Trendy Men’s Hairstyles For Gray Hair

Trendy Men’s Hairstyles For Gray Hair
Trendy Men’s Hairstyles For Gray Hair

Gray hair can mean that it is time to change a few things, including getting a new hairstyle. However, going gray can provide the perfect excuse to change things up a bit with a whole new look. If you are a guy who wears a suit to work every day, then the number one thing that can change your look is your hair.

Not all of the hairstyles that you may be wearing now will go well with gray hair. Some hairstyles look truly exceptional with gray hair, but some simply don’t. Knowing what some of these are can help you decide which one might be best for you.

So, if you are seeing those gray hairs now, here are some of the best hairstyles for men with gray hair.

Trendy Men’s Hairstyles For Gray Hair

Short Waves Haircut

If your hair is naturally wavy, then a short waves haircut might be perfect for you. When your hair is cut, it is just long enough to allow a wave or two to be clearly seen. This type of haircut can work with any color hair, including gray hair.

When paired with a gel to define your waves, this can look quite classy. With your hair going back from the front and the sides, it can go with a beard if you want one, or you can wear it with a cleanshaven face.

Mid-Length Haircut

This haircut is just a few inches longer than the short waves haircut. A mid-length haircut can look cool and stylish. It works with almost any color hair and either straight or wavy hair, though not really with curls.

While this hairstyle does look better with thicker hair, it works great even with a receding hairline. If your hair is just a little thin, it can make your hair seem a little thicker if you do it just right too. Finally, a mid-length cut looks even better with a little bit of stubble or facial hair.

Long Haircut

Long haircuts are not suited for every guy out there. Usually, when men have long hair, it goes to a few inches below the line of their shoulders, though some go a little longer or shorter than that. This is one hairstyle that it doesn’t really matter what your hair color is or if your hair is straight or curly.

You can wear your hair either loose and flowing, or you can pull back the sides with a thin strip of leather. Paired with a pair of sunglasses and a leather jacket, this trendy look can seem to scream biker gang or rock and roll.

Either way, long hair is definitely a look that you can rock. It doesn’t even require your hair to be thick and full. You can easily still look great with long hair, even if you are clearly balding on the top of your head.

Light Layers Haircut

This haircut does look slightly better with a full head of hair, but it is perfect if your gray hair is a little on the thin side and you want to make it look thicker and fuller. While layers can work well with any color, gray is actually one of the colors that can best suit this type of hairstyle.

This is one of the hairstyles that you should never try to do yourself if you do not have experience with cutting hair. Getting the layers just right can sometimes vary a little from person to person based on the shape of your face and on the thickness of your hair.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a hairstyle that has been around for quite a while and that never gets old. While there are times when a crew cut is less common to see, it almost always comes back around. This is more so among sports and other environments since a nice, short crew cut can help keep your head from getting so hot sometimes.

A crew cut can look good with any color and with any hair type. However, if you are trying to hide a receding hairline, then this might not be the best choice for you. A receding hairline is not something that will prevent this from looking good on your though, so you can still give it a try.

Ivy League Haircut

This haircut is yet another classic. The Ivy league cut has been around for a while and is one that never goes out of style. It pairs well with any color or type of hair, and overall it is slightly longer than a crewcut in many ways.

Instead of the hair on top going straight back, the hair on top goes back and to the side more. An ivy league haircut can pair well either with or without any facial hair. So, while an ivy league haircut may not be the most daring, it is certainly worth considering.

Textured Pompadour Haircut

This hairstyle is one that can work with any hair color, including gray. For this style, your hair is longer on the top of your head and shorter on the sides. The hair on top is formed into a mound with the hair heading straight back.

In this way, it is quite similar to a slicked-back haircut paired with an undercut. However, in the former case, the sides are not cut quite as short as an undercut, instead this haircut transitions more gradually to the thicker area on top. Meanwhile, the latter haircut can also have longer hair on the top.

With either of these haircut options, it is best suited for men who have plenty of hair on the top of their heads. Wavy hair is the best hair type, but if your hair is straight, then you can use some form of a styling gel to get the right amount of wave you need.

Caesar Haircut

This hairstyle is, in one way, the complete opposite of the last one. For this cut, the hair is still slightly longer on top and shorter on the sides. However, the hair is slicked forward instead of back like a pompadour haircut does.

