Dealing With Facial Hairs

Sometimes you make these mistakes without knowing that you are making them. So I made a list of things you can not let happen to you. You should see this list once a week, just to make sure that you are sending out well.

First, notice if your facial hair is a beard, mustache or stubbly. See if they are the same length If your does not grow at exactly the same speed. If you want to have a beard but with a more visual preserved.

Here is how to hide a beard without shaving in case you don’t want them.

Let two equal parts You can use scissors along the beard. Or you can trim your beard with one of these here. Leaving all the same length

You are great Shave that by the neck. Now, shave in front as well as at the back of the neck. When the back of your neck is clean, it just needs a cut. And it seems that you have not taken care to follow it.

long beard

If you think you can not do this well, maybe you can ask for help your girlfriend, I even had the help of my “friend” once, it’s kind of strange but you know I felt safer when I went out later that night. Keep your eye on the your nose and ear. I’m not saying you have to go there and take it every day. Just be careful, take everything that is visible.

You can buy a specific side piece for your nose and ear but most people don’t need it. So feel free to use scissors only cut what is visible. If you are planning to go on an interview or meeting someone and try one on your nose. It may be the reason why you are not getting a job or a second date.

Sometimes we forget to use a moisturizer, no matter how his beard is good, if your beard dry or scaly, your beard will not look good. So what I recommend is to first wash all of your beard.

You know, shampoo and conditioner will work just fine for the length of their facial hair, apply moisturizer to your skin. Really putting in the beard otherwise, the moisturizer will not help much. Keep your eyebrows in order too. I’m not telling you to go out there and shape them in a specific way, I’m just saying do not let them get out of control. Just keep them clean and tidy.


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