Resveratrol: What Does it Do for Hair Loss

Resveratrol: What Does it Do for Hair Loss
Resveratrol: What Does It Do For Hair Loss

Resveratrol is something you’ll want to know more about. Why? It’s a simple thing to add to your diet, and can genuinely help with hair loss without a long list of possible side effects.

What Is Resveratrol and How Does it Affect Your Hair?

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring flavonoid. It protects our cells, especially our skin cells, from getting damaged. One thing that can damage our cells is simple wear and tear of life. This being the case, resveratrol actually slows down their aging. In fact, it’s sometimes said to be a fountain of youth. It can help you look younger.

But, what does this have to do with your hair?

First, the natural effect of aging can cause hair loss and graying. Secondly, your scalp may be slightly different from the rest of your body, but it’s still skin. It can benefit from resveratrol just as much as the rest of your skin.

Another thing that this flavonoid does is it helps keep your arteries clear and your blood flowing properly. Yeah for helping your circulation! Besides, good circulation is good for your hair and helps prevent hair loss.

Keep in mind, better circulation means your body is in a healthier state. A healthy body means healthier hair. It’s a win-win.

Resveratrol is also an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation can be a contributing factor when it comes to reasons why you might lose your hair. Tackling inflammation issues can help save your hair from falling out.

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How To Get Resveratrol In Your System

Now that you know a little bit more about resveratrol, the next thing that you are probably wondering about is how you get this substance in your system. One of the best ways that you can do this is by eating foods that have this in them.

Nuts, including peanut butter even though it is technically not a nut, all have some amount of resveratrol in them. Dark chocolate is another food that most people enjoy. Then there are grapes, red grapes in particular, and the resveratrol is even found in the wine that is made from grapes as well.

Other foods include berries such as blueberries, raspberries, and mulberries in particular. One thing that you should know when eating these foods is that the highest amount of resveratrol is found in the skin. Therefore, any wine or food which has these peeled first it also taking out the resveratrol.

Besides eating these and other foods that have this flavonoid in them, you can also get this in supplement form and take it as a pill with your food without having to change your diet at all. There are plenty of different supplements that you can choose from too.

Finally, there are some prescription medications that have resveratrol in them, sometimes along with other things. You have to go to a doctor in order to get these, but the good thing about this is that your doctor will be able to prescribe the right one for you.

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Possible Side Effects of Resveratrol

Just because resveratrol is something that is completely natural, this does not mean that if you overload your system with it that there will not be any side effects. While side effects are rare, they can happen sometimes, which is why you should know what these are and watch for them.

One thing that you should consider before you take this in a supplement form is the fact that in helping your circulation it can also thin your blood a little. If you are already on a blood thinner for a medical condition, then this could make your blood even thinner.

Normally this is not too big of a deal, however no one can predict when they might get cut or otherwise hurt, so it is best to take this into consideration. You do not want to end up in the ER because you can’t stop the bleeding from a small cut.

The other side effect that it is possible to experience is the fact that resveratrol can boost the amount of estrogen in your body. While in some cases you may not even notice this change in your body, there are certain medical conditions and situations in which this can be a very bad thing.

Other, milder side effects can include things like loose stools and nausea. All in all, the possible side effects are nowhere near as bad as some of those listed for popular hair loss treatments. However, you should still talk to your doctor before you start taking it as a supplement so that they can tell you if you should do so or not.


Resveratrol, like many other vitamins and things that are found naturally in the body, is a great way that you can boost your hair growth without a lot of negative effects. While there are some side effects that can happen if you take too much, this is very hard to do if you are simply adding more foods into your diet that contain it.

This flavonoid has a host of benefits that make it worthwhile to take it for things other than hair loss, even going so far as to help prevent cancer. This makes it a great preventative option if you want to stop your hair loss before it even starts.

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