Best 12 Herbs for Hair Growth

Best 12 Herbs for Hair Growth
Best Herbs For Hair Growth

Turning to nature for your hair growth needs is a wonderful idea. Humans have been utilizing these tools from nature since the beginning of time for multiple herbal remedies. From curing ailments, to helping hair growth, herbs added to your daily routine can help your health goals.

Below you’ll find the best 12 herbs for hair growth, and the suggested ways to use them.

1. Ginkgo Biloba

Also commonly knowns as the maidenhair tree, this herb has been around for over 270 million years. The Chinese native herb has been widely cultivated and is great for hair growth. It has been shown to improve circulation and stimulate blood flow, which allows follicles to improve growth at the root level.

Ginkgo Biloba can be used topically, however the most common use for it is in tea form, as it’s easily digestible. There are also supplements available if you prefer a pill over tea.

2. Peppermint

This incredibly aromatic herb also offers healing properties to the scalp to increase hair growth. Not only does peppermint stimulate the hair follicles, it also helps soothe and moisturize your scalp.

You can utilize peppermint by applying the oil directly to your scalp or find it in products like peppermint shampoos and conditioners. You can also drink it in tea form.

3. Lavender

Your scalp will be free of any hindrances when you utilize this herb known for its antibacterial properties. If you are facing issues with fungus, parasites, dry skin, or other problems, you can utilize lavender to refresh your scalp to get a boost in your hair growth.

Lavender is most commonly used by applying the oil topically, however like many of the other herbs, you can also drink it in tea form.

4. Rosemary

Rosemary is known to improve circulation, which is wonderful to encourage hair growth. It is also known to be a moisturizer, so if you have dry or flaky problems with your scalp, rosemary can help clear that up, which will then allow additional growth opportunities for your hair. As an added bonus, if you’re having issues with premature graying, rosemary can help!

To apply rosemary, it is best used as an oil (or combined with olive oil) and used topically.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its soothing abilities for sunburns, but it’s also great for your scalp as well. When you use the gel from the aloe vera plant, it will go to work and help restore the pH of your scalp. This will also help moisturize your scalp and allow better hair growth.

To get the most out of aloe vera, apply the gel directly to your scalp and massage it in. Be sure to rinse to receive the best results.

6. Ginseng

This herb is commonly found it many hair products because it is known for its properties to stimulate circulation. The increased circulation is required for proper hair growth. It is also known for helping your strands be stronger.

You can find ginseng in oil form or in shampoos and conditioners. All of which you apply topically to receive the best hair growth results from this herb.

Best 12 Herbs for Hair Growth

7. Horsetail

Although this herb isn’t commonly known, it is used in the hair care industry because of it’s strengthening properties. Not only does it strengthen, horsetail also helps hair from being brittle, which will help improve hair growth!

You can take horsetail as a supplement or find hair care products with horsetail as an ingredient. It is important to note that if you do take the supplement, be sure to stay hydrated.

8. Burdock

This herb is packed full of fatty acids and phytosterol compounds which will help your irritated scalp and reverse hair loss. If you’re looking for new growth, using this herb full of benefits will be a great solution for your needs.

To use burdock, you can find the root oil and apply it topically. You can also find it in shampoos or conditioners.

9. & 10. Saw Palmetto & Stinging Nettle

If your hair growth is inhibited by a hormonal imbalance, combining saw palmetto and stinging needle topically can help stop hair loss and improve growth results. These herbs help control the overproduction of DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

The most common way to utilize these herbs is through a supplement.

11. Coriander

This herb is known for fighting hair loss and boosting hair growth. It is nutrient-rich, which helps keep your scalp clean and your hair strong.

There are many different ways to utilize coriander. You can juice the leaves and apply the juice to your scalp, then wash with shampoo after one hour. You can also mix the powder form with your hair oil, then massage it into your scalp. This will help stimulate the hair follicles.

12. Rose Petals

If your scalp is irritated, whether from psoriasis, fungal infections, or other issues, using rose petals that are full of antiseptic properties can clear these problems and begin to heal your scalp. When utilized, rose petals can revitalize your hair which will help new hair growth.

The best way to use rose petals is to add them to boiling water and creating a rinse that is applied directly to your scalp and hair.

Tired of chasing down hair growth solutions without the results you’re after? Make sure you’re using the 3 hair loss products known to work before experimenting with alternative solutions – you may be surprised with how effective those 3 alone can be.

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