Fu Manchu Mustache: Which Type is Right for You?

Fu Manchu Mustache: Which Type is Right for You?

Although the Fu Manchu and Horseshoe facial hair styles may look similar to someone who hasn’t studied this topic, they are very different once you consider the whiskers inserted during each style.

The Fu Manchu mustache style is characterized by a moustache that only grows on the top lip and, as such, does not hang from the chin. The horseshoe mustache is like a fu manchu, but the ends of the mustache also grow along the corners of your mouth, running vertically from just on or below your nose to near your chin. You can make it as long as you want by choosing how far down you want it to meet your jawbone.

So, in the Mustache style, the area of hair is longer than in Fumanchu. In this latter type you just have an upper lip mustache but with the former style they go farther and include a “pipe” on both corners of your mouth as well.

The Horseshoe’s pipes may resemble the Fu Manchu when seen in distance, but this is only because of their similarity to its whiskers, which are long strands hanging over the corners of the mouth. The Horseshoe is aptly named because what gives it an inverted horseshoe or U-shape are its pipes.

The World’s Most Famous Moustache

The Fu Manchu Moustache originated in the 20th century and is characterized by its broad, straight upper lip hairs that extend past the mouth. It also features two medium calibre strands that grow downward on either side of a small patch running from chin to mouth.

A tough and rough look is one of the identities of The Fu Manchu Mustache, mainly sported by villains. And the moustache can be attributed to the Asian culture where there are many variations on it.

The Ultimate Guide to Growing a Fu Manchu

However, you won’t have a Fu Manchu for long. The hair only grows about an inch per month, so during the growth period it’s important to trim your mustache at least twice a week to keep only the hair around its ends from growing. To maintain styling throughout the rest of your face, shave your beard every other day or so.

A mustache trimmer is recommended to shape the mustache and prevent it from becoming bushy. The Fu Manchu is a thinner facial hair style, so it should be cared for in order to maintain appearance. Keeping hair on the beard shaved off ensures that the residual of this type of mustache hang down naturally without connecting to any other part of the face.

Some men choose to expand beard hair over the sides of their face. Shape and chin the see as the mouth hair grows out. This is usually acceptable, but be careful that it is not a Fu Manchu until your mustache has grown long enough to hang without having build-up from beard hair. more read inspire Jarhead Haircut

Grow a Mustache Fast and Easy

Fu Manchu mustache growing takes a significant amount of time and effort. However, the process is worth it because Huilai does wonders for your facial hair. Once it grows to be at least five inches in length, you can maintain its growth by protecting yourself from the elements with oils that contain moisturizers such as jojoba oil.

Manchu Moustache Inspire

The original style

fu manchu mustache The original style


The Fu Manchu is the original style. There are no variations of this style, and it just hangs off the corners of your mouth.

Modern men are stylish

fu manchu mustache Modern men are stylish

Common men with beards also have their own take on the Fu Manchu moustache. If you want to spruce up your beard – comb it forward and braid it – for an arresting look that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

A Good Style for Round Faces

fu manhu mustache A Good Style for Round Faces


If you have a round face, the Fu Manchu moustache is best with it’s thin and short partition. The moustache does not cover your chin.

Fu Manchu with a Horseshoe

Fu Manchu with a Horseshoe


Fu Manchu moustache with a Horseshoe is a confusing variation of this style. If you are not sure which type of mustache to choose, opt for Fu Manchu with a Horseshoe.

Be Different, Try Waxing Your Mustache Sideways

fu manchu mustache Be Different, Try Waxing Your Mustache Sideways

If you have a Fu Manchu moustache and are looking for the perfect way to style it, try waxing it sideways. Part your moustache on one side of your face by combing some upwards with a small amount of wax as if grooming a mustache. Wax the other half of your mustache inwards and brush downwards.

Traditional Fu Manchu Moustache

Traditional Fu Manchu Moustache


To make a traditional Fu Manchu moustache, you hang it freely from the corner of your lips.

Fierce and Classy

fu manchu mustache Fierce and Classy


A Fu Manchu moustache is a style only capable of being supported by individuals with the capability to be icon. It twists effortlessly, but it’s your strength in carrying that makes all the difference. You can use either balm or moustache wax to maintain the shape of your Fu Manchu and give it an individual look.

Look Llike a Badass

fu manchu mustache Look Llike a Badass


Fu Manchu moustache with a soul patch wrapped under the chin is a great look to combine as it will help push focus away from your lower lip and onto the moustache, which can otherwise be bare.

Get The Look of a Celebrity

fu manchu mustache Get The Look of a Celebrity


While a thick and wide Fu Manchu moustache will cover most hair on the areas near your mouth and chin, there are other options to help you achieve this iconic moustachio look.

Stubble Trim

Fu Manchu Moustache Stubble Trim


Stubbles are a great way to add an air of masculinity or toughness to your look. Combining facial hair with stubble can help you achieve a desired look.

Look Manly and Distinguished

fu manchu mustache Look Manly and Distinguished

A Fu Manchu mustache is allowed to grow down the sides of the mouth and extends into a vertical line with wings that only extend a few inches up towards the nose.

Masculine Take on The Fu Mustache

fu manchu mustache Masculine Take on The Fu Mustache

A mustache that reaches from the sides of your mouth and down to your chin is named for a traditional Chinese character called Fu Manchu.

Fu Manchu With a Vengeance

Fu Manchu With a Vengeance

In this take on the Fu, you can let your mustache grow long at the sides and shape into two corkscrews. You will make a great impression with this quirky style.

Be Awesome, Feel Awesome, Be Hulk Hogan

fu manchu mustache Be Awesome, Feel Awesome, Be Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan has worn a Fu Manchu mustache since the 1970s. To get his signature look, put on a mustache full of volume via your upper lip and forgo any hair near your mouth.

Be The FU That Stands Out

Be The FU That Stands Out

To make your Fu stand out, add a soul patch to the center of your mustache. The soul patch is a small square or rectangle of hair just below the lower lip that will give you an individualistic look.

Fu Manchu Casual

Fu Manchu Casual

Despite what you may have seen in popular culture, the Fu Manchu is a style that does not require lengthy grooming. One doesn’t need to bother themselves with tedious facial hair maintenance each day; sporting a shorter ‘stache to display one’s sport more than sassiness can provide an attractive look for many individuals.

Prepare For the Fu-ture

fu manchu mustache Prepare For the Fu-ture

For this style, make sure the side strips are the same thickness and width around your mustache. You can easily get a full Fu-style mustache, with a classic East meets West twist.

Rock The Fu!

Rock The Fu!

If you are a man with a Fu style mustache, keep your chin closely shaven in order to maintain the shape and just grow out your sideburns.

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