13 Female Celebrities With Hair Loss

13 Female Celebrities With Hair Loss
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Celebrity female hair loss is more common than you might think. These women are just ordinary women under all the popularity they have, and they suffer from the same things other women do.

These include things like cancer that requires chemo, hair loss caused by stress, alopecia, and other hair problems. However, I don’t expect you to take my word for this. Instead, let me tell you about some well-known celebrity women who have hair loss.

Each of these women has publicly admitted to having some type of hair loss problem. Some of them go into great detail about how it affected or still affects their lives.

#1. Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada is one of the most well-known female celebrities with hair loss, partially because she is open about her struggles with it. She was only 47 when she noticed her hair coming out in handfuls when she was showering.

Since she was a star on the TV show ‘Bad Moms,’ Jada hid her hair loss at first by wearing turbans while trying various hair loss treatments. She publicly came out about her hair falling out in a talk show and has since been seen many times proudly displaying a bald head.

#2. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley’s hair loss wasn’t as severe or as sudden. When asked, she attributed her thinning hair to the overuse of hair dyes needed for movie roles. Keira wore wigs to hide her hair thinning problem and to allow her hair to recover.

Though she admitted that she had been wearing wigs for five years, she doesn’t disclose when she is or isn’t showing off her natural hair now. Keira has hinted that wearing wigs for films is something she probably continues to do to spare her hair in a statement she made to InStyle UK.

#3. Tyra Banks

Tyra is very active with a number of different jobs. At one point, she was filming in a show, writing a book, and trying to stay on top of the business she runs.

It was close to the end of this time that Tyra Banks admitted to having hair loss due to stress. Fortunately, now that her book is finished and her stress levels have had a chance to go down, Tyra hasn’t mentioned any further problems with her hair growth.

#4. Viola Davis

Viola Davis had hair loss really early on in her life. She was in her 20s when she was diagnosed with alopecia areata, which is a severe type of female pattern baldness. Viola’s case was so severe that she lost about half her hair by the time she was 28 years old.

Viola wore wigs for a long time, even when she was inside her own home, never showing what was left of her natural hair until 2012. Since then, Viola Davis has gone without a wig more than once, saying she is tired of trying to hide who she is.

#5. Selma Blair

Selma Blair may not be as famous a celebrity as some of the other female celebrity hair loss sufferers. However, her hair loss was more severe in that she lost literally all her hair due to chemotherapy treatments.

When her treatments were over, Selma started working on hair regrowth. At first, her hair growth only came in patchy, prompting her to shave her scalp again. The next hair growth came in better, but Selma is using an ongoing process to get her hair health back.

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#6. Gail Porter

Gail suffered from what is literally most people’s worst nightmare when they think about hair loss: alopecia totalis. This type of alopecia is a less common one and involves the permanent loss of all hair. For most people, Gail Porter included, this hair loss extends to eyelashes and eyebrow hair.

As Gail was formerly a model and only 34 years old, she openly admits that this loss hit her very hard, making her mentally struggle with depression and other mental problems. Though she is over 50 now, her hair still hasn’t come back, but she now wears her bald head proudly.

In a news article from Metro 50 from February of 2022, Gail casually shares that she lost her eyebrows and eyelashes again. This was after she had started to grow back these areas, though she doesn’t mention if this small amount of hair regrowth was natural or if she was using a hair loss treatment for it.

#7. Jesy Nelson

Jesy Nelson is a singer who is usually seen with a head of thick hair. However, in a candid photo of her shopping, her hair was pulled up to reveal what was clearly a thinning hairline.

During a 2012 interview shortly after those photos came out, Jesy said that she had actually been diagnosed with alopecia when she was 13 years old. Jesy said that her hair loss was due to stress. She wasn’t famous at that young age. Instead, she said it was the stress of being bullied in school.

#8. Jemima Goldsmith

Jemima is a British journalist and activist. During her career, there was a situation where she was on a plane to Kenya that was hijacked. The stress of this situation caused patches of her hair to fall out a few months later.

This is normal for the type of alopecia caused by a single stressful event. Unfortunately, Jemima’s hair grew back in those spots solid white. Since her hair only had a few stray white strands at that point, she has since started dying her hair to hide this.

#9. Sara Sampaio

Sara is a model who is quite popular in fashion circles. In an Instagram Q&A post she did, Sara admitted that she struggles with trichotillomania. This is a mental condition that causes you to obsessively pull out your hair.

Repeatedly doing this irreparably damages the hair follicle, causing permanent hair loss in that area. Sara also admitted that she has thin areas on her scalp from this, which is only likely to get worse for her as time goes on.

#10. Katie Price

Katie started modeling when she was young, both dying her hair often as well as wearing extensions. Not only did that wear on her hair, but she also had five kids and a fairly stressful lifestyle on top of having to file for bankruptcy at one point.

Katie has a variety of different wigs, considering them to be both a fashion choice and a way of giving her hair a break. She even made a documentary about wigs for women suffering with alopecia.

More recently, Katie has had a story or two done on her that suggests she might be getting some type of hair restoration or hair transplant treatment done.

#11. Sarah Hyland

Sarah is most known for her role in Modern Family. She suffered for years with kidney dysplasia, a medical condition that required many medications, as well as the kidney transplant she ended up getting.

Though these medications did not cause as much hair loss as chemo, they still caused a noticeable amount of hair fall, including bald patches. However, as she recovered from her transplant and has been able to get off some of the medication, her hair has started growing back.

Besides being good news, the curious fact about her hair regrowth is that her hair is growing back a different texture. Whereas Sarah’s hair was straight before she lost it, she had noticed it growing back in curly.

#12. Alyssa Milano

Alyssa is a newer case of celebrity female hair loss, having posted about her hair loss in 2020. Alyssa is someone who has gotten COVID and survived. Unfortunately, she is one of the many men and women who started suffering with thinning hair because of getting COVID.

She did a candid photo months after she recovered from COVID, stating that she was still losing hair. In her post, Alyssa urged people to take COVID seriously. She later shared her favorite hair loss products, one of which is Nutrafol.

#13. Neve Campbell

Neve is the star of a movie franchise and had a rough time that caused her to develop alopecia areata. This type of alopecia causes hair to come out in patches and is also linked to stress.

This lines up with the fact that Neve was currently going through a divorce and getting hateful threats in the mail in addition to working hard. She was only 23 years old at that time, but since her life settled down, her hair growth has improved.

Final Thoughts

Celebrity female hair loss covers every single cause of hair loss a woman can have. Celebrities can be very good at faking healthy hair, but some are open about their hair loss struggles.

Hopefully, you’ve seen that at least one female celebrity has the type of hair loss you are worried about or experiencing. Many of these celebrity women have successfully regrown their hair, so there is hope for your hair growth as well.

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