Folexin Vs Keeps

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Both Folexin and Keeps are popular things that many people use to help their hair grow and to both prevent hair loss and to regrow hair that might have already been lost. Either one of these options can help with your hair, but you are probably far more interested in trying to figure out which one of these might work better for you.

Each person’s body – or in this case hair – can react slightly differently based on a lot of different things. However, by learning a bit more about both of these options, you should have a much better idea about which one might be the right choice for you.

Folexin Facts

Folexin is the name of a single product that helps with your hair growth. Previously called Foligen, the focus of it is providing your body with the vitamins and minerals that it is often missing and which it needs in order to grow healthy hair on your head.

It does this by the use of natural ingredients such as Saw Palmetto and a variety of other plants in addition to vitamins such as Vitamin B6, B12, and the other Bs. On top of that are the trace minerals and things to help your body absorb everything it needs.

Folexin comes in the form of a pill of which you take two a day preferably sometime in the evening. These pills come in bottles that have enough in them to last you for 30 days. These bottles can only be bought directly from the company’s website.

You can choose to just buy one bottle and the process is just as simple as ordering anything from Amazon. Or, if you want to save money, you can buy more than one bottle and get the discount that they offer. The more bottles you get at once, the greater the amount of money you can save. Read our full review on Folexin here.

Keeps Facts

Unlike Folexin, Keeps is not one specific product for your hair. Instead, Keeps is actually a program with a number of different hair products, doctors that you can consult with, and with an autoship setup for you.

The Keeps program is specifically designed to help with Male Pattern Baldness, which is occasionally referred to as Androgenetic Alopecia. Other than having a vitamin deficiency, Pattern Baldness is the other most common reason why men in particular start losing their hair, sometimes in their 30s.

In order to use Keeps you have to first go to their website and click on a button to get started. Once there you must choose a treatment plan and fill out a lot of information about your age, health, lifestyle, and the state of your hair. You must also take pictures of your hair and upload them to the site.

This information will be gone over by the hair specialists at Keeps and you will be charged for it. After they review the information you have entered, they will get to decide what your recommended treatment is.

When that has been done, you can then order what they recommend or what you think would be better for you. There is a list of different products that the Keeps program can send for you to use. Sometimes they may recommend more than one of these for you to use at once.

Once you get these in, you are expected to track your progress in order for Keeps to be able to see if you need to switch to a different product. For you to stop getting your Keeps products you have to cancel your plan and you should know that their customer service only works certain hours and can sometimes be hard to get ahold of.

Different Possible Keeps Products

While there is a wide variety of medicines and hair growth products that Keeps can send you, there are a few that are more commonly used. The main three ones that you are likely to see the most often are Finasteride, Minoxidil, and Ketoconazole.

Finasteride – is a pill that you take once a day which is made to block DHT which is one of the main causes of Pattern Baldness. However, you should know that it is a prescription drug and should, therefore, be used with caution.

Minoxidil – is a topical treatment that works best on the crown of your head. There are two forms of this. One is a liquid requires you to use a dropper and the other is a foam, both of which have to be applied twice a day. This works more for the back of the head and not for the hairline as much.

Ketoconazole – is a shampoo that is used to reduce inflammation and dandruff. You have to let this type of shampoo sit on your scalp for a whole 10 to 15 minutes, so plan on longer showers.

How Do Folexin And Keeps Compare?

In order to get a better overall picture of how these two really compare to each other, it is necessary to go deeper and look at the finer details of them side by side. There are some similarities but many more differences.

Effectiveness And How They Work

These two options are completely different in how they work and what their goals are. Folexin takes a natural approach, uses no harmful chemicals, and focuses on helping give your body what it needs in order to heal itself.

Keeps works by using other things that are usually far from natural in order to block DHT and open your pores. These products are usually quite well documented and are proven to have good results.

When it comes to how long these two options take before you start seeing results, Folexin takes on average 10 to 15 weeks before you start seeing results, though some claim that they see a difference in their hair loss in as little as 8 weeks.

When it comes to Keeps, however, the amount of time it will take for you to see results can vary much more widely. Some products such as Minoxidil can take 3 to 4 months before you start to see results while others can take a few weeks.

Side Effects

As a natural product, Folexin has very few side effects and even these are quite rare. Sometimes it may give you gas or a mildly upset stomach, but this is usually the worst symptom you might experience. It also doesn’t have any noticeable smell or taste for you to worry about.

The side effects of the Keeps depend entirely on what they have you taking. For example, Finasteride is a prescription medication has side effects such as allergic reactions, pain in the testicles, and it can make you unable to urinate.

Minoxidil can cause things like chest pains, dizziness, skin rashes, swelling of the hands or feet, or it may even cause you to gain weight quickly. In severe cases, it can even affect your heart and breathing. Ketoconazole can irritate your scalp and cause redness, itching, and rashes.

If you experience any of these symptoms you should stop using the product responsible and possibly call your doctor immediately. Since Keeps may have you take more than one thing, you may not know which one is causing the side effect.

In this case, you should drop everything until you recover. Then resume one of them and see if the symptoms return. If they do you know that was the one you were reacting to if they don’t then you can try the other one.  

Price And Ease Of Purchase

As mentioned, you can easily get Folexin with no contract, fee, and without filling out any questionnaire about yourself. If you are getting multiple bottles at once, you won’t have anything to think about and you can get it for around half of what Keeps costs if you go with getting a number of bottles at once.

You pay for your bottles and they are shipped to your home and that is it. Nothing to do or to worry about. Folexin even has a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the results or wish to return it which is easy and simple to get.

While Folexin is very straightforward in the price with a great return policy, the Keeps program is less desirable. Since there are a variety of products, they cannot tell you the cost, though they do charge you a fee as soon as you sign up.

If you decide that you don’t want the medications for whatever reason, they do not accept returns even if you haven’t opened it and it is undamaged. On top of paying for your regular medications, you are also expected to pay for shipping and to have doctor consultations, though you can opt-out of the latter.

While the first doctor consultation is free, you will have to pay for each one after that. Also, if you cancel it takes an average of 10 business days to get your money back. Finally, though Keeps claims to save you money on your prescriptions, the generic options of these can sometimes be cheaper than paying for Keeps.

All in all, Folexin is the cheaper choice out of these two options. Plus, you do not have to jump through any hoops or wait for a doctor to get back with you or anything else.

Final Thoughts

Since Male Pattern Baldness is Keeps’ main goal, their products are definitely geared much more towards men while Folexin is for both men and women. While the medications that you are sent with Keeps may give you side effects, Folexin will only make your overall health better.

If natural products are not working or your hair loss is already advanced, you may like the idea of being able to consult with a physician whose expertise is dealing with hair loss. However, if you are looking for something that is affordable, won’t negatively affect you, and which is simple and easy to get, you would be better off with Folexin.

Another advantage to Folexin that I have yet to mention is that Folexin is the only thing that that company sells. Therefore, when you buy it there is no mix-up and their shipping is quite reliable. Keeps, on the other hand, has been known to have shipping problems.

Occasionally they will send and charge you for a shipment after you already canceled. At other times they may send you the wrong product, at which point you are required to send it back in order to get what you need.

One final thing to note, also in Folexin’s favor, is the fact that there is no plan that you have to cancel. You place your order and you are done. When it comes to Keeps though, it can seem like there are a number of hoops you have to go through in order to cancel.


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