How To Make a Hibiscus Hair Mask At Home

How To Make a Hibiscus Hair Mask At Home
Hibiscus Hair Mask

Are you concerned about your falling hair? Are you worried that your once shiny and smooth hair is gradually losing its beauty and firmness? If you are in this category, chances are that you’ve not tried out the magical power of the hibiscus hair mask.

If you are not aware of this hair treatment solution, then this article has you covered. Hibiscus is one of the best herbs in the market that offers incredible health and hair benefits.

In fact, across the United States and the rest of the world, hibiscus has gained popularity among men and women battling hair loss and graying.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make a hibiscus hair mask from home for the treatment of hair loss and balding.

Hibiscus Hair Mask | Brief Details

hibiscus hair mask

Hibiscus flower is a rich source of Phosphorus, vitamin C, calcium, as well as riboflavin. No wonder this tropical herb is one of the major ingredients used in producing hair treatment shampoos.

When you apply this hair mask from hibiscus regularly on your hair, whether you are battling with hair loss and dandruff or you want to completely kiss goodbye to your grey hair, the results are simply incredible.

Plus, hibiscus flowers have some nutrients that can also treat health challenges like high blood pressure and menstrual pain

Interestingly, this hair mask is not meant for young adults alone. Ever wondered why some elderly people who are 60 years and above don’t have gray hair scattered all over their head?

The secret behind this is the hibiscus flower hair mask. It achieves this feat by supplying hair follicles with the appropriate nutrients to grow in its natural color.

So how can you make a hibiscus hair mask at home? We’ll take you through the process of preparing this solution at home. But before then, let’s highlight the reasons why your hair may be falling out.

Why You May be Experiencing Hair Loss

The following are the reasons why you may be experiencing hair loss:

1. Hormonal imbalance

Truth be told; the hormones in our body play a significant role in our body build-up. The health of your hair is not an exception in the role played by hormones.

Hormonal imbalance causes hair loss when there is a high level of androgens in your system. This is more peculiar to women. So, women should pay more attention to hormonal changes in their bodies.

2. Stress

Another major cause of hair loss is stress and anxiety. You will agree with us that stress is rampant nowadays unlike before.

Whether you sit in front of a computer all day or you’re an engineer working on a site, most jobs these days are stressful. There is a link between stress and hormonal imbalance. Whenever you are stressed, chances are that your hormones would be negatively affected.

3. Iron Deficiency

Talk about hair loss, 60 percent of the time, iron deficiency is the culprit. When you are deficient in iron supplements, it would affect the health of your hair.

This means your hair cannot flourish except you start eating foods rich in iron.

4. Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism

It has been proven that prolong and severe Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism can cause a significant negative effect on your hair.

5. Deficiency in Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is essential in the production of red blood cells. Plus, it also helps to stimulate hair regrowth. Remember, your body cannot make or produce Vitamin B12, thus you need to eat foods rich in this nutrient.

Now, you know why your hair is always falling off. The best option for treating hair loss is to prevent the above-mentioned causes from happening.

The use of a hibiscus mask for hair to treat hair loss should be the last option on your mind. However, due to the modern-day lifestyle, any of these causes may still creep in. Don’t worry we’ll show you how to prepare a hair mask at home using hibiscus.

Now, let’s briefly take a look at the benefits of a hibiscus flower hair mask.

Here we go:

  • The hair mask promotes hair growth
  • It prevents hair fallout
  • It thickens hair
  • It encourages fuller hair
  • It discourages premature graying
  • It decreases frizz
  • It is capable of boosting hair shine
  • It helps to balance scalp PH
  • It can help to reduce itching and redness of the scalp
  • The oiliness of hair can be reduced with this solution
  • It can mend split ends

How To Make A Hibiscus Hair Mask At Home

This hair mask from hibiscus flower is a hair treatment solution which when applied in the right proportion can leave your hair strong and shiny. Join us while we walk you through how to prepare it at home.

Ingredient Needed
  • Fresh hibiscus flower ground to a fine paste
  • 1 cup of Greek yogurt
  • 2 spoons of Aloe Vera Gel
  • Few drops of Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Lemon juice

You will discover that we added Aloe Vera gel, lemon juice, and Rosemary Essential Oil to the list of ingredients. The reason for adding these three items is to enhance the nourishing ability of this mask.

Before we proceed with the instruction, it won’t be out of place for us to quickly see how these three items can improve the health of your hair.

The benefits of the Rosemary Essential Oil

  • Rosemary essential oil prevents hair loss and hair thinning
  • It can darken already gray hair and also fight against premature graying
  • It encourages hair regrowth
  • It can fight dandruff

The benefit of Aloe Vera Gel

  • The keratin in Aloe Vera gel rejuvenates and nourishes your hair
  • Can strengthen your hair from root
  • Can balance your scalp’s PH
  • Aloe Vera gel promotes hair growth
  • Can relieve redness and itching scalp
  • Its anti-fungal properties can fight dandruff

The benefit of Lemon Juice

  • Lemon juice can improve the regrowth rate of your hair
  • Can tighten hair follicles
  • Capable of preventing hair loss
  • Can fight dandruff
  • Lemon juice can unclog hair follicles
  • It can also cleanse your scalp
  • Its anti-fungal properties can help to maintain the health of your scalp
  • Can control oil production in your scalp
  • Can stimulate dormant hair follicles

Making Hair Mask With Hibiscus | Instructions

  • Get a large bowl and mix all the ingredients
  • Stir very well to achieve a uniform paste
  • Allow the mixture to settle for about 10 minutes before applying it
  • Use sulfate-free or silicone-free shampoo to clean your hair
  • Apply the solution to your hair starting from the roots down to the ends
  • Allow the hair mask for at least an hour on your hair
  • Rinse your hair and make any style you so desire

Remember, the result is not immediate. If you’re applying it regularly, keep your eyes on your hair for visible results.

Here’s a quick video tutorial of how to make a Hibiscus hair mask at home:


Hair loss is something that usually takes sleep away from many people. And if you’re experiencing it, have in mind that it’s not the end of life. There are several ways to treat hair today without spending much of your money.

Browse through this site, and I’m sure you’ll find several ways you can stop your hair from falling and stimulate hair growth. Also, it’s important to consult your doctor for professional advice on fighting hair loss.

Be sure to check out our top 3 best product for thinning hair.

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