Hair Loss Geeks
Basically what my hair looks like now. Not looking forward to applying sunscreen to my head!

“You’re starting to thin a bit up top!” my hairstylist said as she began cutting my hair.

“Really?” I asked as a sudden flash of a completely bald me appeared in my mind’s eye, “Oh sh*t!”

My entire life I was told that I wouldn’t have to worry about going bald since “you get your hair genes from your mother’s side” and my maternal grandparents never had hair loss issues.

My dad’s side, however, has major hair loss issues with both my father and cousin having basically gone bald in their early 20’s.

Eight years later, and my once-glorious head of hair continues to lose volume hair-by-hair on a daily basis.

While I’ve used products like Minoxidil, Bosley and natural shampoos like Aveda, I never committed to maintaining the process to help stop my constant thinning.

Because honestly, while it is an embarrassing ordeal, I’ve come to terms with it.

Hair Loss Geeks is a place for people either suffering from or embracing their hair loss and need a place to read informative articles about treatments, hair loss products, or ridiculous homages to the great bald men of human history.

Thanks for visiting the site, and I hope you find what you’re looking for!

Happy balding!