Ginger For Hair Loss Before And After Effects (Step By Step Guide)

Ginger For Hair Loss

In this “Ginger for Hair Loss Before and After Effects” blog post, I’ll show you how to use ginger for hair growth and hair thickening as well as how to use it for the treatment of hair loss and dandruff.

So, I advise that you read this post to the end as you’re about to learn something that will put an end to your hair loss problems.

Now, if you went to bed as you did last night, and woke up with the hairstyle of an 80’s rock star, you really have to read this. It turns out that ginger – yes, the same ginger that is easily found in every kitchen – is basically the hair medicine of the 21st century.

If you’ve been looking for answers to some of these questions:

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  • Etc.

Then this article is specifically meant for you. We’re not only going to show you some of the benefits of ginger on hair, but you’ll also learn how to use ginger and even ginger extract to promote hair growth.

That said, let’s quickly get started with the ginger for hair growth before and after post:

Ginger Oil For Hair Growth

Ginger For Hair Loss

Unfortunately, growing and maintaining healthy hair is a task that’s not for the weak-minded.

This is because it usually comes with a lot of struggles and challenges like the embarrassing-length-phase, the short period of hair loss, and the constant desire to just cut it all off.

And while a couple of shears may seem like the most pleasing thing when you are suffering from one of these critical situations, there are a few strategies you can trust to ease and improve the hair growth process.

Ginger for Hair Growth
Ginger for hair loss, before and after photos!

You might not see it as a critical problem, but the state of your hair – whether or not you’re shedding a lot, fighting with dryness, split ends, slow hair growth, or dandruff – can cause and raise anxiety levels to such outrageous heights, you might require a twelve-step meditation program to eliminate it!

Which is the ultimate reason you should learn how to take care of your hair in simple, natural ways to prevent any of the above-mentioned conditions.

Is Ginger Good For Hair Growth?

Ginger is loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and even some antiseptic properties to offer you a one-stop solution for everything from dandruff, dryness, itchy scalp, split ends, hair loss, and much more.

Given the enormous benefits ginger offers when it comes to fighting health problems and diseases, it is no surprise that it has been used in Indian Ayurveda for a very long time now.

But, is ginger really good for hair growth? We’ll find in this Ginger for Hair Loss Before and After Effects article.

However, evidence does show that ginger is one of the best natural ingredients you could use to boost hair growth.

Whether it is to control a nasty bout of hair loss or to simply gain mermaid length locks, this natural ingredient has proven to be extremely advantageous in hair growth and regeneration.

According to Naturally Curly:

Ginger, also called “Zingiber officinale,” came from the Zingiberaceae family, which is nearly related to the turmeric and cardamom. Ginger originated in the tropical jungles of Southern Asia, dating back to over 5000 years ago, and is mentioned in ancient Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern writings and prized for its culinary and medicinal properties.   The commonly known spice ginger is the rhizome (the underground portion of the individual spears) of the ginger plant.

Some time ago, a Quora user asked the community if ginger can possibly help to regrow hair, below is what another Quora user, Sufian Sarwar, answered:

This proves one thing: that ginger is a really effective solution to fighting hair loss and it’s also great for growing absurdly long hair.

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With that out of the way, let’s look at how you can exploit these benefits in easy, efficient ways.

Ginger For Hair Loss Before And After Photos

The images below are from a lady that used ginger for hair growth, you can see the outstanding result. This goes to prove that ginger is fantastic for hair loss and hair regrowth.ginger for hair growth and regrowth


ginger for hair growth


Benefits of Ginger on Hair | How Does Ginger Help Hair Growth?

Below are some of the various benefits of ginger on hair:

1. Fights Dandruff: As you might already know, hair loss and dandruff often go together. This is because the dead skin cells block your follicles, resulting in hair fall. Interestingly, ginger has strong antimicrobial properties that help to fight dandruff.

2. Prevents Hair Loss: A fresh ginger root contains vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. These supply your hair follicles with nourishment, making them much stronger as well as inhibiting hair loss.

3. Enhances Blood Flow: The active ingredients in ginger: “gingerol,” helps relax blood vessels thereby boosting blood circulation. This helps to improve the nourishment of hair follicles, leading to faster hair growth.

4. Controls Dryness: Dryness is one of the things that cause the hair to become brittle, which often leads to breakage. Fortunately, ginger acts as a natural conditioner, controlling dryness by bringing back moisture to your hair.

