Liquid Biotin For Hair Growth

Liquid Biotin For Hair Growth
Biotin (vitamin B7). Structural chemical formula and molecule model. Vector illustration

Biotin is something you may already be taking for your thinning hair. However, if a regular biotin supplement is giving you some benefits for your hair growth, but you want more, then liquid biotin is something that you should look at.

Using liquid biotin for hair growth is something that will allow you to absorb the biotin more quickly. Biotin in this form has extra strength to it as well, so it is more potent, and you get more biotin in your system.

Liquid biotin has a few other advantages as well, plus a few disadvantages when compared to a regular biotin supplement. There are also things to look for when getting a biotin supplement in this form.

What Is Biotin

Biotin, as you may already know, is also known for being a Vitamin B. Specifically, biotin is Vitamin B7, but it is more rarely called Vitamin H. As one of the B vitamins, it helps with energy levels, of course. However, biotin does a surprising number of things more than that.

For starters, biotin intake helps build up some of the enzymes that break down things in your body. Having your fats and carbohydrates broken down is something that is clearly important. These fats getting broken down is the reason why biotin can be taken to help with weight loss.

Of course, the slightly increased energy level due to the fact that biotin is a B vitamin is also helpful. Besides that, biotin also plays a part in your nerve function. For that reason, biotin supplements are sometimes given to help repair nerve damage and for those with nerve problems.

An important fact about biotin is the fact that it is one of the water-soluble vitamins, which is why you need a daily amount and why you can easily get depleted. This is why the prevalence of biotin in many common foods is such a good thing.

Things like eggs, fish, liver, dairy products, nuts, etc. are just a few of the foods that are high in biotin. These foods are ones most people eat already, but adding more to your diet is easy as well. However, some still don’t get enough biotin, which is why biotin is available in so many supplemental forms.

Biotin supplements can be found as pills, soft gels, tablets, and in liquid like we are going over here. These can have the biotin by itself, with a few select ingredients – like a B complex – or with a wide array of other vitamins.

What Biotin Does For Your Hair & Nails

While biotin has a lot of benefits for your hair, skin, and nails, those are clearly not its only benefits. However, if you’re taking biotin for your hair, you probably want to know what it does for your hair growth.

Healthy hair is made primarily of keratin, though there are other things as well. Biotin is something that helps encourage your body to make more keratin. Thinning hair is sometimes caused by not having enough of this.

This also is what helps with nail growth, making some of the same proteins and assisting with brittle nails. As for your skin, biotin helps with your skin elasticity. Extra strength is, therefore, something that biotin supplements can give you all the way around in these areas.

Top Liquid Biotin Supplements

Liquid Biotin For Hair Growth

There are many liquid biotin supplements for you to choose from. Some of these have biotin by itself, while a few have biotin mixed with other things. Though B complex drops do have biotin in them, they don’t have quite as much, so I will leave those out.

As a note, liquid biotin is not the same as biotin oil – even though both of them are in liquid form. Where liquid biotin is meant to be taken internally, biotin oil is meant to be put on your hair, skin, or nails topically.

#1. PrimeMD 4 in 1 Liquid Biotin, Collagen, Keratin, Saw Palmetto

This liquid biotin is specifically made for hair loss to help you grow the thicker hair that you want. It has a unique watermelon flavor with a little stevia for sweetness. This allows it to be sugar-free on top of it being dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and GMO-free.

In spite of its other ingredients, this PrimeMD product still has 500 mcg of biotin in each serving. This is far below average for a liquid biotin, but it is still more than what you need daily. The price is average though, being slightly less expensive than many other liquid biotin options.

So, even though this option has less biotin in it, between the nice price and the great ingredients, it is still a great option for your hair. The extra keratin will make your hair thicker, the collagen will help your skin, and the saw palmetto will help with hair loss due to DHT.

#2. Carlyle Fast Acting Liquid Biotin

This liquid biotin is a lovely reddish color thanks to the organic beetroot in it. It has a natural berry flavor, but no sugar or stevia for you to be concerned about. Though it doesn’t say what type of berries this is, it does show a picture of mixed blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

This option also has no gluten, yeast, lactose, soy, artificial flavorings, or preservatives. More than that, this biotin supplement is Non-GMO and certified as Ethnically Sourced, Good GMP, Packaged and Lab Tested in the USA, and has a Highest Quality certification.

This biotin from Carlyle has 10,000 mc of biotin per serving. While this amount is less than other liquid biotin supplements offer, it is still far more than what you need. What is even better is the price. At under $10, Carlyle offers perhaps the lowest price of all for their very good supplement.

#3. Purely Holistic Biotin Liquid Drops

This liquid biotin has an interesting vanilla flavor and has biotin as the main ingredient and the usual stevia. The 10,000 mcg of biotin per serving is also the usual amount of biotin for this type of product, even though it says it is extra strength.