Caesar haircuts are best on either dark or gray hair, and they work best on hair that is straight. If your hair is thinning around your forehead, this haircut can still work. By leaving the hair in the front a few inches longer, you can even successfully cover up a receding hairline with this cut, making a great option if you are struggling with this problem.

Quiff Haircut

A Quiff is a type of haircut that requires a bit more care than many of the other cuts that men can get. The hair is cut, once again, to be slightly shorter on the sides than it is on the top. The area where the hair is kept the longest is right on top of the forehead.

Then, using a hairdryer and plenty of styling gel, the longer hair is formed in a very specific way. Often a form of wax is used so that the hair stays stiffly in its place. The hair is formed to go up and back, how high and how far back is entirely dependent on you.

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Taper Fade Haircut

A taper fade cut is one of the cuts that have the longer hair on top with the shorter hair on the side. However, unlike with a usual undercut, the hair gradually tapers from being long on top to nothing but skin by the time it reaches your sideburns.

This works great with a beard that can taper from nothing around your sideburns to having the longest hair at the bottom of your chin. A taper fade cut does need fairly frequent trims so that it stays looking just right.

The taper fade is one of the best possible hairstyles for curly hair. It can look quite charming, and it lets the hair at the top of your head show your curls off a little without having any curls on your neck or ears to make you hot.

Faux Hawk Haircut

This haircut is sometimes also referred to as the peaked cut. Whatever you call it, the hair is kept fairly short all the way around, but it gets just a little longer above your forehead. The grain of your hair comes forward and down towards your forehead.

However, instead of your hair coming down and onto your forehead, it instead goes up at that point. This forms a sort of peak, which is why it is sometimes referred to as a peaked cut besides its name of the faux hawk haircut.

Tousled Haircut

A tousled haircut is one that requires very little care. Your hair is cut for the most part all a few inches away from your scalp, though this can give it the appearance of a bit of layering. Depending on the shape of your face, this hair can be set going in any direction that you want it to.

It is kept short enough to not require any hair products if you don’t want to use any. Simply run your fingers through your hair haphazardly through your hair to get the right tousled look and then go about your day.

If you tend to run your fingers through your hair anyway and usually end up messing up your hair, then this is a perfect haircut for you to consider no matter what color your hair is. This somewhat messy hairstyle will make it seem intentional and fun without being too unprofessional.

Comb Over Haircut

This hairstyle requires your hair to be cut in what might seem to be a strange way. You will need to look at your hair and decide in advance where your part line is going to be and if you are going to wear your part line to the right or to the left. Once your hair is cut to suit that, you won’t be able to change your part line without getting a new haircut.

This is because comb over haircuts tend to have slightly shorter hair to the small side of the part and longer hair on the larger side. The longer hair is then combed over straight to the side, not going back at all. It is a fairly classic look, and it can help to hide thinning hair and a receding hairline too.

How You Can Choose The Right Hairstyle For Your Gray Hair

How the stress of fight or flight turns hair white

Choosing the right haircut can be hard if you have gray hair, even if you know what hairstyles look good with gray hair. However, there are things that you can keep in mind that will help you choose the right cut for you.

Firstly, keep in mind that your hairline can play a large part in what would or would not look good on you. Some hairstyles can look great no matter where your hairline falls at, whereas others do not look so good if your hairline is already starting to show signs of receding.

Along with this is whether or not you are trying to hide your hairline. Some men do not care about their hairline and, therefore, do not care if their haircut makes their receding hairline visible or not. If this is something that you care about, then you will want to pick a haircut that covers up your hairline somewhat.

The other thing that you should consider when choosing a hairstyle is how much time you are willing to put into it. If you don’t like to bother with your hair at all, then something like a crew cut would likely suit you best.

Crew cuts, and other cuts like it, do not require you to do a lot with your hair on a regular basis. What is more is the fact that if your hair grows out a little it can still look good, allowing you to take your time between haircuts.

Other hairstyles, like the Quiff, are less hassle-free. In fact, this haircut requires daily care to get the hair on top of your head laying just right. If you are not willing to spend this needed time on your hair, then this haircut is not the right hairstyle for you.

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