!’ just because it is simple. People will also leave a bad review sometimes because their bottle was damaged, which has nothing to do with the product itself working or not.

Therefore, to really understand Nutrafol Woman, it is necessary to look at both types of reviews. So, starting with the good ones, we’ll see what people have to say about this hair supplement.

The first noteworthy and great thing about the Nutrafol Woman review I saw was that there were pictures! Of course, Nutrafol has pictures on their website that show the results. However, with those professionally looking pictures, it may make you wonder if that was a real user or not.

Therefore, the different pictures of women in the reviews of Nutrafol Woman on Amazon are certainly a good thing. You’ll even see before and after pictures there, which is better.

Aside from those, the longer reviews are where the metaphorical meat of the matter is. Fortunately, there are plenty of long reviews to look at.

For starters, there is one where a woman says she waited several months before reviewing so that she could tell all about it. At first, she noted that there was no hair regrowth, but instead she simply started having less hair shedding.

It was only then that her finer hairs started getting thicker. She doesn’t think that her hair is growing faster, but knows that it is thicker and shinier. Besides that, she also said it helped with her sleeping problems.

It also seemed to help with her eyebrow hairs without doing anything unwanted in the area of facial hairs. In short, she feels that Nutrafol is entirely worth what she admitted was a fairly high price.

She is not the only one to notice slower hair thinning first. A few smaller reviews like these say the same:

Nutrafol Women Reviews

Nutrafol Women Reviews

Another woman said she only noticed slower hair shedding after the second month. However, in the first month, she noticed an improvement in her mood and that her skin was clearer from acne. It was only after seven months that she felt she hit the peak of what Nutrafol could give her.

And here are a few more:

Nutrafol Women Reviews

Nutrafol Women Reviews

The Bad Things About Nutrafol Woman

Bad reviews beyond ‘It didn’t work.’ are actually harder to find than you might think. However, long and detailed negative reviews are there if you look hard enough. You also have to overlook reviews on the customer service and the shipping, which won’t tell you at all if Nutrafol worked or didn’t work.

One very useful thing more than one Nutrafol review talked about was autoimmune disorders. Multiple people with an autoimmune disorder complained that Nutrafol had horrible side effects for them. One mentioned that she, after research, found that ashwagandha was the likely culprit.

According to her, this plant is a terrible one for those with this type of problem. A different woman with this problem said she was fine the first couple of days, but felt worse with every dose, not realizing the cause at first. After the first dose on the seventh day, she nearly decided to go to the ER.

The first woman noted that she read through all the studies she could find on Nutrafol. She saw that those with thyroid disorders (including the autoimmune one she had) had all been excluded from the study.

There are, of course, reviews saying that Nutrafol bothered their stomach in some way. However, Nutrafol warns that some of the ingredients might do that. So, I hardly find that worth noting.

Then, there are the random side effects that Nutrafol doesn’t mention. There’s the possibility that some of these aren’t legitimate or have some other cause besides Nutrafol. Still, they are short and sweet enough to glance over:

Nutrafol Women Reviews

Nutrafol Women Reviews

As a part of those, there is the occasional oddball. The following was one not even I could make sense of, as Nutrafol doesn’t have any ingredients that would cause that. So, you can take this one as an oddball example:

Nutrafol Women Reviews

Final Thoughts

All in all, most Nutrafol Women reviews look on this hair supplement quite favorably. That makes sense as Nutrafol Woman works for most women who try it. In fact, an estimated 80% of people get the results they are looking for.

It does take Nutrafol Woman a while to work, but most who get hair growth from it say that it is well worth the price. It may not be the fastest or have guaranteed results, but it is still a good hair supplement.

If you have or are using Nutrafol Woman yourself, be sure to leave a review here if you have the time. I’d love to know if Nutrafol Woman worked for you or not.

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