3 Hair Loss Products That Work

Throughout years of hair loss research, there’s been many “solutions” to balding. Some of these products have been more credible than others (based on anecdotal experience, reviews, and peer reviewed research). Instead of chasing down alternative solutions, below are 3 products that you need to be using if you aren’t already.

While these 3 products aren’t necessarily the only ones you want to have in your arsenal, they are considered essential among hair loss communities. Many people experiencing hair loss who try these out will experience some sort of hair growth over the first 3 months of use – the amount varying both on genetics and environmental factors. Additionally, these solutions work for both men and women.

#1. Minoxidil (aka Rogaine)

Minoxidil for hair loss

Why use it? Studies done by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery have shown that, in a trial out of 669 people, about 14% of the men experienced results within the first two months of using it. Around 52% reported effects during the second month, and 34% during the third month.

How to use it? Minoxidil is applied directly on scalp 1-2 times a day.

  • Pros

  • Clinically Visible Results in as Little as 12 Weeks

  • FDA Approved

  • No Prescription Required

  • Cons

  • Must Be Consistent With Usage

  • Works Better on Some Than Others


Where to learn more and purchase it? Read our full review on Kirkland Minoxidil (what I personally use because it’s cheaper), or you can dive into our review on Rogaine itself.

#2. Folexin

Why use it? Folexin is a supplement that uses well researched, all natural ingredients, that work together to help your hair grow thicker and fuller. A lot of these ingredients have been shown to greatly help with hair loss. Some of these include:

While technically not a hair loss product, Folexin plays a major role in supporting thick, strong, and healthy hair. When used with minoxidil it aids in the growth of new hairs. It’s crucial for the new hairs to be as strong and healthy as possible in order for them to keep (before falling out). In combination of Minoxidil, some users have reported significant improvement in not just prolonging the amount of hair they currently have, but in growth of new hair where hair was once seen.

How to use it? Two tablets to be taken on a daily basis.

  • Pros

  • Supports Thick, Strong, Healthy Hair


  • All Natural Ingredients


  • FDA Registered Facility


  • Cons

  • Must Be Used With Other Hair Loss Products


  • Often on Backorder Due to Demand


  • Results Can Take 60-90 Days


Where to learn more and purchase it? You can read our full review on Folexin here

#3. Ketoconazole

Why use it? Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal shampoo. In the UK it has been licensed to be used to help treat dandruff. However, it can be prescribed off-label to treat male pattern baldness.

In 1998 a study was done that compared the effects of Minoxidil (also known as Rogaine) to Ketoconazole for male pattern baldness. The researchers in the study found that both the proportion of hair follicles and density of hair in the growth phase (anagen phase) improved nearly similarly. This is to say, both Ketoconazole and Minoxidil saw similar hair growth effects and helped treat male pattern baldness.

4 years later, a study from 2002,found that Ketoconazole 2% shampoo effectively help inhibit the product of DHT. DHT is the male sex hormone that is primarily responsible for male pattern baldness.

A more recent study on mice demonstrated that Ketoconazole had a significant stimulatory effect on hair growth compared to a control group.

How to use it? You will want to use it 2-3 times a week when showering.

  • Pros

  • Research Backed Results


  • Inhibits DHT Production


  • Only Need to Use 2-4x a Week


  • Cons

  • Not as Effective as Minoxidil Alone


  • Not Many Brands


Where to learn more and purchase it? While you can find Ketoconazole in a few different shampoo brands, our personal recommendation is Revita’s High Performance Hair-Stimulating Shampoo (and our full guide on it can be found here).


There are many effective ways to help treat hair loss. While we highly encourage experimenting with different treatments to see what works best for your hair growth, Minoxidil, Folexin, and Ketoconazole Shampoo need to be part of your daily and weekly routines.

These 3 products compliment each other when it comes to hair growth, and utilizing all three together will help maximize your results.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. Happy balding!


  1. I started using Minoxidli about a year ago. Around 6 months ago I started taking Folexin and added Nizoral shampoo to my routine. About 2 months ago I started using a Dr. Pen to microneedle. I have to say that my results so far have been amazing.

    The first 6 months or so I didn’t notice much of a difference, it wasn’t until about 4 months ago that I could actually tell my hair was growing back. Last week an old coworker of mine saw me and asked me what I changed with my hair because I looked different. All I can say it is works if you put in the time and effort.

    • hey jordan, im not the author of this post but i just wanted to say that it helped with my hair. you just have to make sure youre taking it twice a day as it says and you need to give it time. i didnt notice much until after 5 months of it (glad i stuck with it but i would have given up if i had just ordered one or two bottles, guess i got lucky).

  2. Why don’t you mention Propecia (Finasteride) among the Hair Loss Products That Work? Foleskin works and Propecia doesn’t?

    • Hey Daniele,

      Finasteride has been shown to work for some individuals in growing hair. However, the negative side effects are both extreme and in a lot of cases, indefinite. I’ve read way too many stories of people falling into depression that’s been going on for over 5 years, or people who developed such extreme panic attacks after taking it for 3-6 months that they can no longer function in society.

      I’m not in a position to recommend something with such dire consequences. Quite frankly, the pros do not outweigh the cons. It doesn’t work for everyone, and I’m not willing to be the person to recommend something that could cause lifelong issues.

      If you want to take Finasteride, please-please-please look into the side effects (spend hours on it, sleep on it). Understand what you’re getting yourself into. Consult your doctor. It’s not worth risking a life of misery for a shot of growing back some hair (trust me, as bad as balding may seem, there are much worse circumstances you could land yourself into).

  3. I’ve heard a lot about Folexin lately but haven’t tried it. My hair seems to have stopped balding after starting Minoxidil and Revita’s Shampoo (and my shower drain is almost always free of hair – finally). Is Folexin worth the money?


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