Tocopherol for Hair Growth: Does it Work?

Tocopherol for Hair Growth: Does it Work?
Tocopherol For Hair Growth

Tocopherol is an organic chemical compound that is a form of vitamin E. It is typically derived from vegetable oils of soybeans or sunflower seed oils. You can find tocopherol in many products for your hair, nails and overall health. So does it work for helping have a healthy scalp? The answer is YES!

How Does Vitamin E Help Hair?

Having a healthy scalp is needed to provide the foundation for hair growth and health. When you add vitamin E, you will notice these benefits:

Improves Blood Circulation

Tocopherol (Vitamin E) widens the blood vessels in your scalp that increases oxygen flow and provides nourishment to your hair follicles. This boost of nourishment helps your follicles work more efficiently and will improve hair growth.

Antioxidant Rich

If you’re looking for a solution to damaged, splitting and broken hair, adding this antioxidant-rich formula can help reverse damage and improve your scalp health!

Balances pH Levels and Oil Production

When the pH level of your scalp is imbalanced, you can see excess oil. If you have too much oil it can start to clog your hair follicles, causing problems including dandruff, itching, and hair fall. When you add vitamin E, it will counter this problem and balance pH level and correcting the overproduction of oil.

Conditions Your Hair

Vitamin E is full of properties that seal in moisture to keep your hair conditioned. When you use it regularly, this vitamin will help tackle any problems with dryness. This can keep your hair smooth, strong, and shiny!

Vitamin E for hair

How To Utilize It

The first way to utilize Vitamin E for your hair growth is to eat foods that are rich in it! While external nourishment is important for hair growth, don’t underestimate the power of a proper diet and internal nourishment! When you eat foods that are full of vitamin E, you will be providing your body with the added nourishment that it needs. You can find vitamin E in these foods:

You can also take a daily vitamin E supplement that are available over the counter. These tablets are popular for people who experience hair fall problems. The recommended dosage is 400 IU of vitamin E daily. Please do not take more than 1000 IU of vitamin E daily as it can have negative side effects like thinning of your blood and other complications. If you’re going to take more than the recommended dosage, please consult your doctor before beginning this supplement.

Another way you can get the benefits of vitamin E is through using shampoos and other hair care products with it added. There are numerous products on the market that provide extra vitamin E for those looking to nourish their hair. We recommend choosing one that is free of sulfates and parabens. A few of our favorites include:

But remember, shampoo alone can not boost your hair growth. You’ll need to add a healthy consumption of vitamin E to your diet as well to fully experience the benefits.

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