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5. Uses Fatty Acids to Nourish The Hair: It might surprise you to know that ginger also contains chains of fatty acids like linoleic acid which nourishes the hair, keeping it super strong and healthy.

While these abundant properties of ginger make it a perfect hair growth formula, some people are usually confused when deciding what form of ginger to use.

Using the powdered form of ginger might not be the best option because fresh ginger root contains more of the important nutrients that make it effective for hair care.

Furthermore, some powdered ginger products may have some coloring agents that could leave a yellow tint on light hair. That being said, you can still use ginger on your hair to fight hair loss by following the DIY treatments below.

How to Use Ginger For Hair Growth & Dandruff | The Procedures

1. Ginger for Hair Loss

The process is pretty simple. Just grill ginger and mix it with plenty of water until you get to an appropriate consistency.

Once this is done, spread the mixture on your scalp and hair and leave it for about one hour.

Doing this regularly will help your scalp to quickly absorb the awesomeness that ginger has within.

You should notice a visible difference in your hair loss in about 6 to 8 weeks of constant use.

However, even if hair loss is not an issue for you, this is an excellent way to take care of your hair and prevent any dryness or breakage. It can even repair damage from the bombardment of other products that might inflict it.

2. Ginger for Hair Regrowth

Mix one tablespoon of ginger paste with any carrier oil of your choice – olive, almond, coconut oil, etc.

After that, spread the mixture over your scalp and hair like you would a hair mask, and massage it well as long as you can to boost blood circulation.

Leave it for about 30 minutes and then rinse with your Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean 2-in-1 Shampoo.

3. Ginger for Dandruff

You’ll need two tablespoons of ground ginger, one tablespoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of sesame oil here.

  • Mix all of them together and use as a hair mask
  • Leave it on your hair for about 30 minutes and rinse off with a shampoo
  • Do this twice per week to see results

Are these strategies simple enough? That’s typically all it takes to ensure you retain the stunning locks of your youth throughout your life.

Other Simple Ways To Use Ginger For Thinning Hair

Below are some other ways you can use ginger for hair growth, hair thickening and hair regrowth as well as to fight hair loss and balding.

These treatments have proven to work for a lot of people, and I’m sure they’ll also work for you if you follow the procedure accordingly.

Apart from that, you can also check out these ginger for hair growth reviews to see the other ginger mixtures that are effective for hair loss.

1. Ginger juice and Argan oil for hair growth

Ginger juice and Argan oil for hair growth

Argan oil is a beautiful hair and skin moisturizer; it helps to nourish the scalp thereby promoting hair growth.

It’s rich in vitamin-E and fatty acids, which helps to improve hair texture, leading to bouncy, long hair after a few applications. Finally, it contains antioxidants, which replenishes skin cells.


  • Take three spoons of ginger juice and heat in a pan
  • Add Jojoba oil and Argan oil to the pan
  • Massage it into the hair and scalp
  • Wash it off by morning with a chemical-free shampoo and conditioner

2. Ginger juice and olive oil for hair loss

Ginger juice and olive oil

This hair loss remedy can be used on dry hairs anytime. Olive oil contains antioxidants and other vital fatty tissues that penetrate the hair and scalp which helps to boost hair growth.


  • Peel off one ginger stick, and extract its juice using a hand juicer
  • Put the juice in a bowl and add the required amount of olive oil
  • Mix them together well and apply it to the scalp and hair

For optimum results, oil your hair at night and massage it thoroughly so that it gets fully absorbed.

3. Ginger and Moringa for hair regrowth

Ginger and Moringa for hair regrowth

Moringa leaves are rich in zinc, calcium, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, and manganese. It also contains vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, and is famous for its rich content of antioxidants, which help to maintain healthy hair, free from damage.

All of these ingredients, when mixed together with the essential properties of ginger, create the best hair care potion that ensures healthy hair growth.


  • 1 tablespoon of grated inger
  • A handful of moringa Leaves
  • 2 cups of water

Processing Time: 5 minutes


  • Boil the grated ginger and moringa leaves in 2 cups of water for 5-10 minutes
  • When the mixture has cooled, strain the liquid and put it aside in a jug
  • After that, shampoo and condition your hair, after which you should pour the liquid through it as a final rinse

Use this rinse once a week for the best result.

4. Ginger and onion for hair growth

Ginger and onion for hair growth

Onion is rich in sulfur, which assists in follicle regeneration. This combination helps in the stimulation of hair growth from dormant follicles, thus making your hair thicker while improving hair growth.