What is added is the small amount of Vitamin D3, which can be a beneficial hair vitamin to take extra of with this amount of biotin. At first glance, its price is average. However, this bottle has double the amount of most liquid biotins. So, Purely Holistic actually has a cheaper product, and it still has its GMP certification and a few others as well.

#4. Pure Research Biotin & Collagen

This liquid biotin option is a bit more expensive, but it is a good option. This Pure Research product has 10,000 mcg of biotin and 15,000 mcg of hydrolyzed collagen supplement. Collagen does help more with skin health than hair growth, but it can help with your hair loss a little. This is thanks to its amino acids.

The natural berry flavor is common for liquid biotin, and it has stevia instead of sugar. It has its Non-GMO and a few other certifications, but it doesn’t have as many of these as some of the other options do. In short, though Pure Research has a nice biotin supplement, it is last on this list for a reason.

How To Pick A Liquid Biotin

For starters, you’ll find that most biotin supplements tend to come with collagen. Though collagen can be a little helpful, it actually doesn’t do a lot for your hair. What’s more, liquid biotin that comes with collagen also tends to be cheaper, sometimes even having less biotin in it.

This is why biotin for your hair growth is better to et by itself than with collagen. Considering biotin by itself does not taste very good, all biotin supplements that come in liquid form have other ingredients. These often include a sweetener, such as stevia, as well as a natural flavor of some kind.

When looking for a liquid biotin to take, you need to look at what these are. Some people think that stevia leaves a bitter after-taste, or you may not like certain ‘natural flavorings’ in it. You can look for a specific flavor, but the most common one is berries.

Finally, most liquid biotin supplements come with a dropper. This dropper may or may not have a line on it that lets you know where to fill it to so that you get the right amount. This is then put under your tongue and held there for 20 to 30 seconds.

Of course, saying one dropper full – or half full in some cases – of the supplement sounds simple, but it really isn’t when you don’t know how much you are supposed to put in the dropper. Unfortunately, not many droppers have any markings at all on them.

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How To Get The Most From Your Biotin

When taking biotin internally, as with any other supplement, there are things you can do to maximize your absorption. First, and simplest, is to take the biotin in the morning on an empty stomach. This lets your digestion focus on absorbing that for a while before you eat anything else.

Speaking of digestion, anything assisting with digestion will, of course, help you absorb all the nutrients you need better. This includes things like probiotics, digestive enzymes, and the different herbs that help improve digestion.

Though those are the normal things that help with any supplement, there are a couple of tips for biotin specifically. For example, certain medical conditions and medication do affect your biotin levels. In the case of a medical condition, treating said condition will help you absorb more biotin.

In the case of medications, you can see about having your doctor switch you to one that won’t affect your biotin. If that is impossible, you may have to wait until you are ‘cured’ or o to an herbalist to find an alternative method of treatment.

A Caution About Biotin

Though rare, biotin can cause an allergic reaction, especially when it is in such a concentrated form. These are normal signs of allergy, including a swelling throat, redness, hives, etc. But that is the worst reaction.

A lesser reaction to taking a liquid biotin supplement would be diarrhea, nausea, or a generally upset stomach. Your skin can also get some slight rashes from too much as well. Once more, this is exaggerated the more concentrated the form of biotin you take.

What tends to be even worse is the effect that biotin has on blood tests. When getting lab work done, especially certain tests that measure hormones, biotin can interfere with the results. These results can show the opposite of what they would have if you were not taking a biotin supplement.

This can be bad enough if you get something like a pregnancy test showing the wrong thing. It is worse when you are taking the hormone test that indicates heart problems, thinking that you are in the clear when you are actually on the verge of a heart attack.

The thyroid tests can be almost as bad if you get the wrong result. It is obviously a bad thing to start taking thyroid medication when you don’t have anything wrong with your thyroid at all. There are other blood tests that biotin can affect as well.

Since most of them give serious problems when the incorrect conclusions are reached, you shouldn’t take biotin right before getting lab work done. In fact, you shouldn’t take any biotin supplementation in the 24 hours before your test.

Doing so will mean a moderately high likelihood of incorrect results. These results can sometimes have fatal consequences if a doctor believes what they say and misdiagnoses you.

Final Thoughts

All in all, liquid biotin does not taste very good to some, can be spilled, and has a couple other disadvantages. However, this form of biotin also has far more biotin in it than the other types of supplements. And it is in an easier form to absorb.

True, this B vitamin is somewhat more expensive in this form when compared to the cost of it as a pill. This type of biotin supplement is still worth getting for many people, though. If biotin helps your hair growth a little but not enough, then liquid biotin should help with hair regrowth even more.

Those with a biotin deficiency will still notice a bigger difference on their hair health. Having healthy skin and strong nails as well is simply a bonus.

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