  • 2 tablespoon of grated ginger
  • 1 grated onion

Processing Time: 20 minutes


  • Squeeze the grated ginger and onion in cheesecloth and extract their juice
  • Use a cotton ball to apply the juice to your scalp
  • Wait for about 20 minutes, then wash your hair

You can repeat this process three times a week for optimum results.

5. Ginger with coconut oil, cucumber, and basil oil

Ginger with coconut oil

Vitamin A, sulfur, and silica in cucumber helps to improve hair growth while the antiseptic properties of basil fight issues like dandruff.


  • 1 tablespoon of grated ginger
  • 1/2 cup of chopped cucumber
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon basil oil

Processing Time: 30 minutes


  • Mix all the concoctions together until you get a consistent paste
  • Apply the paste to your hair and scalp in sections
  • When your hair is covered in the paste, leave it for 30 minutes
  • Wash it off with shampoo

To get the best results, use this mask twice a week.

Ginger Juice for Hair Growth

Ginger Juice

In this section of the post, we’re going to be talking about ginger root for hair growth. You’ll learn how to use ginger juice to fight hair loss and improve hair growth on the scalp.

Like I said earlier, there’s a lot ginger can do for your hair, and I bet you don’t know how to use ginger root as a balding and thinning hair treatment yet.

The ginger root treatment will promote hair growth, control hair fall, treat bald spots, and make hair thicker and stronger.

So, let’s get started.

Ginger Root for Hair Growth | The Procedure

To start, get a fresh ginger root and peel off the outer layer. Remember, the fresher the ginger root the more effective it’ll be on your scalp.

Now, there are basically two ways to use ginger juice for treating hair loss or the area where you feel you have lost a significant amount of hair on your scalp.

First Method: Using a fork, poke the ginger root tip until some juice comes out, then rub it on the affected area in your scalp. Massage it for a few minutes and do not allow it to dry on your scalp.

You can secure the juice on your scalp by putting on a shower cap or wrapping a towel around your hair. Leave it on for a period of 20 minutes, then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Second Method: Get a fresh ginger root and peel off the outer layer, then cut it into small chunks. Using a small amount of water, blend the pieces until it turns into a fine paste

Then, apply the paste all over your scalp with your fingers or a brush. A brush may be preferable as it’s less messy and the paste will get evenly distributed on the scalp.

Once you’ve properly applied it to your scalp, massage it for some minutes and wrap your head with a towel to prevent it from drying.

In the end, your scalp will feel the warming effect for some time as the Ginger juice stimulates your scalp and improves the flow of blood.

So, it’s essentially good if you start feeling the tingling and warming effect as it shows that the ginger juice has started working on your scalp, thereby reviving the dead follicles.

However, the good news is that the tingling will settle after a few minutes. You want to leave the ginger juice on your scalp for about 30 minutes, and then wash off using a mild shampoo.

It’s recommended you carry out this exercise often (at least twice per week) for maximum results.

Ideally, it takes between 2 to 3 months for results to become noticeable, so stay constant and positive while doing it. With time, you’ll start noticing some baby hairs growing on the affected area if you use this ginger juice hair treatment daily.

For people with sensitive skin, it’s advisable to add some amount of oil to the ginger juice. Coconut oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, and Olive oil are the perfect oils for this.

Combine the ingredients together until they’re properly mixed and apply as mentioned above.

Are There Any Side Effects of Ginger Juice For Hair Growth?

You should understand that ginger juice can, sometimes, cause irritation to the scalp. If you’re someone with a sensitive scalp, the warming effect and tingling sensation may be quite disturbing. Which is why it’s highly recommended to use oil with the juice.

Mind you, this treatment won’t give you magical hair growth in 1 to 2 uses, it’ll certainly take some time for your scalp to start growing hair.

Finally, watch the short video below for more tips on how to fight hair loss and grow your hair with ginger:

Does Ginger Regrow Hair? | Conclusion

Not only are these ‘ginger for hair loss before and after treatments’ quick and super easy, but they are equally pocket-friendly.

There is absolutely no point in spending money on hair care products when you have such efficient and natural treatment options at your disposal, especially if you cannot afford to pay for those products.

While maintaining long and beautiful hair is not for the uncommitted, these ‘ginger for hair growth treatments’ can make it easy, and with it, you will have the mane of your dreams in no time!

Now tell me, have you ever tried ginger for hair growth? If so, what was the outcome? Tell us your story in the comments section below. Also, remember to share this post with your friends on social media.

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